With the continuous development of the economy, people are eager to improve the quality of life. Ordinary windows and doors are far from meeting people’s needs. The emergence of smart windows and doors can meet people’s needs to improve the quality of life to a greater extent. So, what are smart windows and doors? And what are the outstanding functions of smart windows and doors? Let us discuss them today. In this article, we will also introduce the six major systems and advantages of smart windows and doors in detail.

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What are smart windows and doors?

Smart windows and doors refer to a type of windows and doors equipped with advanced anti-theft systems and anti-robbery systems, as well as advanced alarm system technology.

Nowadays, smart windows and doors are widely used in places such as public places and shopping malls, as well as high-end commercial houses. Generally speaking, the control system of intelligent windows and doors generally includes a wireless remote controller and an intelligent main controller. In addition, there are window and door controllers and window and door drivers and so on.

What are the functions of smart windows and doors?

 1. Wireless remote control

No matter where it is indoors, users can remotely control the opening and closing of doors, windows or curtains through wireless.

 2. Automatic windproof and rainproof

The wind and rain system is equipped with a wind and rain sensor on the side of the window and door. If the wind reaches level 3, or if the rain falls on the sensor, the window can be closed by itself, so that automatic wind and rain can be achieved.

 3. Urgent help

If the family is patronized by thieves, the system will automatically call the police; the elderly and children at home can also call the police automatically.

 4. Automatic inspection and control of gas

When the system detects an abnormal gas signal, the smart windows and doors controller will automatically issue the corresponding command to automatically open the window and exhaust fan. At the same time, it will automatically alarm and send the alarm to the owner’s mobile phone and the community security office.

 5. Automatic fire control

In the event of a fire, the sensor will immediately detect the smoke signal. The smart windows and doors controller will immediately issue instructions to open the windows and doors. At the same time, it will automatically alarm and send the alarm to the owner.

 6. Prevent children from falling off the building

If the sensor detects the information of the human body, the window will automatically close and shut the child indoors, which can prevent the child from falling into the building and other tragedies.

 7. Purify indoor air

If the indoor air, such as smoke and formaldehyde, and benzene, ethylamine and other harmful substances exceed the standard, the sensor will automatically detect the air turbidity, and then automatically turn on the purifier for cleaning.

6 Major systems of smart windows and doors

 #1 Structural system

In the structure of aluminum alloy windows and doors, the combination of profile structure and hardware accessories has built a window structure with different performances and different application scenarios.

From the most common inside and outside opening flat windows and sliding windows, to the top-hung windows, the evolution of the window structure and the environmental needs and humanistic habits of different areas have spawned functional windows with different opening methods. The perfect results of various properties such as airtightness and water tightness are what we usually call system windows and doors.

At the same time, the system windows and doors also constitute the body of intelligent windows and doors, making smart windows and doors possible.

 #2. The power system

The power system is like the engine of a car, which is responsible for power transmission and braking. Through the precise combination of motors and motors, an indispensable power system for smart windows and doors has been constructed, so that windows do not rely on manual opening, thereby achieving a clever combination of various control methods.

The addition of the power system gets rid of the unchanging manual window opening method, and at the same time makes life use scenes more abundant and colorful.

 #3. Control system

We can imagine that when going out and encountering strong winds and rain, we no longer have to rush home to close the window. The smart windows and doors control system can automatically close the windows through the setting of the wind and rain sensors, or remotely close the windows with a touch of a mobile phone. For long-term owners, if they want to ventilate their loved home occasionally, they only need remote operation, which greatly facilitates our lives.

 #4. Energy-saving system

Energy saving is the rigid demand for the use of windows. Thermal insulation, sound insulation and noise reduction are the key indicators for evaluating the quality of windows and doors.

The combination of profile structure, glass type, airtight rubber strip and other accessories is the key to building an energy-saving system. The application of new technologies and new materials has the opportunity to maximize the energy-saving performance of windows.

The smart windows and doors energy-saving system truly meets the social needs of energy conservation and environmental protection.

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 #5. Protection system

The window is the largest interactive window between home and the outside world. In the early stage of window design, it was considered to install a protective net or gauze to build a home’s protective system. Smart windows and doors can be effectively defended through the technical defence. Through the organic combination of security technology and windows, the addition of remote security warning functions can realize the siren sound and remote monitoring of home security.

 #6. Mutual entertainment system

The mutual entertainment system is an extended demand for the properties of windows. The application of high technology and new materials has the opportunity to make windows out of lighting. The huge glass window will also become a huge display screen, which can change the different landscapes of spring, summer, autumn and winter.

It can become the largest photo album in the home, or it can become a huge display screen and become the largest interactive window in the home. With the emergence of artificial intelligence in the future, the attributes of windows will be extended wider and wider, making future life full of imagination and opening up the exciting new life of technology.

What are the advantages of smart windows and doors

In recent years, facing the global trend of digitization, the intelligent industry has developed rapidly, and smart home improvement has also emerged. Especially in the past two years, windows and doors have made a qualitative leap in technology. Aluminum alloy windows and doors have a higher degree of safety, stability and intelligence, and enhanced practicality. They can be environmentally friendly and beautiful, achieving fine and intelligent control.

1. Voice sensor control

With the development of remote sensing and transmission technology, in the control of smart windows and doors, we can control the opening and closing of windows through sound. This special function is suitable for kitchens and so on. Some people may worry, how to open and close windows if there is no electricity? Don’t worry, this smart windows and doors can work normally with or without electricity. It can connect to most smart home systems and smart AI speakers in the market.

2. Wind and rain induction control

This function is suitable for bedrooms and so on. As long as it encounters heavy wind and rain, it will trigger the switch to automatically close the window without worrying about wind and rain.

3. Remote APP control

Through the development of Internet technology, human beings can ignore geographical differences. We can directly control the closing or opening of smart windows and doors at home through the Internet. Whether it is someone visiting, or an unexpected situation, even if you are not on the scene, it is like being by your side.

4. Remote control

You don’t need to lift the quilt and go out of bed to close the window. You can use a remote control to open and close the casement window with just one touch. You can continue to sleep with just one click.

5. Time switch function

You can set the window in advance when you want to open it or close it, so you can have a guaranteed sleep.

Top smart window and door representatives -Smart solar windows and doors

The emergence of such intelligent solar windows and doors is based on the development of solar energy utilization technology, transforming windows and doors from traditional energy-saving effects to utilizing energy efficiency. It is mainly used to significantly reduce the energy required by households.

The current smart solar windows and doors basically install solar collector plates where the windows and doors were originally installed. This smart glass technology utilizes the integrated power supply of the integrated solar panel and a wireless interface control. You can use the remote control or smartphone to change the settings.


There are many manufacturers with the name of smart windows and doors in China, but they do not have the relevant qualifications. Therefore, when consumers buy smart windows and doors, it is recommended to buy smart windows and doors of famous manufacturers, so as not to spend a lot of money, but can not buy good windows and doors.

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