Casement windows with screen are all the rage on the windows and doors market today.

So, we are going to dwell into the details of this topic.

We are going to talk about the benefits, and how to DIY a screen for your old casement windows.

The benefits of casement windows with screen

Casement windows are common in our daily life.

In addition to the installation of casement windows, some owners will consider installing screen windows at the same time.

For cases like that, “casement windows with screen” is a good option. This kind of window can prevent insects and burglars.

With its unique shape and outstanding function, it is more and more favoured by consumers.

Let’s see how casement windows with screen benefit us.

Double layer protection

After opening the window for ventilation, there is a layer of diamond mesh and protective fence for protection. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the children in the room due to mischievous climbing doors and windows and accidents.


The diamond net is the shape of an iron mesh. It’s hard, it’s shock resistant. Therefore, it can prevent thieves from entering your house. It doesn’t affect the beauty.

Improved heat and sound insulation, energy-saving and good sealing performance

To adapt to higher energy-saving standards and increasingly stringent energy-saving requirements. We can learn more from its three properties and “K-value”.

So, the sealing design is tighter, so that doors and windows heat insulation, energy-saving and environmental protection.

Hollow toughened glass is used. The cavities between the glasses are sealed all around to reduce the convection of gas. Therefore, it has good heat insulation and sound insulation effect.

Environmentally friendly and easy to clean

Due to the small mesh screen, it can well block the outdoor dust. To keep the indoor clean and sanitary.

Of course, the window screen is also very clean. You can directly use a brush to remove the dust on the gauze, and then clean it with a rag.

Prevent mosquitoes from entering the house

From the internal aspect, the screen integrated windows of EEHE doors and windows are equipped with high-quality diamond mesh screens as standard. Diamond mesh is high strength stainless steel wire mesh, which can ensure lighting and ventilation effect at the same time. It can effectively prevent mosquitoes, flies and other insects from entering the house.

Moreover, after some special treatments, the service life of the casement windows with the screen is longer than the ordinary.

Typically, the treatments include electrophoretic coating treatment, dense mesh, crisscross structure and anti-mosquito.

And it is not easy to rust, easy to clean. You only need a rag to solve the hygiene problem, and it won’t affect the beauty of the whole room.

Flexible in opening and closing

It has a unique shape and structural design to ensure smooth sliding, safe and reliable products;

Moreover, this type of window adopts – heavy positioning friction rubber chain, which makes the adjustable angle range of the window very wide. Therefore, the windows can be opened flexibly and can be stopped at will.

Good security and anti-theft performance

Pull the door and window screen integrated window mesh is a high-strength metal material! Because of its high strength, it has good enough acceptance. Therefore, it is not afraid of an invasion by outsiders, damp, sun or other bad conditions. According to the investigation and research, after many families choose the window screen integrated window, the thieves still can’t break through the window. The integrated window with screen ensures the safety of personal and property.

EEHE window screens integrated windows can not only withstand the test of mosquitoes but also withstand the hammering of hammers.

Safety: adopt the national standard 130, 140 series bridge breaking aluminium alloy thickening materials and use electrostatic anti-rust spraying treatment. Tenacity, as the name suggests, has a very strong shear function, can greatly increase the difficulty of burglary.

Beautiful and practical

Aesthetics: beautiful appearance, not affecting the overall visual effect;

Practicality: anti-mosquito, insect-proof, anti-theft and accident prevention.

To realize mosquito-proof and anti-theft for traditional casement windows, additional protective windows and screen windows should be installed. This will cause doors and windows as a whole in disorder, affecting the aesthetic degree of decoration. However, the casement window is integrated with the energy-saving window, protective window, screen window and casement window. And its opening way is various, you can match the indoor and outdoor two-colour style at will.

Invisible and transparent: no barrier, occlusion and depression. Windows have good privacy. Therefore, indoor lighting can be kept bright and transparent at any time.

Even if it is reheated this summer, mosquitoes will be rampant again. With the window gauze of the door and window, we can also spend a cool summer without mosquitoes. Pull the door and window, customize your ideal door and window. The style can be modern, simple, elegant, luxurious and simple.

In addition to the busywork, you can enjoy life carefully and enjoy the comfortable quality.

So, it’s really easy to choose a window screen with thermal breaks.

Casement windows with screen_02

DIY: how to make my old casement windows with screen?

Now casement windows are in fashion. This is because the ventilation and sealing of casement windows are better than that of sliding windows.

However, it has only one disadvantage. That it is inconvenient to install screen windows. What should I do?

First of all, there are three kinds of screens suitable for casement windows: concealed screens, removable screens and steel mesh screens.

These three kinds of screens have their advantages and disadvantages:

Concealed screen

The concealed screen is the cheapest and most common screen. There is a rope on the window. Pull it down when you use it. Then when you don’t use it, you put it back in the screen box.

It will be very convenient to use.

But its disadvantage is that it is not easy to disassemble clearly.

Removable and washable screen window

The screen window can be disassembled and cleaned easily, and the yarn can be changed conveniently, and the light transmittance is good. But because the mesh is fibre, it is easy to damage.

Steel mesh screen window

Steel mesh screens will not break or rust. And it’s very convenient to remove and wash, you can use a brush to brush. However, due to the stainless-steel mesh, the light transmission will be poor compared with the former two.

What’s more, the steel mesh screen window is also a burglar-proof screen. The thief can’t break it with a hammer and knife no matter how it is and cut the net constantly. For families with children, this kind of window is a good choice.

So, how to choose the screen?

  • If the casement windows of your house open outwards, your first choice must be the inner steel mesh screen window. This kind of window will not hinder the opening of the window, but also can reduce the risk factor of the external window.
  • As for casement windows opening inwards, you can choose an invisible screen window and install it outdoors. It’s easy to open and close. Even if you open the doors and windows at home, you won’t worry about mosquitoes and flies flying in.
  • For daylight lovers, you can also choose fibre mesh screen window. However, the fibre screen is not as good as the steel mesh screen window for the function of anti-theft.

Either kind of screen has its advantages and disadvantages.

You are going to make your choice based on the specific situation and your personal preferences!

How to maintain the casement windows with screen

The screen window of the house has been used for a long time, and there is a thick layer of dust on it. If you don’t clean it up, those stains will drift into the room with the wind. And it’s not good for human health.

Therefore, in the face of such a scene, how to clean the screen window?

  1. If you have old newspapers in your home, you can use them.

Dip it in water (preferably with a lot of words) and stick it on the screen. Then take it down later (don’t wait for the newspaper to dry). Repeat it a few times and the window will be clean!

  1. When the screen is with dust, use a vacuum cleaner (with a round brush) to suck both sides carefully.

Please pay attention not to let the vacuum cleaner only suck the screen window, otherwise, it will just suck in air. It won’t work.

Therefore, we must master the essentials. You can put an old newspaper on the other side of the screen and vacuum it. Then the dust in the screen can be removed.

Next, you should spray a spray cleaner, gently pat it with a soft sponge, and suck the dirty water away.

Please note that the force should be even when beating, otherwise the window screen will be loose and concave.

  1. Of course, you can use two sponges with the right amount of detergent.

Then gently clamp the inside and outside sides of the screen window and wipe it.

In the meantime, wipe from left to right, from top to bottom. This ensures that the dirt does not run to the other side. However, if you just wipe it on one side, it will cause the screen to fall off.

Therefore, although the screen window can be wiped clean by one-sided wiping, it is not the best method.

Also, when the screen has been wiped, to prevent indoor water seepage, the window can be closed. Then rinse with water.

  1. Due to the aluminium alloy doors and windows, some are invisible screens, and some are folding.

Therefore, aluminium alloy doors and windows are suitable for the method of dragging and wiping.

If you pull all the gauze out at once for a comprehensive wipe, it is likely to damage the mesh.

  1. It’s easy to clean windows with detergent.

All you need to do is spray “Vermeer” oil remover on the screen and wait for 10-15 minutes.

And then wash it with a spray of diluted hot water, and you’ll get a clean window.

Besides, it is better to find a spray pot for diluent.

So, the water solubility is large and the strength of the spray water column can be adjusted.

At present, there are many people’s home screen window is plastic steel window, the yarn quality is nylon.

Frequently change the yarn will cause damage to the bar.

Therefore, if the dirt accumulates more than half a year.

You need to take off the screen, put it on a flat bump, and clean up the dirt with a nylon brush.

  1. You can spread several layers of old newspaper on the kitchen floor and take off the rollback screen.

The second step is to put the old newspaper on it and scrape it hard with a wooden spoon.

This allows most of the oil to stick to old newspapers.

Next, you have to change the newspaper oil repeatedly until most of the oil is stuck off. Then use a wire brush and detergent brush around.

Finally, clean it with a wet cloth and apply a little oil to prevent rust. Remember! Don’t flush with water too early, or it will only get more and more trouble.

Also, if you have enough waste cardboard, it’s better to put them in the size of screen windows, and then spread the newspaper, which is easier to clean.

Casement windows with screen_01


In this article, we’ve learned the following things:

The benefits of casement windows with screen include:

  • Double layer protection
  • Anti-theft
  • Improved heat and sound insulation, energy-saving and good sealing performance
  • Environmentally friendly and easy to clean
  • Prevent mosquitoes from entering the house
  • Flexible in opening and closing
  • Good security and anti-theft performance
  • Beautiful and practical

3 options of screens to add for your old casement windows:

  • Concealed screen
  • Removable and washable screen
  • Steel mesh screen window