With the continuous progress of society, our pursuit of material life is continuously enhanced, especially in the area of decoration. We have very high requirements on the aesthetics and functions of the decoration design, as well as the requirements on the decoration materials. Generally, people not only require its aesthetics, but also the pressure resistance, sealing and thermal insulation effects of aluminum windows and doors. Therefore, It’s quite important to do an alumiunm windows and doors maintenance!

Aluminum windows and doors are very good in performance. At present, the quality of aluminum windows and doors on the market is not bad, but even the best products will gradually lose some performance over time, and will become obsolete and damaged.

Therefore, we need to carry out aluminum windows and doors maintenance, so that aluminum windows and doors can be used longer. In this article, we will detail how to clean aluminum windows and doors and how to perform aluminum windows and doors maintenance?

Why used aluminium windows and doors?

Good decoration. Because of the material relationship, the weight of aluminum windows and doors is much lighter than that of ordinary windows and doors, and the installation difficulty is also very low, which can reduce the overall construction time. This is also a very popular aspect for users.

Strong heat insulation performance. In terms of thermal conductivity, the advantages of aluminum are also very obvious, which is basically more than a thousand times that of ordinary Pvc materials, so it also has a prominent effect on low energy consumption and savings. Be aware that today's building energy consumption is very large, which also causes great pressure to the entire society, so the application of this product can make the problem alleviated to a certain extent.

Strong sound insulation performance. According to the actual inspection, the sound insulation performance of such windows and doors is far better than other materials. Therefore, for residents with noise reduction needs, the use value of such products is more worthy of recognition. According to experts, the sound insulation distance of aluminum windows and doors is about fifty meters.

The price is affordable. As the most basic consideration, the price of this product is cheaper and is also well received by the market. It also has greater support in the promotion value of the product.

10 Tips about daily use of aluminium windows and doors

1. When the windows and doors are installed, the protective film on the surface of the profile should be removed in time. The protective film should be torn lightly and cannot be removed with hard tools to prevent scratches on the painted surface.

2.The windows and doors are equipped with a drainage system to ensure the watertight performance of the windows and doors. Do not block the drainage holes of windows and doors to avoid the degradation of the drainage performance of windows and doors.

3. The push-pull windows and doors should be in the middle of the windows and doors sashes when pushing and pulling. Do not apply excessive force when pushing or pulling to avoid derailment of the pulley and reduce the service life of the windows and doors.

4. The temperature difference between indoor and outdoor in winter is large, when the indoor humidity is too large, it is easy to cause condensation on the glass surface. Please adjust the indoor humidity in time, and open the window properly for ventilation.

5. When the window screen is not used in winter, the user can remove it and store it according to his own needs. The screen fan should be kept at a distance of 1 meter away from the heat source. It cannot be squeezed by heavy objects to avoid deformation.

6. Close the window sash in a windy day.

7. It is strictly forbidden to strike the surface of windows and doors with sharp objects to prevent scratches and other damage on the surface.

8. It is strictly prohibited to hang objects on the opening fan to prevent damage to the windows and doors.

9.  Non-professionals are strictly prohibited to disassemble and modify the windows and doors to avoid damage to the windows and doors.

10. It is strictly forbidden to paint different types of paint by yourself.

How to cleaning the aluminium window frame

 # 1. Wipe the glass with a towel dipped in beer or warm vinegar to quickly remove the dirt on the glass.

 # 2. Apply chalk grey water or gypsum powder on the glass first, and wipe it with a cloth after drying to clean the glass.

 # 3. Put some water in the washbasin, pour a few shampoos and mix it, use it to clean the glass, it will look extra clean and bright.

 # 4. The appearance of glass in winter is easy to frost, and it can be wiped with cloth dipped in brine or liquor, the effect is obvious.

 # 5. The dirt accumulated on the glass can be wiped clean with a cloth or a wire dipped in toothpaste.

 # 6. Take two cloths, one dry and one wet, first wipe both sides of the glass with a damp cloth; then use a dry cloth dipped in a small amount of liquor and wipe the glass vigorously to clean the room.

 # 7. If there is a pen on the glass, you can rub it with rubber soaked in water, and then wipe it with a damp cloth.

 # 8. The glass or mirror is stained with paint, which can be wiped with cotton dipped in turpentine or hot vinegar.

 # 9. When wiping the window, put some blue indigo in the water, it will definitely add the luster of the glass. For example, using 8% ammonia water will make the glass bright and dust-free.

 # 10. Wipe the glass with stockings dipped in water to clean it, and then wax the glass to prevent dust.

 # 11. Wipe the glass surface with a clean towel, dipped in a mixture of equal amounts of denatured alcohol and ether, and then sprinkle some iron red powder to make the glass as bright as crystal. Polishing the glass with onion slices can also make it shiny.

 # 12. Wiping the glass with newspaper is also bright.

Tips of aluminum windows and doors maintenance

First of all, we have to perform aluminum windows and doors maintenance and cleaning frequently. We need to use a softer cloth because the low-quality cloth will damage the glass. We need to use clean water or a neutral detergent to clean the glass and profiles. If we use Washing clothes or other detergents will gradually corrode the material and cause damage to the material.

Secondly, regarding aluminum windows and doors maintenance, we have to clean the sliding rails, grooves and other places of aluminum windows and doors that are not easy to clean at intervals. These places are the most difficult to handle. We can use a vacuum cleaner to handle larger Dust, then use soft bristles to clean up the dust adhering to the groove.

Third, we have to inspect aluminum windows and doors once every quarter. The inspection includes hardware parts and timely replacement of some damaged parts. In addition, we must regularly add lubricating oil to keep the direct activities of the parts normal.

Sealing the windows

When the aluminum windows and doors of the broken bridge are rusted due to oxidation, the aluminum rust can be gently scraped off with a knife, then washed with soapy water, wiped dry with a dry cloth, and polished with a dry cloth after waxed oil, it is more capable As smooth as new. The lubricating oil can be used every six months to lubricate the parts such as hardware rotation and sliding, which can be opened and closed 3 to 5 times repeatedly to ensure thorough lubrication and increase the flexibility and service life of the hardware rotation mechanism.

Finally, we should pay attention to not being heavy in hands and feet during normal aluminum windows and doors maintenance. If the activities of aluminum windows and doors are not normal, we should not use brute force, which can easily damage aluminum windows and doors. The correct approach is to first find the cause, and then eliminate the cause, and appropriate aluminum windows and doors maintenance.


With the increasing number of aluminum windows and doors manufacturers on the market, when we choose aluminum windows and doors, we need to consider it from the perspective of its quality, design flexibility and seismic resistance. The cleaning of aluminum windows and doors can make the building more beautiful. I believe that the above cleaning methods and maintenance tips for aluminum windows and doors can help you better understand aluminum windows and doors maintenance.

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