The Front Door: Choose the Right One for Your Home

The creative front door design of the house is important. Every house has a front door to the rooms.

The front door is very important as the face of your house. It gets involved with the safety of living and even the happiness of the family.

What kind of front door should you choose?

In this article, we are going to share a few tips on how to select the right front door for your home decoration.

The full-aluminum front door

an aluminum front door

What is a full-aluminum front door?

A full-aluminum door is a door with high-grade material with good paint finish in the door panel of the current room.

The surface of the full-aluminum door is smooth, rich in color, resistant to discoloration with strong hardness, normal corners without cracking or paint peeling.

Besides, it is difficult to scratch, no seepage, and exudation on the surface, and has an excellent waterproof performance.

The environmental protection level of Embre's full-aluminum doors reaches the national E1 level. Combined with the advanced and professional after-sale service, Embre's full-aluminum doors have established a good reputation among the customers.

The door panel of a full-aluminum door is a product with low formaldehyde emission among various door panel products, and the benzene is basically zero, which is truly a green product.

What are the advantages of the aluminum front doors?


The aluminum plate is a non-combustible material.

Corrosion resistance

The surface of the aluminum plate is treated with epoxy fluorocarbon, which has strong corrosion resistance.

No pinholes, cracks, and no bubbles for 48 hours after salt spray.

Environmentally friendly

Pure aluminum products, do not volatilize any harmful gas to the human body, non-radioactive and can be completely recycled, 100% environmentally friendly products.

Easy to move

With the strong hardness, the aluminum plate will not break easily when you disassemble and re-assemble.

Moreover, thanks to its lightweight, the transportation of aluminum doors become easy and handy. This is one of the significant advantages over the other metal plates.

The solid wood front door

a solid wood front door

What is a solid wood door?

The core material of a solid wood door is dried logs taken from the natural forest. The wood material experiences a series of process workflow before ready to use, including blanking, planning, tenoning, punching, and high-speed milling.

Advantages of a solid wood door

Clear wood grain texture

The clear wood grain texture of the solid wood door makes people feel comfortable at first sight. Alder, ash, red pine, beech are all popular materials for solid wood doors today.

Nice performance

The finished solid wood doors have a better performance against deformation, corrosion, splicing seams compared with the other wood doors. Because the solid wood has higher density and the doors usually come with a thick door panel.

Besides, solid wood doors have good sound absorption and can effectively play a role in sound insulation.

Protection from UV

The selection of solid wood doors is generally soft and warm tones, and the main component of wood is lignin. Therefore, the solid wood door is also very strong in absorbing ultraviolet rays.

The slight unevenness of the wood surface will form a diffuse reflection of light This can effectively reduce eye damage and reduce eye fatigue.

The beauty of the solid wood door

The solid wood door has a kind of tenderness since ancient times. It has not only a gorgeous appearance, beautiful carvings, but also various styles.

The price of solid wood doors also varies depending on the wood materials and textures. The market price ranges from 1,500 yuan to 3,000 yuan.

Among them, high-end solid wood includes walnut, cherry wood, sappily, rosewood, etc., and a premium teak lintel sells for 3,000-4000 yuan.

Generally, the high-grade solid wood door is better in the dehydration process, and the relative moisture content is about 8%, so that the shaped wooden door is not easy to deform and crack, and the use time will be longer.

The paint door panel is baked, that is, the paint door panel which is heated and dried after entering the drying room after spraying. Its advantages are bright color, strong visual impact, good surface finish, easy scrubbing, good moisture, and fire resistance.

The solid wood composite front door

solid wood composite front door

What is a solid wood composite door?

A solid wood composite door is a door made of two or more main materials.

The general structure of a composite door is an inner frame + door core + decorative panel.

The performance, grade, and price of the composite door are determined according to the materials and methods of each component.

Our common solid wood composite door panels are solid wood, the middle sandwich uses composite panels, and the door frame is solid wood.

What are the benefits of the solid wood composite door?

Environmental protection

Because of the need for external MDF and solid wood veneer, the formaldehyde content of solid wood composite doors is higher than that of solid wood doors.

If there is a pungent odor, the formaldehyde content is likely to be too high.


Some high-grade solid wood composite doors are manufactured industrially, with higher precision and more sophisticated paint technology, so the possibility of deformation and warping is relatively small, but compared with solid wood doors, they are easy to break and are afraid of water.

For a long time in a humid environment, the volume of the wood will increase, and the tension of the paint will be insufficient, and there will be problems such as paint cracking and surface bubbles.

In terms of price

The price difference between solid wood composite doors is also large.

Some high-grade solid wood composite doors have good materials, clear appearance, and texture, and the surface paint is environmentally friendly and safe.

Diverse styles

The solid wood composite door has various shapes and rich styles, and consumers have a large choice of space.

The Iron front door

What is an Iron front door?

The iron front door is a kind of architectural decoration art. It comes from Europe and is a traditional European handicraft product. The style is simple and elegant.

Developed to this day, the iron gate incorporates more simple and stylish elements, the artistic level has been greatly improved, and the appearance looks more beautiful.

Its function has also developed from the original anti-theft to diversified functions today. As well as the villa area.

The PVC front door

PVC front door

What is a PVC front door?

PVC front door grid structure is simple, beautiful and practical, easy to transport, installation is not restricted by the undulations of the terrain, especially for mountainous, sloping, and multi-curved areas with great adaptability.

PVC is a non-toxic, harmless, energy-saving and recyclable green environmental protection material.

And the product has a longer life. Due to the use of a special formula and a special anti-ultraviolet stabilizer, the door skin will not fade, yellow, peel, decay, crack, blister, warp, and moth.

Factors to consider when choosing a PVC front door


the material with a better appearance of PVC is naturally smooth and smooth, high gloss, strong flexibility, and timeless color.

Internal steel lining

The steel lining of the PVC door is thin and uniform and has an anticorrosive layer.

Production qualifications and quality control of the manufacturer

The highlights of PVC materials, PVC materials are generally more beautiful in appearance and bright in color, usually with white, blue, red, green and other colors.

The exterior looks bright and beautiful.

The armored front door

What is an armored front door?

The armored door is a wooden door with a steel finish on the surface. In this way, the decorative effect is better, and it is also durable and safe.

The armored door also has the advantages of not being easily deformed, but the armored door is relatively bulky.

Advantages of armored doors

Safe and secure

With the friendly appearance of wooden doors and the sturdy nature of steel doors, coupled with professional anti-theft locks has become a beautiful anti-theft door.

Other than the anti-theft function, it also has excellent fire prevention, sound insulation, thermal insulation, and even bulletproof functions.

Easy to maintain

The panel is easy to replace. At any time to adapt to the decoration style of different periods, always new.

Stable performance

Due to the strong steel core, the performance is stable, and it will not be deformed due to weather changes or long-term use.

Easy installation

The door frame and door leaf can be installed step by step according to the construction progress, which is beneficial to the protection of the product and the coordination of the construction period.


Under normal circumstances, the service life is more than 20 years.

How to choose the right front door?

When you are facing various entry doors, how should you choose?

First of all, we must first understand their respective advantages and disadvantages. Comparison of commonly used household entrance doors

1. The advantages of iron household entrance doors are lower price and reasonable, suitable for general household use.

Meanwhile, the appearance of the line is hard and it is difficult to integrate with modern interior decoration.

2. The stainless-steel entrance door is durable and safer.

But the color is too monotonous and rigid, basically silver-white, it is not easy to coordinate with the room door and the surrounding environment;

3. The armored door has stable performance, is not easy to deform, durable, and has a beautiful appearance.

However, armored doors are usually heavier than the other doors, and the requirements for door covers and hinges are much higher;

4. The copper entry door has advanced styles and has good fireproof, anticorrosive, anti-prying, and dustproof performance.

The disadvantage is that the price is high, suitable for high-end residential villas. You can choose according to your decoration budget, home decoration style, and performance requirements.


There are many varieties of modern doors, showing more and more new ideas.

The material and style of the door just need to be generous and sturdy. You can choose a novel aluminum door or a very comfortable wooden door.

You can also choose the European-style iron door, or even the environmentally friendly PVC door.

The door represents the overall decoration of the home. With so many choices, we can customize your favorite styles for you.

sliding doors

Embre’s Sliding Doors: FAQ

As we all know, more and more families use sliding doors to decorate their houses. Ember's sliding doors insist on innovation and perfection of detail.

In this article, we are going to introduce Embre's sliding doors series in good quality.

sliding doors

Among them, the British Knight sliding door adopts self-developed rubber strip material, which has a better use effect. It also introduces the comparison and advantages of broken bridge environmental protection sliding doors and non-broken bridge sliding doors.

Also, why do contemporary people like to choose electric sliding doors? What are its advantages and operating principles? Let’s talk about the obvious advantages of sliding doors.

Features of the sliding doors - British Knight Series

1. The profile adopts the aluminum type of 6063 - T6. With wind resistance of Class 5, Brinell hardness up to 150HB. It is also resistant to heavy blows, sturdy and durable.

  1. The coating of the aluminum has undergone hundreds of tests and is resistant to oil, wine, alkali, abrasion, and weather.

3. The self-developed EPDM sealant strips swell when exposed to water, level 4 watertight, level 5 airtight, with better moisture and heat insulation performance.

4. The original multi-cavity heat-insulating Feilong glass fiber strip can withstand from a high temperature of up to 90 degrees Celsius to a severe coldness of down to -30 degrees Celsius. At the same time, it can effectively isolate noise.

5. All these features make it suitable for both public construction and private housing.

An eco-friendly sliding door with broken bridge technology

What is a broken bridge environmental protection sliding door?

The term of "Broken bridge" refers to the aluminum alloy profiles with insulation function. High-quality accessories have become the industry standard.

Let's take a look at the door lock first. The slotted, anti-prying locking point gives the home a sense of security. The lock seat plated with black zinc alloy integrates the black door frame.

At the same time, the fan frame comes with a pusher, which looks much simpler.

This door is very stable when sliding, with 304 stainless steel guide wheels, clamping installation method, equipped with ultra-wide chassis and good stability.

The anti-balance wheel is close to the profile without gaps, achieving quietness, smoothness and good sealing effect. Adopting siliconized tops, it is not easy to fall, durable and does not absorb water.

In combination with the innovative air-tight structure, the installation method of the push-pull fan frame embedded in the outer frame maintains good air-tightness and achieves the best windproof and sound insulation effects.

Besides, it has a drainage function. When the outside air enters the room through the drainage hole, the windproof baffle automatically closes. When the rainwater from the track discharges into the cavity, the baffle opens automatically, and the drainage effect is good.

Fusion technology of fashion, the superior environmental performance of a broken bridge, sound insulation and heat insulation, make a simple and stylish home more comfortable!

Six Features of broken bridge sliding door

1. The broken bridge sliding door is smooth, light and quiet. The sealing rubber strip is durable and does not age easily, and achieves a permanent seal and anti-collision effect.

2. The unique design of the sash anti-swing device makes the sash more stable and more resistant to wind pressure during sliding.

3. luxurious atmosphere, unique design, good strength, and rigidity, can meet the requirements of larger door leaves. The 45-degree connection between the door frame and the door leaf is firm, safe, and beautiful.

4. The door leaf adopts double rollers to guide and pull. You can open the two doors at the same time, and the sliding is flexible. With the design of a collision device, the entire door can effectively prevent collision and friction.

5. The door leaf is connected by oblique-cut self-positioning corner codes. The application of oblique wedge-shaped self-positioning corner codes can make the four corners of the entire door reliable in structure and high production accuracy.

The aircraft corner codes strengthen the door and prevent the wrong angle, making the surface smooth and not easily distorted.

6. The whole door has a detachable function. The door frame uses decorative pressure plates. The hidden design protects the connection screws from being exposed to increase the appearance. Equipped with red oak doors and windows built-in diamond to achieve anti-mosquito and anti-theft effects fruit.

A sliding door without broken bridge technology

What is a non-broken bridge sliding door?

The non-broken bridge sliding door has a unique integrated frame design, which allows the outer frame to tightly pack the door leaf, and the door frame to wrap the convex frame.

The door leaf is installed with high-quality sealed silicon tops, and the door frame is equipped with automotive-grade Styrofoam strips, which make the doors and windows more soundproof and windproof.

The upper rail is designed as an integrated structure, equipped with an anti-balance wheel, and the gap can be adjusted freely. The door leaf is equipped with anti-collision glue as standard to prevent it from hitting the door frame after opening the door and window, thereby scratching the door leaf.

The lower rail uses an ultra-low rail, optionally with an inner water-repellent bottom frame, which is suitable for the living room, balcony, kitchen, and indoor partition.

The color can be selected at will, and the applicable range is suitable for villas, high-end residences, entertainment facilities, office buildings, and other places.

Product features of non-broken sliding doors

1. A non-breaking bridge sliding door with a high tightness of 1.5 thickness.

2. Integrated frame design, so that the outer frame tightly packs the door leaf, and the door frame reverses the integrated convex frame.

3. The door leaf is installed with high-quality sealed silicon tops, and the door frame is equipped with automotive-grade foamed plastic strips, which make the doors and windows more soundproof and windproof.

4. The upper rail is designed as an integral structure, equipped with an anti-balance wheel, and the gap can be adjusted freely.

5. The door leaf is equipped with anti-collision glue as standard to prevent it from hitting the door frame after opening the door and window, thereby scratching the door leaf.

6. The lower rail uses an ultra-low rail, and an optional inner side frame can be added, which is suitable for the living room, balcony, kitchen, and indoor partition.

7. Standard 12A insulating glass, maximum 20A hollow (manual louver and magnetic control louver can be built-in)

8. Compatible with a buffer device.

What is the difference between a broken bridge sliding door and a non-broken bridge sliding door?

Broken bridge aluminum alloy has one more broken bridge material than an ordinary aluminum alloy. Aluminum alloy is a metal with strong thermal conductivity.

After adding the broken bridge material, it can block heat transfer and achieve the effect of energy-saving and heat preservation.

What is a heavy-duty sliding door?

Its profiles are made of titanium-aluminum alloy, the colors of the profiles are gold oak, yellow flower pear, sand gray, red rosewood, etc., and imported hardware accessories such as lock handle accessories.

Heavy-duty sliding doors are mostly made of high-quality hardware accessories, and the handle design is quite user-friendly. And it is convenient, flexible, beautiful and comfortable to operate.

The heavy-duty sliding door's roller consists of two sets of two-wheeled parallel rollers and transmission links.

Therefore, the heavy-duty sliding door has a large load capacity, and the sliding operation is relatively smooth. Achieved the desired effect.

The heavy sliding door adopts the upper and lower rail sliding groove design, which is not only relatively tight, but also waterproof and soundproof, and it is very reliable in security. It is also very flexible to open, which is suitable for the living room and balcony.

It is said that doors and windows are the faces of a family, and people's requirements for doors and windows must be extremely high. If you are still struggling with the choice of doors and windows, it is the best choice for space-saving heavy sliding doors.

What are the unique advantages of heavy sliding doors?

Flexible to open and durable

A heavy-duty sliding door is not only flexible to open, but also durable. Every production process of a heavy-duty sliding door is subjected to rigorous testing before rigorous testing. The average number of tests can reach more than 100,000.

Thermal insulation and energy saving

Heavy-duty sliding doors are environmentally friendly doors and windows, which have superior thermal insulation performance and significant energy saving effects.

All recyclable materials.

They are considered as green building materials and environmentally friendly products, and the products meet the strategy of sustainable development.

Strong and durable frame.

The frame of a heavy-duty sliding door is relatively strong, durable, and resistant to wind pressure. It is also suitable for high-rise buildings and residential buildings.

High-quality hardware accessories.

The design of the operating handle is user-friendly, convenient and flexible, beautiful and comfortable, and durable. The heavy-duty sliding door's roller consists of two sets of double-wheel parallel rollers and transmission links, so the heavy-duty sliding door has a large load capacity, and it slides smoothly and safely.

Tight and secure

The heavy sliding door adopts the upper and lower rail sliding groove design, which is not only relatively tight, but also waterproof and soundproof, and it is very reliable in security. It is also very flexible to open, which is suitable for the living room and balcony.

Electric sliding doors

Introduction of electric sliding doors

The electric sliding door adopts a well-known brand door opener, which has low noise, stable operation, and low maintenance.

Electric self-locking when the door is closed, safe and reliable. The electric sliding door can be manually controlled by the release device of the special key in the emergency state to realize manual opening.

You can set buttons on an electric sliding door both inside and outside, usually with two functions of remote control and light control.

The electric sliding door can be made of GFK board, fire-resistant rock wool board or color sandwich board, and can be equipped with various types of lighting windows.

It has the characteristics of sturdiness, weather resistance, heat insulation, flame retardant, sound insulation, and sealing.

Why choose electric sliding doors?

The gates of communities and so on usually choose to install electric sliding doors.

On the one hand, it is convenient to manage the people and vehicles entering and exiting the community, to protect the lives and property of the residents of the community, and on the other hand, it is convenient for the night guards to manage the night.

Today we understand the working principle of electric sliding doors. The direction of the electromotive force is determined by the right-hand rule. Because the motion is relative, if the magnetic poles are not moved and the rotor guide bar rotates counterclockwise, the electromotive force can also be induced in the guide bar.

Under the action of electromotive force, a current is generated in the closed guide bar. The current interacts with the magnetic field of the rotating magnetic pole, and the rotor guide bar is subjected to an electromagnetic force (ampere force).

The direction of the electromagnetic force can be determined by the left-hand rule. The electromagnetic force generates electromagnetic torque, and the rotor rotates.

Generally, the motors are mainly composed of two parts: the fixed part is called the stator and the rotating part is called the rotor.

Besides, there are end covers, fans, covers, bases, junction boxes, and so on.

The working principle of the motor is based on the laws of electromagnetic induction, the ohmic law of the entire circuit, and the law of electromagnetic force.

When the magnetic pole rotates in a clockwise direction, the magnetic poles of the magnetic pole cut the rotor guide bar, and the electromotive force is induced in the guide bar. In this design, the electric motor is used to drive the opening and closing of the electric telescopic door to complete the control of the electric telescopic door.

What are the benefits of installing a balcony sliding door?

Make the living room clearer

We all know that many houses in the home are just a balcony on the side of the living room, that is, there is only one living balcony. The usual drying clothes, mop debris, and laundry supplies are all completed on this balcony. Therefore, we install sliding doors in the middle, whether we usually come to guests at home or live by ourselves, so that the living room is simple, and the balcony highlights its use.

Add a layer of protection to the living room

Sliding doors are installed on the balcony of the living room, which can play a protective role in the middle in winter or hot summer so that our living room is not affected by the great weather. Then, when we dry clothes, the outer glass can be opened and ventilated, and the sliding door inside is not used for protection.

Reduce accidents

The glass sliding door in the middle and a layer of the anti-theft net on the outside increase the safety factor at home, and at the same time, children have an extra layer of protection when playing, which greatly reduces various risk factors. Already.

Protection of privacy:

The anti-theft net on the first floor and the sliding door of the living room prevent the opposite floor from seeing some things in our living room or home so that the privacy of your own home is protected.


Some balcony spaces will also be relatively large. Such a large balcony must have more large windows. In this way, even if it is double-glazed, the cold wind outside the window will penetrate the gap of the window, and the cold will also pass In the cold winter, even if there is heating, the temperature will decrease with the cold outside the window, reducing the comfort of the person. If a balcony sliding door is installed, it will block the invasion of the cold and keep warm.

Advantages of Embre's sliding doors

Neat facade

In addition to making the entrance and exit tidier, the partition also appears more flexible. As far as the picture is concerned, the terrace space can be extended by the sliding door to become an extension of the interior space. There are more options available.

Composite functional space

In the use of space, sliding doors using transparent glass can not only allow the functional space of each part to be elastically separated but also a great design in daylighting.

The sliding-type sliding door design does not need to worry about the space being affected by the opening and closing of the door so that the flat number in the space can be used more effectively.

Have an open space

Using concealed sliding doors, you can even easily have such an open space, and after enjoying this open space, you can easily use the sliding door to return to yourself A hidden private residence.

Rich visual effects

Whether it is a translucent sliding door or an opaque sliding door, it can create a rich visual effect on the space. If you use a sliding door of the same material as the wall, it will look the same as the wall when closed, with the function to partition the space.

Once opened, all the compartments will become a continuous space; the design of the sliding door also allows Light and air flow freely in space, and it's effortless to operate.

How to choose sliding doors?

Now that you have learned more about sliding doors, do you know how to choose good sliding doors? Keep reading and you will find it out.

Select safety glass

Except for closet doors, don’t use transparent glass. And other sliding door glass should occupy most of the glass. The quality of the glass directly determines the price of the door. We recommend toughened glass, which will not hurt people when broken, and the safety factor is high. The appearance should be transparent and bright.

Look at the profiles

The profiles of sliding doors on the market are divided into two types: aluminum-magnesium alloy and recycled aluminum.

The profile of a good sliding door consists of aluminum, strontium, copper, magnesium, manganese and other alloys. The toughness is very good, and the average thickness is more than 1mm, while the profile of a general sliding door is recycled aluminum and aluminum-magnesium alloy.

Picking track height

The rationality of the ground track design directly affects the comfort and service life of the product. Consumers should choose a style that feels good to the feet and is conducive to cleanliness. For the safety of children, the height of the ground rail should not exceed 5mm.

Listen to the vibration of the roller

The sliding door consists of two sets of upper and lower rollers. The upper roller plays a guiding role being installed in the upper track; consumers often do not pay attention when purchasing. The structure of a good upper roller is relatively complicated, not only with internal bearings but also with aluminum blocks to fix the two wheels, making it oriented smoothly and smoothly, with almost no noise.


Now have you got more knowledge on the sliding doors? Find more information and quality sliding doors on our website.

Aluminium Bridge-cute Folding doors3

Buying New Folding Doors-What to Consider?

Buying New Folding Doors-What to Consider?

More and more people like to use folding doors today.

In this article, we introduce the features of folding doors, as well as the tips of installation and maintenance.

Types of folding doors

Since a folding door is generally used in the kitchen or bathroom, it can be divided into 2 types

  1. A kitchen folding door
  1. A toilet folding door

Folding doors play a great role in home decoration and are the best and most convenient doors to separate the two areas. Nowadays, aluminum folding doors have become more and more popular due to their unique advantages.

What makes a folding door?

The folding door mainly consists of a door frame, a door leaf, a transmission part, a swing arm part, a transmission rod, a directional device and the like.

A folding door can be installed indoors and outdoors.

folding doors

Each folding door has four doors, two on the side and two in the middle.

The side frame of the side door leaf and the middle door leaf are connected by a hinge.

The upper and lower ends of the other side of the door leaf are respectively equipped with upper and lower shafts. They are on both sides of the door and connect the shaft.

The middle door leaf rotates up to 90 ° together, so that the door leaf opens and closes.

When it gets electricity, the upper shaft end is equipped with a swing arm part and a transmission part, and the middle part of the door frame is installed with a transmission part and a door opener.

folding doors

The middle door leaf usually comes with a directional device.

After the door opener is driven, the two gears of each transmission part are rotated, and the two racks that mesh with it are moved linearly.

The other end of the rack is connected to the swingarm, and the swingarm makes a circular motion.

The side door frame is around one side. Rotate and open the door leaf electrically. The middle dense seams of the two middle door leaves are equipped with safety protection devices.

In a closed condition, they will return to the fully open state once they encounter obstacles, which is safe and reliable.

Features of folding doors

A folding door is multi-folded and can be moved to the side, making it take up less space.

Generally, folding doors are suitable for all sizes of openings, especially those with large widths.

Meanwhile, the hardware of folding doors is complicated and the installation requirements are high.

You can find folding doors in many places, including workshops, shopping malls, office buildings, and showrooms.

Their popularity probably results from a bunch of advantages, such as lightweight, thermal insulation, cold and heat resistance, moisture resistance, fire retardant, noise reduction and sound insulation, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance and other chemical stability.

Folding doors are free of oil fume, easy to clean, and not easy to change colour. They are also suitable for use in kitchens, bathrooms, and toilets.

Installation steps for folding doors

1. Check whether the length of the track is correct.

If it is too long, use a saw to cut off the grown part. Be careful not to let sawdust get into the track.

2. Insert the folding door into the rail in a bundled state.

3. Check the direction of the handle and the installation direction of the simple lock, and then install the rail.

Fix the screws from the centre to the left and right. After installation, untie the ropes that bind the folding door.

4. Install the suction plate, align with the location of the suction stone on the folding door in advance, and then tighten the suction plate with screws.

Daily inspection and maintenance of folding doors

If there is dirt on the surface of the folding door, please use a neutral detergent, wipe off the dirt with a towel.

And then wipe it with a wet towel.

Do not use organic solvents to prevent discolouration of the folding door surface.

The folding door series is easier to clean and care. It is not easy to get dirty, and ordinary dirt can be easily removed with water.

Advantages of folding doors


If it is just because it is good-looking, it may not be enough to make people like it. The practicality of folding doors is much more than that. Ordinary sliding doors, no matter how they open and close, there is always a large door that takes up space. In comparison, folding doors have no such concerns.

Convenient to go in and out

The use of a swing door in the space may be a bit monotonous, and it is not convenient to go in and out often. At this time the advantages of the folding door are highlighted.

Freely divide the space

The beauty of folding doors is that they can freely divide the space.

Imagine that opening the folding door is a transparent opening, and closing the folding door is a quiet compartment; how beautiful this effect is!

For simple homes, folding doors can also play a key role. Perhaps many people are considering whether to install sliding door partitions directly on the balcony of the living room?

If you like to change, you can also try the folding door: if you want to be spacious, you can have enough space, and if you want to cut off, close it. Its practical effect is very convenient.

Keep your open kitchen clean

The opening is also a strength of folding doors. In the kitchen, when we chose the folding door, the open kitchen was initially formed.

Because you don't have to close the door, you close it when you cook. Then cooperate with the range hood to drain the oil fume. This configuration is perfect.

Protect your privacy

When the folding door is closed, it is soundproof and dustproof, and when opened, it is an open space.

At this time, you don't have to worry about the living room looking smaller anymore.

Folding doors are also very suitable for hiding other spaces.

For example, it can "hide" the study and increase the fun of the home. Generally, such a folding door will choose an opaque, shaped decorative wall design.

Importance of installing kitchen folding doors

Kitchen decoration, most people will pay attention to the combination of practicality and aesthetics, and the door as a very important role in kitchen decoration.

The biggest function of the kitchen folding door is to separate the area.

Because the kitchen is the place where the oil fume is most likely to be produced, even if you install a hood, smoke and water vapor still goes around.

In this case, the folding door comes in hand. The folding door has a high tightness. When you finish preparing your food, as long as the folding door is closed, the generated oil fume and water vapor will not float to other spaces.

Advantages of kitchen folding doors

Beautiful appearance and good decorative effect

The folding door has a beautiful appearance, novel colors, and unique shapes, and is highly ornamental.

Generally, people choose folding doors for decorations of the open kitchen, study, balcony, and bedroom. They can increase visual appreciation and enhance the fashion of the living room, as well as function as heat insulation and partition.

Safety is guaranteed

The opening and closing of the folding door are completed by rotating the middle door leaf by 90 degrees through the side door leaf.

The side door leaf is provided with a directional device, and the middle door leaf is not provided with a directional device but is provided with an automatic protection device.

If the folding door encounters an obstacle during the closing process, it will return to the open state to ensure safety during use.

Easy installation and easy maintenance

It has a simple installation method, long service life, and convenient maintenance.

Insert the bundled kitchen folding door into the track as a whole, fix the track with screws, decide the direction of the handle and the door lock, and then install the iron suction plate to keep the same position as the iron door of the folding door.

Finally, tighten the iron suction plate with screws.

Thermal insulation, acid and alkali resistance

Most folding doors are made of lighter new materials, so the texture of the door is light.

However, it has stable chemical properties, good heat insulation, and performs well in moisture, fire, noise, and acid, and alkali resistance. It is popular among consumers.

What is a bathroom folding door?

The folding door of the bathroom is divided into two, three, and multiple folds. It has multi-functional opening methods, single fan casement, double fan case, three fan folds, and four fan folds.

You can even do inside and outside folds. To achieve a smaller footprint. Especially suitable for small bathrooms.

We think that although the folding door of the bathroom is similar to the casement door, it is much lighter whether it is opened or closed.

Some high-tracks are waterproof, and low-tracks that meet the barrier-free passage requirements of strollers.

Advantages of bathroom folding doors


Folding doors are fashionable, beautiful, easy to use, and can effectively save indoor space.

They are widely used in entrances, restaurants, balconies and other occasions, so they are more and more popular with families. In our daily life, some families take advantage of the many advantages of folding doors.

In addition to applying folding doors to bedrooms and balconies, they also use folding doors in bathrooms to form new bathroom folding doors.

Moreover, it also adds a certain decorative effect to the overall design of the home.

Good ventilation and space-saving

Compared with other doors, the folding door of the bathroom has a better ventilation effect due to its performance, which effectively guarantees the clean and tidy indoor environment of the bathroom.

Secondly, the folding door of the bathroom occupies a small area and effectively saves indoor space, which is very suitable for the needs of small-sized families with compact areas.

Features of aluminum alloy fully open folding doors

You can list a bunch of them, including long service life, and has excellent physical properties, such as heat insulation, moisture resistance, noise reduction, corrosion resistance, and strong sealing.

On the other hand, they are pretty much in line with environmental protection requirements and other advantages. The aluminum alloy folding door is mainly glass, and the glass folding door makes the interior more transparent and broadens the view.

The glass style can be used to decorate the door with different patterns on the folding door according to the different preferences of the user. The commonly used decoration methods are grid, sandwich, ice sculpture, car engraving, dark flowers, etc., adding a simple color to the pure glass door.

Advantages of aluminum folding doors

Nice appearance

Compared with ordinary door and window products, aluminum alloy folding doors are more beautiful and elegant, and the product's style is very novel and the color is very tricky, so there are more options to choose from.


The folding method is used for the aluminum alloy folding door so that the space occupied by the aluminum alloy folding door can be reduced, and the method of use is also very simple, just a simple pull.


The weight of aluminum alloy folding doors is also one of their prominent features.

Because it is made of aluminum alloy, the quality of aluminum alloy folding doors is relatively light, and it also has heat insulation, warmth, and protection from humidity.


The materials used for folding doors are generally lighter with extra fire and moisture resistance.

Because it does not stick to oil fume and is easy to clean, it is also more suitable for kitchen, bathroom and toilet doors. The folding door is relatively simple to install and easy to maintain and is particularly suitable for use in the bathroom.

For small units, the home space is very limited, and each part of the space has its specific functions and functions. The advantage of a folding door is that it saves space.

Installing Doors and Windows: Common Problems and Solutions

Installing windows and doors is a key step for interior decoration. Doors and windows play multiple roles in protecting indoor objects, property safety, heat insulation, anti-theft and so on.

Many problems can occur when installing windows and doors without care.

In this article, we have summarized some common problems that commonly occur during the installation of windows and doors and introduce the solutions correspondingly.

installing doors and windows

Problem 1: Curved frames

During the installation of doors and windows, it is common to see the curved frames. Sliding doors and windows will easily shake especially in windy weather, as a result of the curved frames.

Causes of the problem:

  1. The frames of doors and windows are deformed by external forces.
  2. The profile is not selected properly, for example, the cross-section is small, and the strength is not enough.
  3. The material of doors and windows is not qualified enough in production.
  4. The thickness of aluminum doors and windows does not meet the standard. But it is hard for the owner to recognize. Many businesses offer installations below industry standards. And the profile frames are not firmly connected.
  5. The accessories do not match the specifications.
  6. Different fixing methods are not adopted according to different walls.


  1. Repair and re-install the deformed frame.
  2. The packing around the frame should be appropriate to prevent excessive bending inward. Choose the right profiles that conform to national standards. The thickness of the outer frame of the aluminum alloy profile shall not be less than 2.4 mm.
  3. Check the appearance of aluminum profiles, qualified profiles should be blue-white or ivory white, clean and smooth. Good quality should have a protective film.
  4. Select the profile section according to the size of the door and window openings and installation height.
  5. Install strictly following regulations to ensure firmness and stability.

Problem 2: Loose frames of doors and windows, oversized gaps between the doors and windows leaves

Causes of the problem:

  1. The distance between the anchoring iron feet is too large, or the material used for anchoring the iron feet is too thin; the anchoring method is incorrect.

The main reason is that the plan and repair are not allowed during the installation and the doors and windows are not perpendicular to the ground. The doors and windows can be removed and repaired to fit the frame and reinstalled.

There is a hollow drum sound when the side panel of the door sleeve is knocked by hand. If the bottom panel is not lined with a large core board, the panel should be removed and a large core board should be added.

  1. Besides, the center lines of the upper and lower tracks or rail grooves are not in the same vertical plane.


  1. The distance between anchoring iron feet must not be greater than 600 mm, and the iron feet must be anti-corrosive.
  2. The thickness of the material used for anchoring iron feet is not less than 1.5 mm, and the width must not be less than 25 mm.
  3. Different anchoring prevention schemes shall be adopted. Nail anchoring shall not be used on brick walls, and expansion bricks shall not be used for anchoring of porous bricks.
  4. The centerline of the upper or lower track or track groove should be vertically aligned by adjusting the track position.

Problem 3: Leakage


  1. Leakage at door and window frames and surrounding wall joints.
  2. Water in the sliding slot of the sliding window penetrates the window.

Causes of the problem:

  1. Cement mortar caulking for door and window frames and walls.
  2. The glue injection between the door and window frames and the wall is not strict and there is a gap.
  3. The production technology of the doors and windows is unqualified, and the combination between the window frame and sash is not strict.
  4. The sash seal is not installed, or the installation is unqualified, and water seeps into the sash glass seam.
  5. There is no drainage hole in the window frame.


  1. The gap between the door and window frame and the sub-frame, the door, and window frame and the wall must not be caulked with cement mortar.

There should be full of elastic closed-cell material plugs, and sealed with weather-resistant sealant. Requirements for injection of elastic closed-cell materials: continuous application, full-filling, and one-time molding.

The foaming agent outside the frame should be inserted into the gap before the conjunctiva is hardened to prevent the outer film of the foaming agent from being damaged.

  1. Check whether the doors and windows are qualified before installation.

Check carefully whether the window frame and sash are tightly connected, and whether the sash seal is installed properly.

  1. A gap of more than 50 mm between the window frame and the hole

There is a gap between the window frame and the hole. And that gap should be more than 50 mm so that the window sill can be used as a flowing slope.

  1. The lower frame of the outer frame and the track root should be drilled with drainage holes.

Problem 4: Poor hardware installation quality


The metal keyhole decorative parts are skewed, loose, and fall off, and the door leaf switch is not smooth.


Mainly because the construction is not in place, the hinges of the casement door are not on, which causes the door and window leaf and the frame cover to be uneven.

Each hinge should be unscrewed first, and then adjust the flatness of the door and window leaf and frame to adjust and repair, and then tighten all the screws.

If the hinge screws are short, the screws are screwed in and tilted at one time, it will cause the doors and windows to be opened and repaired, and appropriate screws should be replaced.

When screwing, the screws must be straight. One-third of the full length should be nailed first, and then the remaining two-thirds should be screwed at one time. There is also a problem with the lock installation.


When installing the keyhole decorative cover, use a marble hole opener to make holes first, and then use a 6 mm impact drill to drill holes to a depth of 2.0 to 3.0 cm.

Built-in 6 mm plastic expansion tube and fixed with self-tapping screws. Make sure it is flat. After adjusting the position of the tongue of the door frame, install the tongue plate.

Problem 5: Obvious color difference between doors and windows


The color of the doors and windows frames are inconsistent with the leaves.


The materials are not the same factory products, or the same batch of products, or products of different material grades.


  1. The products of the same manufacturer shall be used for the selection of profiles, and sufficient materials shall be prepared at one time.
  2. pay attention to the color of ingredients before cutting, avoid large color different materials used on the same door and window.

Problem 6: Door and window frames are not square


The door and window are tilted. After the windows and doors are installed, the door and window are tilted and the door leaves are not pushed well. The doors and windows are not horizontal. After the doors and windows are installed, the phenomenon of one head high and one low head, uneven gaps between the fan and the frame, and sometimes the problem of the upper width and the lower width or the lower width and the upper width are narrow.


The chi-square is not allowed during the installation of the frame, and the two diagonal lines of the frame have lengths, which makes the frame not square. Straighten without the wooden piece, should be reworked and leveled. Use a long ruler to measure and then install the cushion board.


Use wooden rafters to temporarily fix it during installation, measure and adjust the diagonal to the same length, and then use iron feet to fix it firmly.

This is mainly because the installer did not use a wire drop during the installation process, and checked the verticality of the door and window with the ground or the table surface by a ruler, which caused the excessive deviation.

Therefore, when installing doors and windows, it must be done according to the installation specifications. To measure the level of the window sill or the ground, look at which side is high, and then use the high point as the reference, and temporarily fix it with wooden wedges or pads to adjust the level of the window frame. When the level is adjusted, the window will not appear to be high and low.

Cautions when installing doors and windows

Doors and windows are divided into enclosure members or partition members according to their positions. There are different design requirements to have functions such as heat insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation, waterproof, and fire prevention. New requirements for energy saving. The lost heat accounts for about 25% of the total heating consumption.

The requirements for the tightness of doors and windows are important content in energy-saving design. Doors and windows are an important part of the building envelope system.

The installation of doors and windows seems to be a simple job in home decoration. It is not as simple as imagined. During the installation process, the horizontal and vertical correction of doors and windows should be monitored.

The foam should be filled between the window frame and the wall, and the inside and outside of the window frame must be sealed with silicon copper glue or sealant to prevent water seepage.

After installation, the protective film must be removed, otherwise, the service life of doors and windows will be reduced.

It should also be noted that after installing the sash, check whether the overlap of the sash contained in the sash meets the standard requirements. If there are a potential quality and safety hazard, all work must be reworked.


Installing windows and doors in home renovations may seem like a simple job, but it can also cause many problems if construction is not done properly.

Most consumers don't know much about the installation of doors and windows, which causes problems. The article details the most prone to these problems when installing doors and windows!

How to Clean and Maintain the Shower Room?

How to Clean and Maintain the Shower Room?

The shower room is a place we come into contact with every day. It is essential to clean and maintain the shower room regularly and keep it safe and clean.

If it is not cleaned properly, it will be the place of bacteria and be harmful to our health condition. Therefore, the shower room must be cleaned and maintained in daily life, to ensure the beauty of the shower room and extend the service life of the shower room.

In this article, we will introduce how to clean and maintain the shower room.

The parts and areas of shower room cleaning and maintenance generally include tempered glass, hardware accessories, wheels, and shower tray.

We will introduce the detailed maintenance tips in the following paragraphs.

How to effectively clean the shower room

clean and maintain the shower room glass

1. Clean and maintain the shower room with water after use.

After using the shower room, clean the shower room with water. Then wipe with a dry soft cloth. Rinse regularly with glass water to maintain the smoothness of the glass.

If there is slight dirt on the glass of the shower room, use a soft cloth or sponge, wipe with a mild detergent, and use special cleaners to remove water and dirt from the glass.

2. Clean the stubborn stains, remove with alcohol.

You can also use toothpaste to spray the glass or frosted glass in the shower room, wipe it with a toothbrush, and then wash the frosted glass with warm water.

For water stains in the glass room, you can go to the supermarket and buy a glass scraper that is suitable for the glass door of your shower room. It does not take much time and effort.

You can always scrape the water stains after a shower or bath. This will help keep the glass as clean as a new one. It also saves your time in cleaning before it gets too dirty.

For the yellow water stains on the shower room glass, you need to spray with a glass cleaner, and then wipe it with a dry cloth.

For the hardware accessories used in various parts of the shower room, do not use cleaning agents to avoid corrosion of the surface. It is better to wipe them with a dry cloth regularly to keep them clean.

3. Items you should avoid when you clean and maintain the shower room

Do NOT use a wire brush, cloth with a rough surface, decontamination powder, acid or alkaline solvent, corrosive solvent or fluoride toothpaste.

These items can damage the product gloss, damage the product, and even hurt the human body.

When using a bathroom-specific detergent, be sure to use it properly following the precautions stated on its container. Incorrect use will cause adverse effects on the human body, and will easily cause some adverse conditions to the product.

Clean and maintain the shower room by cleaning the wheels of the doors

There are currently two methods of cleaning the sliding doors.

A few issues you should pay attention to:

First, avoid too much strength on the doors, in case they fall off.

Second, regularly clean the slide rails, wheels, sliders. because these places may accumulate hair or other debris. And apply lubricate these areas after cleaning. This can help them move more smoothly and protects them from rust.

The third is to periodically adjust the adjustable screw of the slider to ensure the loading capacity and more smooth sliding of the sliding doors.

Take care of the glass during maintenance

To clean and maintain the shower room. The glass is one of the most important parts.

After each use, wipe off the water vapor on the glass in time. Regularly wipe the glass with a soft cloth and a neutral detergent to prevent dust stains, which affects the transparency and appearance of the glass.

There are a few things you should NOT do:

  • Hit the glass surface with sharp objects.
  • Wipe the glass surface with corrosive liquid to avoid damage to the surface gloss.
  • Wipe the glass surface with rough materials to avoid scratches.
  • Prevent severe sunlight.
  • Once there is a crack or damage, call the after-sale service as soon as possible and replace or repair it.

How to do the glass cleaning and maintenance

The resistance and bearing capacity of tempered glass is ten times higher than the ordinary glass.

When the glass is damaged due to external force, the small pieces of glass with obtuse angles will not easily hurt the human body.

However, there is a disadvantage of the tempered glass. Once any corner of glass is accidentally damaged, the whole piece is broken.

During the production process of tempered glass, the pressure unevenness will be shattered immediately due to some factors; or when the internal and external compressive stress of the glass cannot be released after the product is completed, it will be reflected by the product under dynamic conditions.

Self-explosion phenomenon; or the influence of external factors, such as the force during the installation of the glass uneven and hard objects directly against the glass surface will provoke the self-explosion phenomenon.

Therefore, be careful of the self-explosion with an average explosion rate of 0.3%.

To prevent or reduce the possibility of self-explosion when you clean and maintain the shower room, please take care of the following things:

  • When the wheel is loose or falling off, call a professional worker to check the door and repair the wheels
  • Hit the glass with sharp and hard objects, especially the four corners.
  • Always clean the hygiene inside the track. When foreign matter falls into the lower track, it should be removed to prevent the pulley from sliding.
  • Keep the wheels running smoothly. Add some lubricating oil or lubricating wax when the push-pull is not smooth.

Clean and maintain the shower room with metal frame

The frame is the key structure of the shower room, which guarantees the safety of the product. Handle carefully during installation.

1. Keep construction materials away from the metal surface, such as cement particles.

These components will generate organic acids in a humid environment and corrode the metal, typically stainless steel.

2. Do not wipe with sharp objects and with aggressive acids and alkaline solvents. Daily clean with water and dry towel.

You can regularly use a soft cloth with a neutral detergent to strengthen the maintenance, which can keep the frame beautiful and durable.

3. Do not use rough materials to wipe the surface.

If the surface of the aluminum material is stained, please wash it with neutral detergent and clean water.

Daily cleaning and maintenance of the shower tray

There are several DO NOTs for the maintenance of the shower tray, similar to the glass maintenance.

  • Hit the surface with sharp objects to avoid damage.
  • Wipe the surface with the corrosive liquid to avoid damaging the surface gloss.
  • Wipe the surface with rough materials to avoid scratches.
  • Hit or strike the shower tray with sharp objects, to avoid damage.

When cleaning, use a soft cloth or sponge moistened with neutral detergent or glass water.

For the dirt that is difficult to remove, try to use alcohol and lemon juice.

6 tips for daily cleaning and maintenance of shower room

1. Scratches on the surface of the mortuary body

please moisten the scratched area with water-abrasive paper until it is smooth, then apply a small amount of toothpaste and rub it with a soft cloth to polish it.

2. Care of electroplating parts.

You can use a flannel to gently wipe the surface of the electroplated parts. Do not use rough objects to wipe or organic solvents, which will damage the surface of the electroplated parts.

3. Avoid clogging of the sewer.

Please clean up the debris at the sewer frequently.

4. Moving the shower room

If you need to move it, handle it gently to prevent heavy pressure, mechanical collision and strong vibration. If it is not used for a long time, please cut off the water and power supply, and keep the surrounding environment dry and ventilated without corrosive gases.

5. Do not use water with high temperature

Overheated water will deform the seal ring and cause damage to the doors.

6. Use lemon juice

Lemon juice can help reduce bacteria and wipe off the grease. After the cleaning work is completed, smear the lemon slices on the places that are prone to spots. That will help reduce the possibility of spots growth in the future.


The shower room is a place we will come into contact with every day. When in use, it can prevent bath water from splashing to the outside.

However, after using the shower room for some time, there will always be water stains on it, and dirt will appear after using it for a long time. If it is not cleaned properly, it will become a home base for bacteria and microorganisms to breed, affecting human health. Therefore, it is especially important to clean and maintain the shower room in daily life.

Honestly, cleaning the shower room is not difficult. The article has introduced a detailed cleaning method. Regarding the maintenance of the shower room, it only needs to be operated according to the methods mentioned in the article in daily life, the service life of the shower room can be longer, and our bathroom life will be more comfortable. There will be a better bathing experience.

Sealing the windows

Are your glass doors and windows ready for winter?

Are your glass doors and windows ready for winter?

Winter is coming, are your glass doors and windows ready for it?

Although you can use heating indoors to keep warm, the house with poorly sealed doors and windows still feels very cold, especially for old houses. If the windows are not tight, the cold wind will come in from the window gap.

In this article, I will introduce how to make your home warmer in winter, what makes doors and windows leak, and how we solve the problem of leaks in doors and windows.

How to make your home warmer in winter

1. Proper use of seals

If your glass doors and windows are not tightly sealed, one of the reasons could be the aging of the sealing strip. You can usually find them at the connection between the glass of the window and the window frame. In the process of using windows, the owner often opens and closes the windows and wears the sealing strips.

In addition to the long-term accumulation of dust, the friction on the sealing strips is increased, which causes the window's ability to block wind and sand. For weathered seals, owners can go to the building materials market to buy good quality seals. If the owner does not have installation experience, ask the sales staff for the installation method in detail and then install it by themselves.

Before installation, remove the old seal and carefully remove the debris in the slot. At the same time, the sealing strip cannot be pulled too tightly during installation, just insert the new sealing strip and tap it.

Another situation is that the old house is more likely to appear. Due to the long life of the house, the wall may become loose, and the seal between the window frame and the wall is reduced, resulting in wind drilling from the crack. In this case, consumers can contact a professional for repairs, or consumers can buy a foam glue on the market and seal it by themselves.

seal your glass doors and windows

2. Increase the number of glass layers to keep warm

Single-layer windows may have a tight seal. Meanwhile, you can also increase the number of glass layers to achieve thermal insulation.

Add glass to the original frame of your glass doors and windows, change the original single-layer glass to double-layer insulating glass.

After installation, the worker must carefully check the details, especially the tightness of the window, whether the window sash is flexible to open and close, and whether the window is airtight when closing.

3. Replace thick curtains

In addition to sealing window gaps, you can also replace thick curtains to withstand cold winds. The thick curtains in winter can not only adjust the light but also block the wind.

There are a few things to know when choosing curtains.

First of all, the windows must be sealed, and it also needs to coordinate with the interior decoration and furniture style of the entire room.

Choose your curtains also according to the orientation. The south-facing windows are sunny and there are many options for winter curtains; but in the north-facing rooms, there is not enough light and the curtains are warm. The curtain can be made of warm materials such as cotton or flannel.

From a design perspective, buyers want to increase the warmth of the interior, and can also achieve the warm living effect through the later soft installation.

Causes of windows and doors leaking in winter

1. Uneven profiles of doors and windows

The main reason for the leakage of doors and windows is the closeness between the doors and windows and the frame. The flatness of the profile is an important factor affecting the closeness. If the flatness of the profile is insufficient or deformed, there will be a certain gap between the door and window fans and the frame, causing air leakage.

2. A defective or aging sealing strip

The sealing strip is the key to the sealing of doors and windows. At present, the quality of the sealing strip on the market is very different. High-quality sealing strips have strong toughness, high wear resistance, and are not easy to break; while poor-quality sealing strips are very fragile, easily corroded and broken, and cannot achieve the sealing effect. If the sealing strip is not installed properly, unevenness or bulging may cause air leakage.

3. Cracks between the frame and the wall

During the installation of doors and windows, many winter door and window sealing workers did not do a good job of sealing the door frame, window frame and wall due to rushing or cutting corners. Especially in the old house, the wall loosens during the settlement process, and the closeness with the door and window frame is reduced.

If the waterproof glue is not applied evenly, the sealant is not adequately made, or the expansion bolts are not nailed, it will make the frame and the wall unable to "closely fit." In summer rainy weather, the rubber tends to collapse, and in autumn and winter, it causes wind leakage.

4. Weak hardware lock

The quality of door and window hardware is also closely related to the sealing performance. Especially for casement windows, it relies on the transmission of the hardware to seal. If the transmission is of poor quality, it is easy to leak air from the edge of the sash.

The hardware of glass doors and windows currently on the market are divided into domestic and imported. Domestic hardware usually has two upper and lower lock points, while imported hardware usually has three upper, middle, and lower lock points.

The principle is that after the doors and windows are locked, the lock point and the lock seat are fastened together, and cooperate with the hinge or sliding brace to jointly generate a strong sealing pressure and elastically deform the sealing strip, thereby providing sufficient sealing performance for the doors and windows.

Therefore, the hardware with insecure locks will greatly reduce the sealing performance of doors and windows.

How to deal with window leaks before renovation

1. Select the window frame with cold-resistant function

When selecting the window frame, if you want to achieve the cold-resistant effect, the aluminum alloy of the broken bridge is preferentially selected. The heat-insulating aluminum profile improves the thermal insulation performance of the window, and its airtightness is relatively good, which can ensure that the indoor window sills and floors in dusty areas are not dusty.

If you choose a plastic-steel frame material, because the plastic-steel window has been used for a long time, the gap at the interface is too large to be bonded, and it is easy to ventilate. Therefore, when there is a leakage of air, first use a sponge to stick around the window, and then cover the entire window with plastic.

The plastic absorbs heat and is not airtight, and the temperature is maintained well. Select aluminum-wood windows, because aluminum-wood windows are covered with a layer of aluminum alloy in addition to solid wood. Doors and windows are more tightly sealed, which can effectively block the invasion of wind and sand, and will not freeze or dew in the cold winter. It also keeps noise out of the window.

2. Select vacuum glass for your glass doors and windows

Vacuum glass is preferred. The vacuum glass is similar to insulating glass, but its thermal insulation performance is better than insulating glass because the two sheets of flat glass in the middle of vacuum glass are sealed around, the gap is evacuated and the exhaust holes are sealed. The gap between the sheets of glass is 0.1-0.2mm, which is smaller than the insulating glass, and the insulation effect is good, but the price is more expensive.

Insulating glass has a moderate price and good thermal insulation performance, so it is widely used. The purchase requirements generally choose a 12mm hollow distance, and the glass on both sides should reach a thickness of 4 to 5mm.

The sealing structure of the insulating glass mainly includes a single-pass seal and a double-pass seal. It is recommended to use a double-pass seal. The first sealant prevents water vapor from invading, and the second sealant maintains the stability of the structure and continuously maintains heat.

If the window opens to the outside, a layer of window can be added to the interior, and if the window opens to the inside, an additional layer of a sliding window can be added to the outside.

Through two layers of windows, the thermal insulation effect of double glazing can be achieved.

3. Select casement window

A casement window is preferred. A casement window will be much better than a sliding window. Casement windows are generally sealed with rubber strips, and push-pull windows are sealed with wool tops.

Therefore, the casement window's tightness and isolation from dust and rain are stronger than sliding windows; and casement windows are generally locked with two-point locks or heaven and earth.

The sliding window is closed with a hook lock or a touch lock, so the casement window is also much stronger in terms of airtightness.

How to fix window leaks after renovation

1. Old-fashioned window air leakage solution

For double-layer old-style windows, the solution to air leakage is to fill the gap between the window and the window with sawdust. The sawdust can solve the moisture of the window and block the strong cold air at the bottom of the window.

The window seams of such windows can be sealed with craft paper and paste to ensure high airtight temperature.

2. Solutions for air leakage in the window gap

If there is a gap between the window frame and the wall, clean up the gap, fill it with styrofoam, and then fill the gap with high-grade cement river sand, and then repair the surface; Leakage between the window frame and the seal can be considered.

If the gap is large, it is better to add a layer of plastic steel window to the original window.

3. Remaining problems in installing windows

First of all, it is necessary to look at whether the problem is left over by the workers when they are not installed or the product itself. If the product is the reason, you should find the dealer or the manufacturer.

If the worker has a little problem during the installation If there is something wrong, you can remove it and reinstall it.

Or you can first clear the gap between the window frame and the door cover and the wall, then plug it with styrofoam, then fill the gap with cement and sand. Go for repairs.


Generally all these below factors can affect your glass doors and windows.

Improper installation, quality of materials and failure of accessories will cause air leakage in doors and windows.

Check these points before installation to prevent problems and cause unnecessary trouble.

After all, in the cold winter, everyone wants to spend a pleasant time in the warm home interior.

A basic shower room

Shower Room, How to Choose the Right One?

A glass shower room is more and more commonly used in modern homes, and people pay more and more attention to the details of house decoration.

The shower room, as a very important facility in the bathroom, is often overlooked. Many people say they want to choose a good shower room but they don’t know where to start. So, in this article, I will give you a detailed introduction below, what are the shower room classifications, how to choose a suitable shower room?

Shower Rooms Introduction

At present, shower rooms are divided into two types: Integrated Shower Rooms and Simple Shower Rooms.

Integrated Shower Rooms

The integrated shower rooms have more functions. Generally, it consists of a spray device, a shower enclosure, a shower screen, a top cover, a basin or a bathtub. With foot massage, steam exhaust FM radio and other functions. It has good airtightness and good thermal insulation performance, but it is more expensive and has gradually become a popular trend in the current market.

An Integrated Shower Room

Simple Shower Rooms

The basic structure of shower rooms is a shower tray with glass, which is traditional, but the style is more diverse.

simple shower room

Glass materials

When it comes to materials, safety is the most important issue.

3C certification

First of all, you can look at the material of the glass, whether there is a national 3C certification mark on the glass, and then look at the glass to see if there are bubbles or noise in the glass.

Listen to the sound of the glass

When you choose the glass doors, you should use the knuckles to knock the glass and listen to the sound made by the glass.
If the sound is crisper, it is tempered glass.
If the sound is dull, it is ordinary glass.

Look at the glass pattern

You can even look at the glass pattern. If you look closely at the authentic tempered glass, there will be a faint pattern, but ordinary glass does not have such an appearance.

Explosion protection

Explosion protection for the glass is critical. Although the glass is fully tempered, still it can explode. It is hard to say whether the self-explosion will happen with a self-explosion rate of 0.3% of tempered glass in the industry.

Nowadays, there are mainly 2 types of explosion-proof glass:

  1. Glass covered with explosion-proof films
  2. Laminated glass

The two are to prevent the glass from splashing when the glass is broken. In comparison, it is much more economic to apply an explosion-proof film.

Even if the laminated glass is completely broken, the glass remains the whole thing as it is, giving time to the user for replacement.

For tempered glass, it is not always the thicker the better. For the tempered glass, the most important thing is the degree of tempering rather than the thickness. The thickness of the glass is mainly determined by the design and shape of the shower room. Usually the higher degree the glass is tempered, the harder it gets.

There is a way more user-friendly for the shower rooms glass. You can apply an explosion-proof film outside of the shower room glass and add a layer of nano-cleanable coating inside, which saves your time and labor in cleaning, safe and easy!

Hardware details

In addition to the largest proportion of glass material, the hardware details of the overall shower room are also critical. The hardware accessories may seem inconspicuous, but the role cannot be ignored.

It is the key to the overall stability of the shower room. The hardware accessories are mainly copper, aluminum and stainless steel.

Among them, 304 stainless steel is the best choice, followed by copper.

If the quality of the door hinge is poor and the glass door is opened and closed more times, it is easy to sag or even detach. This is a frequent occurrence that can cost you a lot of money.


Additionally, pay attention to the connection. For example, the connections between the shower room and the wall, the joints between the doors, etc.

Once there is a problem in the design of a certain place,
it will have an impact on the water-tightness, especially the seals of the
shower room. The seal is the most critical part of the independent shower. It
must be able to effectively prevent the water from overflowing the shower room.

Apart from the seals between the glass, it is also important to check the seals between the glass and the wall, and between the glass and the floor.


Accessories such as handles and rollers are also critical. If a small corner of the tempered glass is damaged, the entire glass will burst automatically.

Therefore, it is necessary to check and make sure the bearings of the wheels run smoothly. Since the wheels of the sliding door of the shower room are of importance, the wheels must be smooth and agile, and the screws of which must be made of stainless steel. If it makes noise or becomes astringent, it will affect the lifespan of your shower room.

The material of the shower tray

Regarding the material of the shower stray, the ones with low quality are made of ABS plastic and composite board, the medium ones are made of acrylic, and the high-ends are made of artificial stone.

The technology of acrylic is relatively more delicate and with better hardness, which is economical and practical. The choice of materials mainly depends on the buyers’ preferences.

Big brands

With the continuous expansion of the sanitary ware
market, the design of sanitary ware products has gradually diversified and competition among the brands has become increasingly severe.

Many businesses failed to meet design standards. To reduce costs, some small manufacturers even use semi-tempered glass or hot-bent glass. Shower rooms made of this glass are susceptible to external factors and are likely to burst. The broken glass may have sharp edges and can easily cause security problems and injury.

Therefore, when choosing a shower room, especially an overall shower room that requires more sophisticated technology, you must choose a big brand that is guaranteed. The protection of big brands lies in the strength of the company, the perfect service system, and the reputation in the shower room market. The explanation is tested by the market. At the same time, the production process and product design technology of big brands are more mature. More importantly, the perfect pre-sales and after-sales service system can fully guarantee your rights as a consumer.

Size and space

You also need to consider the size of the bathroom when choosing a suitable shower room. Therefore, reserve some bathroom space for the shower room before renovation.

If the bathroom is 4-5 square meters, you can choose a shower room location of about 1 square meter. (1 m x 1 m).
And if the toilet is 8-10 square meters, choose a place of 1.5 m by 1.5 m.
The height of the room must not be lower than 2.2 meters.

Other than the sizes of the shower room itself, consumers also pay attention to the measurement and planning before the basic decoration, and reserve for the drainage, water supply, and wiring locations. Otherwise, there are chances of re-decoration or inconvenience for future use.

Patterns and colors

The shower rooms in the past were dull in color and the
patterns were small. The shower rooms today are more colorful, and there are
many more patterns to choose from.

Now, you can choose your shower room pattern pretty much according to your preferences. Bathing in a comfortable and beautiful shower room is a delightful experience. Most people choose shower rooms with translucent patterns today. Shower rooms like that usually come with nice decoration and fit the bathrooms on various occasions.

Installation and after-sales service

With enough safety guarantee, it is a good idea to choose a suitable shower room according to your taste. There is no need to pursue unnecessary functions and luxury brands though.

Meanwhile, you want your shower room easier to install and use with strong after-sales service. When product quality is the prerequisite, installation is another important factor for the safety of the shower room.

Don’t forget your safety before various options that might be cheaper from one to another.

A safe shower room needs a professional installation team for support. It is recommended to choose a branded shower room with professional after-sales service.

After all, professional installation and after-sales service can save you a lot of time in maintenance when problems happen.


With the improvement of the quality of people’s life, shower rooms have gradually entered more and more families today.

There are many shower room manufacturers. But due to the gap between technology and production levels, the quality of shower rooms on the market also varies from one to another.

The above content introduces how to properly choose a good shower room and the factors to consider. We hope it helps you when you are thinking of getting a proper shower room for your home decoration.

Sealing the windows

How to maintain doors and windows at home

How to maintain doors and windows

Everything has a life cycle. In order to extend the using time, basic maintenance needs to be done regularly. Windows and doors, as an important part of the home, also require us to do a regular checking.

In this article, I will introduce how to maintain windows and doors correctly which is related to the normal use and safety performance of windows and doors.

Notes on doors and windows

1. When the windows and doors are installed, the protective film on the surface of the profile should be removed in time. Protective film should be lightly torn off and should not be removed with hand tools to prevent scratches on the painted surface.

2. Doors and windows are equipped with a drainage system to ensure the watertight performance of doors and windows. Do not block the drainage holes of doors and windows, otherwise, the drainage performance of doors and windows will be reduced, which will cause rainwater infiltration in rainy and snowy weather.

3. When pushing and pulling doors and windows, the force point should be in the middle of the doors and windows. Do not use too much force when pushing and pulling to avoid the derailment of the pulley and reduce the service life of the doors and windows.

4. There is a large temperature difference between indoor and outdoor in winter. When the indoor humidity is too high, it is easy to cause condensation on the glass surface. Please adjust the indoor humidity in time and open the windows appropriately for ventilation.

5. Close the window on a windy day.

6. Do not hit the surface of doors and windows with sharp tools to prevent surface scratches and other damage.

1. Surface cleaning, including cleaning the inner and outer frames and glass.

1.1. If there is dirt on the inside and outside surfaces of doors and windows, you can scrub it with a neutral water-soluble washing solution. Especially when there is dirt on the surface of door and window profiles, sandpaper or sharp blades should not be used to avoid damaging the decorative surface of doors and windows. Do not use strong corrosive or solvent-based chemical liquids such as acetone.

window cleaning

1.2. For the cleaning work of the inner frame, wipe the inner frame with water after the soft cloth is slightly moistened with water.

1.3. For glass cleaning, use glass water, or water mixed with neutral detergent, wet the soft cloth, wipe the glass, and wipe the water off the edges.

1.4. Cleaning of screens and screens: Move the screens to a place where they can be flushed and flush directly on the surface of the screen; you can also wipe the screen or screen frame with a soft cloth after wetting. Do not use direct contact with hard objects So as not to break the gauze.

2. The grooves at the joints of door and window frame fans, hardware transmission parts, and sliding rails of sliding doors and folding doors should be cleaned regularly to prevent the sediment from adversely affecting the use of hardware. Can be cleaned with a soft brush or vacuum cleaner. Note: After finishing the interior engineering, the above parts need to be cleaned before use!

Doors and windows accessories

How to choose a good lock and lock cylinder?

doors accessories

Locks and lock cores are key parts of doors and windows. Careful selection is critical to maintaining doors and windows.

Door lock: You should choose a safety lock with double-sided opening. The weight of the lock is compared with the feel of the lock. The heavier it is, the thicker and more worn the lock core is. On the contrary, the material is thin and easily damaged. Secondly, look at the surface finish of the lock, whether it is delicate and smooth, without spots. Open and open repeatedly to see the sensitivity of the lock cylinder spring.

Door and window hardware accessories

Door and window hardware are include hinges, hinges, handles, window hooks, anti-theft chains, etc. Ordinary hinges are used for charging materials, iron, copper, stainless steel.
When closing, be sure to install the hinge, and pay attention to the door panel shaking or creating gaps during installation. Door and window hardware also have other products, such as door hinges which are divided into bright and dark chains. If this kind of hinge is not installed properly, it will have no rebound force or damage and rupture after a long time of use.

Maintain doors and windows hardware accessories

These parts of accessorice are often worn away and oxidized and rusted by contact the air.
When you found some problem ,you need to replace the damaged parts, and add lubricants on time to ensure smooth operation. When the hardware is slightly rusted, use a knife to scrape it away quietly. Afterwards, clean with water, wipe it with a dry cloth, polish it with wax oil, and polish it for a long time.

Aluminum alloy door hinges and door locks should always be checked for flexibility. If they are too loose, they must be tightened in time. Every six months, lubricating oil can be used to lubricate the metal rolling, sliding and locking points. Repeat the opening and closing 3 to 5 times to ensure complete lubrication, add the sensitivity of the metal rolling organization and use life.

It is important to note that when the cylinder is not sensitive to roll, do not drip oil to prevent dust from adhering. You can use a graphite solid lubricant to scrape a small amount of black powder from the pencil lead and blow it gently into the keyhole.

Maintenance of hardware transmission accessories

1. Wipe the outer surface of the hardware transmission mechanism with a dry cloth during daily cleaning.

2. Lubricate the rotation, sliding parts and lock points of the hardware transmission mechanism every six months. The transmission parts and slide rails can be selected with sewing machine oil, and the shaft parts can be selected with grease. Lubricate the hardware marked with the oil filling icon, then open and close it three or five times to ensure that the lubrication is complete, and finally wipe off the excess grease with a dry cloth. Regular lubrication can ensure the flexibility and lightness of the hardware transmission mechanism, and also extend its service life.

doors accessories

Door and window accessories-sealing tape

Sealing rubber strips are generally used for casement doors and windows, hanging windows, and folding doors and windows. The main functions are dustproof, insect-proof, waterproof, soundproof, and sealed.

The sealing rubber strip plays an important role in waterproofing, sealing and saving energy in plastic steel doors and windows, aluminum bridges and wooden doors and windows with broken bridges.

It has the functions of sound insulation, dustproof, antifreeze and warmth. It must have strong tensile strength, good elasticity, and also need good temperature resistance and aging resistance. In order to ensure the tightness of the rubber strip and the profile, the cross-section structure size of the rubber strip must match the plastic steel door and window profile.

Sealing the windows

The installation part of the wool top is generally on the sliding window sash, the perimeter of the frame sash or on the sealing bridge to enhance the seal between the frame and the sash.

Top specifications are an important factor affecting sliding doors and windows and watertight performance, as well as an important factor affecting door and window opening and closing forces. The size of the top is too large or the height of the vertical hair is not only difficult to assemble, but also increases the resistance of the door and window movement, especially the initial resistance when opening and the final resistance when closing. If the size is too small or the height of the vertical tops is not enough, it will easily come out of the groove, which will greatly reduce the sealing performance of doors and windows.

How to maintain doors and windows sealing tape

In the maintenance of doors and windows, it is necessary to pay attention to the maintenance of the sealing strip, especially the cleaning of the sealing strip.

Many people fall into a misunderstanding when cleaning the seal, thinking that wiping with a damp cloth can only remove the dust from the seal. But winter cleaning is not the case, especially in northern areas.

Sealing strips can only be dry cleaned during winter. Because it is extremely difficult to evaporate water in winter, especially sealing strips, if some water stains are accidentally penetrated, it will cause the sealing strips to enter the air, which will cause the sealing, insulation and sound insulation of doors and windows to decline.

If there is a problem with the sealing strip, remember to replace it in time, otherwise it will affect the performance of doors and windows and cause inconvenience to life.

maintain doors and windows


A good house maintain, cleaning and maintenance is very important, especially the maintenance of doors and windows.
Some tips you need to note about maintain doors and windows:

1. Sealing tops and glass seals are the core components of sealing. If looseness is found, they should be replaced or glued in time.

2. Every quarter should carefully check the joints of the aluminum alloy frame, tighten the loose bolts in time, and replace the parts that have been damaged by oxidation.

3. Positioning pins, wind braces, floor springs and other vulnerable parts of aluminum alloy doors and windows should be checked from time to time, and regular lubrication should be added to keep them clean and flexible.

4. Regularly check the joint between the aluminum window frame and the wall, which is prone to loose and deform due to long-term looseness, which affects the sliding smoothness and sealing performance of the window. If the screws are loose, tighten them in time. If the screw feet are loose, apply a small amount of cement to seal with epoxy strong glue.

Careful maintenance of these small details, combined with proper daily cleaning and use, can not only make the windows and doors more beautiful, but also make the doors and windows last longer and make your home life more perfect.

Why choose Embre:

Embre is a professional high-quality aluminum windows and doors of high-end brands, the production base is located in China aluminum – Guangdong Foshan, a collection of R & D, design, production and sales of integrated services in one, after years of development, now windows and doors in the industry has become well-known brands.

Embre Doors and Windows focuses on the high-end customization of villa doors and windows. It takes high-end consumers with certain economic strength as the customer group. Since its establishment in 2014, it has been committed to the development and development of high-end aluminum alloy doors and windows. Embre doors and windows have excellent quality, exquisite workmanship, high-end positioning, and unique brand characteristics.

Embre Doors and Windows is a young team with vitality, impetus, and ability to resist pressure, and promotes the development of the company by feelings.

Embre doors and windows have very high-end technology in the process of production and processing, and can meet the different needs of consumers, can also provide targeted customized services for everyone, naturally can achieve better results in every detail .

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Why Choose Aluminum Windows For Your Home

Why Homeowners Always Choose Aluminum Windows

Aluminum windows show more different styles of windows and doors. In this article, we will introduce the most common window styles – the aluminum alloy window. These types of windows are popular and most people are willing to choose it.
We’re also going to introduce one of the most popular windows and doors products – wood-clad aluminum windows and doors.

Every style of aluminum window is inseparable from aluminum material. Aluminum is fundamental to the manufacture of various aluminum style windows.

What is aluminum windows?

Aluminum windows are made of aluminum alloy extruded profiles for frames, sashes, and fans. This is the most widely used window type of life.

In addition to lightweight, solid and stable, aluminum alloy doors and windows. Which are not easy to deteriorate compared with plastic doors and windows. Production and processing of aluminum windows are also quite convenient and easy, the surface treatment can be performed by spraying or electrophoresis.

If you prefer to decorate your home with different colors or styles of windows then aluminum doors and windows can also meet the needs, with any building style and living conditions.

Features of aluminum doors and windows:

(1) Lightweight. Aluminum alloy materials are mostly hollow-core thin-walled composite cross-sections, which are convenient to use and reduce weight;

(2) Good sealing. Airtightness, water tightness, and sound insulation are good;

(3) Beautiful color. The surface is smooth and beautiful. Can be made into silver-white, bronze, dark gray, black and other colors;

(4) Aluminum windows are non-corrosive, do not fade, do not require paint, and have low maintenance costs;

(5) Aluminum windows have high strength, good stiffness, and durability;

(6) Convenient for industrial production. Conducive to the implementation of design standardization, production factory, commercialization of products.

Advantages of aluminum windows  

(1)Good sealing performance: The sealing performance will directly affect the use function and energy consumption of doors and windows. Its performance includes four aspects: heat insulation, water tightness, air tightness, and sound insulation.

(2)excellent weather resistance, energy-saving: resistant to acid and alkali erosion and free from air pollution, acid rain, ozone attack, and also resistant to ultraviolet rays, maintaining inherent colour and gloss for a long time.

(3)long service life: light and flexible opening and closing, no noise, small deformation, easy maintenance, corrosion resistance, strong fire resistance. The service life is up to 50 years-100 years.

(4)strong plasticity: aluminum alloy doors and windows are metal materials, aluminum and various metal elements are cast into various alloys, with light weight and high strength, can be extruded into various complex cross-section profiles used in various periods, which can meet the requirements Designer’s various new section material requirements and other advantages. It is incomparable to other doors and windows.

(5)Elegant decorative effect: the wide opening of the door leaves the room more abundant, and the space is more free, and the unique design of the groundless track, sliding freely, almost no noise during opening and closing, the pulley can be pushed and pulled normally up to More than 100,000 times. Novel and beautiful, a beautiful scenery in a small urban apartment

Types of aluminum windows

Varies types of aluminum windows can meet the needs of different customers for home design. Here are a some popular aluminum window types

Types #1 Broken bridge aluminum windows

Broken bridge aluminum windows have better performance than ordinary aluminum alloy windows, energy-saving, sound insulation, noise prevention, dustproof, waterproof and other functions. Broken bridge aluminum is used to cut off hot and cold bridges.

Because of the aluminum alloy metal have a good performance in heat transfer, therefore, when the temperature between indoor and outdoor is very different, the aluminum alloy becomes a “bridge” , It is disconnected from the middle and is connected to the aluminum alloy on both sides by a heat insulation strip, so that heat is not easily transferred, so it is called a broken bridge aluminum alloy.

Advantages of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows

1. Reduce heat conduction :

Use heat-insulated broken bridge aluminum alloy profiles, taking the system doors and windows canonical system as an example. Its thermal conductivity is much lower than ordinary aluminum alloy profiles.

2. Prevent condensation :

The temperature of the inner surface of the profile with the heat insulation strip is close to the indoor temperature, reducing the possibility of the indoor moisture condensing on the glass surface due to supersaturation.

3. Energy-saving:

In winter, the window frame with heat insulation strip can reduce 1/3 of the heat lost through the window frame; in summer, if it is air-conditioned, the window frame with heat insulation strip can be more Reduce energy loss as much as possible.

4, protect the environment :

Through the application of thermal insulation systems, energy consumption can be reduced, and environmental pollution due to air conditioning and heating can be reduced

5. Reduce noise :

The use of hollow glass structures with different thicknesses and aluminum bridge cavity structures with thermal insulation can effectively reduce the resonance effect of sound waves, prevent sound transmission, and reduce noise.

Types #2 Wooden-clad aluminum windows

Wooden clad aluminum windows combine the advantages of energy-saving aluminum alloy windows and wooden windows, which can effectively block heat convection, conduction, and radiation outside the window, reducing heat loss. The good ventilation function of doors and windows makes indoor air circulation smooth. This type of aluminum windows is used outdoors which retains the excellent weather resistance and neat and precise style of aluminum alloy windows.

Features of wooden clad aluminum windows:

1. Thermal insulation:

The profile of wood-clad aluminum windows uses the principle of equal pressure to improve airtightness and water tightness, which effectively prevents heat transfer. It is inlaid with wood near the indoor side, and the hollow glass further prevents heat from being transmitted on the window.

2. Color coordination:

Wood-clad aluminum windows can be processed into different colors according to requirements so that outdoor profiles and building exterior decoration can be unified; and indoor can also choose solid wood of different materials to match the interior decoration. , And then add luster to the overall home.

3. Sound insulation:

Tightly designed aluminum windows for thermally insulated broken bridges, coupled with hollow glass, can effectively prevent the intrusion of noise.

4. Environmental protection:

Wood-clad aluminum windows will not produce harmful substances in the production process, and will be recycled and reused, with a loss of 3.5% -5.5% per cycle, which is of great significance to resource utilization and environmental protection.

5. Aesthetics:

The wooden-clad aluminum window is opened inwardly and inwardly. The inwardly opened state is mainly used for cleaning, and the inwardly inclined is mainly used for ventilation. This not only maintains the overall aesthetics of the building but also solves the problem of space occupied by the window opening The problem.

6. High strength:

The wooden clad aluminum window is made of aluminum alloy profile, and it is assembled by using the interlocking connector with the extrusion process, so its strong performance is high and its rigidity is good.

Why's importance of aluminum materials

In recent years, aluminum and aluminum alloy materials have become more and more widely used in the field of doors and windows. Aluminum is an important part of aluminum windows. In manufacturing any style of aluminum window, high-quality aluminum materials are inseparable. Aluminum alloy profiles have the characteristics of light weight, good formability, high strength, corrosion resistance, and recyclability.

Advantages of aluminum alloy material

(1)Light and soft: The density of aluminum is 2171 g / cm3, which is about one-third of the density of steel (7187 g / cm3); the Young’s modulus is also about one-third of steel.

(2) Good strength: The tensile strength of pure aluminum is about 80 MN / m2, which is one fifth of the low carbon steel. However, after heat treatment and alloying, its strength will increase significantly. For example, the commonly used material of aluminum alloy car body 6005A -T6, its low tensile strength is 360 MN / m2, which can reach the corresponding strength value of low carbon steel

(3)Good corrosion resistance: One of the characteristics of aluminum alloy is that a dense oxide film will be formed on the surface when exposed to air. This film can prevent corrosion, so the corrosion resistance is good. If the “aluminum oxide film treatment method” is applied to it, corrosion will be completely prevented.

(4)Good processing performance: The extrusion performance of rail vehicle profiles is good, and secondary machining and bending processing are also easier.

(5)Easy to regenerate: Aluminum has a low melting point (660 ° C) and simple regeneration. It is also pollution-free during disposal, which is conducive to environmental protection and consistent with the sustainable development strategy.

How to improve the insulation performance of aluminum alloy doors and windows?

(1) Use heat insulation strips, and the frame fan insulation strips are on the same horizontal line;

(2) Increase the width of the insulation strips, and when it reaches a certain level, add other measures to reduce convection and heat radiation;

(3) reduce aluminum Section of the material;

(4) For the shape, generally the right angle gets better Uf value than the rounded corner;

windows maintenance

(5) the larger the width of the insulation zone and the width of the profile, the better;

(6) increase the height of the insulation cavity;

(7) Generally, when the isotherm is perpendicular to the direction of heat flow, a better Uf value can be obtained. The position of the heat insulation strip on the frame fan and the air layer of the insulating glass are on the same horizontal plane.


Aluminium windows are a trend, very stylish, beautiful and versatile. Generally, aluminum alloy doors and windows are made of relatively strong aluminum alloy materials in the manufacturing process. After undergoing a series of processes, these aluminum alloy doors and windows can meet many functional requirements. Aluminum alloy doors and windows are easy to clean, and the surface is smooth and delicate, which has a unique advantage in moisture and water resistance. They are not only waterproof and moisture-proof, easy to clean, give people a clean and bright refreshing feeling, but also extend the service life of doors and windows. In this era of environmental protection and energy saving, All aluminum doors and windows can be recycled and contribute to environmental protection.

Why choose Embre:

Embre is a professional high-quality aluminum windows and doors of high-end brands, the production base is located in China aluminum – Guangdong Foshan, a collection of R & D, design, production and sales of integrated services in one, after years of development, now windows and doors in the industry has become well-known brands.

Embre Doors and Windows focuses on the high-end customization of villa doors and windows. It takes high-end consumers with certain economic strength as the customer group. Since its establishment in 2014, it has been committed to the development and development of high-end aluminum alloy doors and windows. Embre doors and windows have excellent quality, exquisite workmanship, high-end positioning, and unique brand characteristics.

Embre Doors and Windows is a young team with vitality, impetus, and ability to resist pressure, and promotes the development of the company by feelings.

Embre doors and windows have very high-end technology in the process of production and processing, and can meet the different needs of consumers, can also provide targeted customized services for everyone, naturally can achieve better results in every detail .

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