The ultimate guide to the sunroom


More and more people choose to have a sunroom for their home. Both for new builds and for home renovation.

If you are also considering adding a sunroom to your home.

Find as much as you want about sunroom ideas from this ultimate guide. The topics cover what to use a sunroom for, how to design and decorate your own sunroom, and more.

What is a sunroom?

Pretty much from its name, a sunroom is the room that brings the sunlight into your house.

And a sunroom can be part of the house. Or serve as an extension of your home.

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In some places, people also call sunroom patios rooms, Florida room or solariums.

The transparent look of sunrooms makes them easy to recognize. As a result of their typical glass skins. For the purpose of letting more sunlight in.

Why do you need a sunroom?

Sunrooms first appeared in England with the name of the conservatory. And the early purpose was for cultivation.

Many tropical flowers and fruits entered Europe after Columbus discovered the New World.

But British winters were cold and rainy. So, people built a place in front of their houses with iron frames and glass to gain more heat. In this way, their favourite plants and vegetables could survive the winter.

Later, the glasshouses became popular in Europe with developed social functions.

It can be a greenhouse to cultivate tropical plants. Also, it can be a space for recreation and more.

A sunroom allows you to enjoy the beautiful landscape outside. And you can do that just in your cosy house without stepping outside.

Even on rainy days, you can watch the rain scene in the rain with a cup of coffee inside.

If you have a sunroom, you have a front-row seat to nature.

Beyond that, there are many other benefits of a sunroom that you might not know before.

More benefits of a sunroom that adds value to your home

With a sunroom in your home, you can

Add more space to your home

Everyone likes to have more space at home. Having more space for fun or storage ultimately increases the value of your home. When you add a sunroom, you add a liveable area. Essentially, your new sunroom is a new room to make your home bigger.

Make your home more comfortable

Sunrooms allow owners to enjoy the beautiful outdoors without being disturbed by insects. Most homeowners use their sunrooms as a way to relax and enjoy nature. Therefore, a sunroom is a place to relax. You can relax by reading a book or relaxing with a cup of coffee. In any case, the ability to relax in a special room adds value to your home.

Sell your house at a higher price

If you put your house on the market after installing a sunroom, you will find your house gets more attention than similar houses without a sunroom.

A sunroom is an ideal complement of the functions in the room. Full-length windows allow sunlight to flow into and a separate space. It can serve as a getaway for everyone to enjoy these features. In fact, since sunrooms add value, if you sell your house, you can ask for more money just because you have one.

Have an easy transition

Many homeowners have an attached porch. These structures are functional, but they don’t add much value to the house. For example, porches are not “liveable”. when homeowners and buyers are looking for houses, they value liveable space. Fortunately, it’s easy to convert a porch into a sunroom. This can produce a high-value building.

Most of us love to have a sunroom. But nothing is perfect in the world. Some people feel quite bothered after they have got a sunroom.

One of the reasons is the sunroom turns into a sauna room in the summer. People might be soaked with sweat in less than ten minutes as they walk into the sunroom.

Some other problems also bother people a lot. Leakage, insufficient ventilation, hard to clean can be the trouble that the sunroom gives us.

However, if the design and construction are both fine enough, these problems won’t come to us. Now let’s see how to do a fine design for our sunroom. So that we will always meet the happiness even in different seasons.

Design your own sunroom, you can do it step by step

Thanks to advances in technology, today there are more possibilities for sunroom designs than ever.

For example, we can use wood, vinyl and aluminium in modern sunrooms.

While aluminium remains the key material for the sunroom structure.

It is because aluminium has a bunch of advantages over the others, such as lightweight and high strength. Also, it’s resistant to corrosion and easy to maintain.

At the same time, thermal-break technology has greatly improved the heat efficiency of aluminium profiles. That’s why aluminium sunrooms become the choice of the public.

As for functions, we can do reception, party, office and dining in a sunroom.

However, among all these possibilities, how should we carry out the design of the sunshine room? For the purpose of catering to our needs.

First, we need a plan. From things to consider for the sunroom design to how to decorate it.

Knowing this beforehand will ease a lot of our sunroom setup.

Find them all down there.

Things to consider for your sunroom design

To work out a good plan for the sunroom design, we need to answer the following questions.

We will have a clearer understanding of our design after that.

Where to build the sunroom?

You probably want to build your sunroom on the deck or the backyard as the choice of many people.

Whatever option you have, don’t forget to get permission from your regulator beforehand.

What do you use a sunroom for?

You might want a sunroom filled with plants and fruits. Or you want it to be a place for relaxing.

If you prefer to get some suntan, you can also have a sunbath in your sunroom.

However, whatever you want your sunroom to be, it’s necessary to make a plan. And decide the main purpose so that you can ease your labour during the construction.

How is the local climate?

Climate is also another key factor in sunroom design.

If your area is hot, you might consider adopting Low-E glass or double-glazed for your panels. The reason is they can filter the excessive light and heat. Then, your sunroom will remain cooler in the hot days.

Another solution to cool down your down is adding some curtains. But curtains might block the light and views at the same time.

As for cold areas, double-glazed glass can also offer a hand. Thanks to their insulation performance, sunrooms with double-glazed glass are warmer in winters.

With the help of a fireplace, you can pretty much enjoy a cosy winter in your sunroom.

What can you use a sunroom for?

But do you have any ideas about what exactly a sunroom is? The uses of sunrooms are different according to the needs of different people.

On one hand, a sunroom absorbs the sunlight and bringing the outdoor natural breath into our homes, On the other hand, it is an extension of space and function so we can have all sorts of activities. Please find more uses details in the below:

Use your sunroom as a meeting room

One of the popular uses of a sunroom is taking it as a meeting room.

Compared to the traditional meeting room inside the house, sunrooms can provide more natural light when in conversation.

More natural light also brings you disadvantages. Natural light sometime will be too dazzling to impose damages on people’s eyes.

That’s where the curtains work.

Sky windows offer you more flexibility to control the air circulation.

If you choose to install the sky windows with automatic operation, the temperature and humidity in the sunroom will be in good control based on weather condition. Proper air condition can make your guests feel comfortable.

Meanwhile, the colour of the furniture in the meeting room should be carefully selected. We should avoid the colour of White, which will cause a reflection of light. We would recommend light tones such as light green or light brown.

Also, we should avoid the furniture made of glass to prevent a reflection of light.

Use your sunroom as a study

In some cases, the function of the study will be incorporated into the meeting room.

But here, we will discuss taking a sunroom only as a study.

A study is a place for reading or writing after getting off work.

That means the study can bring people back to a working atmosphere after a full-day hardworking.

Studies are the extension of people’s office rather than part of the office.

Working in the sunroom can provide a more comfortable feeling compared with working in the office.

Sunlight from outside can make you more concentrated on your projects.

If you decide to use your sunroom as a study, you should change the layout in the first place.

The sunroom cannot be built only by glass walls.

You should have one or two walls as the place to put the bookshelves.

Thermal insulation and humidity control must be put on the top of the agenda.

Because books need to be stored in an environment with the proper environment.

Use your sunroom as an entertainment room

You can also take your sunroom as an entertainment room.

You can use it to strengthen your relationship with family, friends or even business partners.

An entertainment room serves as a good place to host events no matter the day or night.

Adding a bar to the entertainment room is a good choice.

One of the main benefits of using your sunroom as a bar is that if you are hosting guests in the sunroom.

You don’t need to run from the kitchen and the sunroom to delivery drinks.

We also should consider enough space for storing snakes and drinks.

Some counter space would be better even you don’t have a bar in the sunroom.

How much furniture you put in your entertainment room all depends on how big your sunroom is.

Many things you can put on the entertainment room, such as a home theatre machine, PlayStation, comfortable sofas and so on.

Using a Sunroom as a Dining Room

We can explore many ways to turn your sunroom as a dining room.

But before you do that, you should make sure that your current dining room can be used in another purpose.

What can we get from changing a sunroom into a dining room?

The answer is adding more space at your home

and you can take full leverage of your sunroom.

Especially when you are lack of a dining room.

And all you need is a bar or a little corner.

In this case, using your sunroom as a dining room can satisfy your need, providing you with more space for entertainment.

Using a Sunroom as a Home Office

A conclusion from a national study states that about 3.9 million Unite States employees have at least half of their time working at home.

Through this statistic, we can know that people’s demand for a home office is improving.

Using a sunroom as an office can provide you with space for you to engage yourself in work.

Also, it can prevent you from distractions. And organize the space based on how big your sunroom is.

No matter how small is, spaces of a sunroom are big enough to put a desk, chair and computer.

If you have a big sunroom. You can put bigger desks and a large cabinet.

Using a Sunroom as a gym

Doing workout has good implication for our body.

A sunroom is very appropriate to be changed as a gym. A sunroom is an excellent place to do exercise.

You can embrace sunlight and beauty outside. You even can open the doors, going outside to enjoy outdoor exercises, bathing in sunlight and enjoying the fresh air.

Using your sunroom as a gym can bring about many benefits.

If we have membership in a gym outside, we need to be there by public transportation or driving by yourself.

This process of transportation will cost you some time.

With a gym in your sunroom, you can save time to do more stretch and take more relax, recovering your body after finishing exercises.

If it happens to be grey weather, you may be unhappy with it and give up your workout plan that day.

With a gym in your sunroom, you don’t need to worry about the weather anymore.

What you need to worry about is whether you can insist on the road of body-building.

The outside beauty decorated by greenery can make a great contribution to your eyes.

The scene outside will be different as the seasons’ change.

Through this part, we introduce some common functions of a sunroom.

You can pick some of them up as the guidance of designing your sunroom based on your own condition.

A three-season or a four-season sunroom?

I guess there are two important factors for you to decide the suitable sunrooms which match with your lifestyle. The first one is how much you are going to spend. The second one is what you are going to use it for.

The most common two kinds of sunrooms are three-season sunroom and four-season sunroom. The time we can use the former one is usually a certain period of the year. And the latter one is all year round. It is up to the climate and locations.

If you are interested, just follow me to get more information about them. I believe it will be helpful for you to find out a more suitable choice for yourselves.

Three-season sunrooms

As its name suggests, we can use a three-season sunroom in three seasons. The three seasons in green spring, hot summer and cool winter.

This kind of sunrooms is usually made with light and inexpensive materials. People use these materials to obtain the sunlight and prevent the rain and the wind coming in. People can use the sunrooms to cover themselves as well in case the sun shines them directly. A place for you to escape the hot summer is born.

The three-season sunrooms don’t have the functions of insulation or heating assistance. Exhaust fans might be used to help with better air circulation at this time. And it might be some kind of help for high temperatures when the fireball is around us in summer.

Little fans help with the hot days, space heaters come to help with the chill on spring mornings and autumn nights. A large temperature difference between day and night is quite common, especially in the morning and in the evening. We can get rid of the chill by a temporary space heater at that time.

Suitable climate for three-season sunrooms

Comparing to other good additions for the whole year use, the three-season sunroom is a cost-effective alternative. The most important thing is that it is not so expensive.

For example, we can use the three-season sunroom the whole year actually when we are in the area like Florida. The reason is that the climate in Florida is warm most of the time. You can often meet the sunlight here.

However, the time we use three-season sunrooms in an area with longer winter can’t be as long as in Florida. Such as Pennsylvania and Maryland. Those areas have much lower temperature and less sunlight once the winter comes.

We have just mentioned the features of three-season sunrooms. This type of sunrooms is not insulated. It means they are not able to keep the heat outside. The cold winter will make them cold as well. So, people might find a few chances to use the three-season sunrooms from November to March of the following year.

Four-season/year-round sunrooms

Four-season sunroom, its name has told you the most important thing. You can enjoy the four-season sunroom in any seasons of the year. You can sit in the sunshine without hesitating which month it is now. The four-season sunroom makes use of the force that nature gives us.

Good performance of insulation

Nature sends many presents to human beings. We create many great inventions to accept and use the presents.

People use harder and more durable materials on the four-season sunrooms. They use two panes of glass with special treatment, like filling the noble gases and coating with low-emissivity. Let me explain it to you. Filling noble gases between the two glass panes are critical to the thermal insulation. Coatings with low emissivity guarantee the best effect.

These materials help reduce emission. We have told you that the three-season sunrooms don’t have the function of insulation or any heating resistance. On the contrary, the four-season sunrooms have both of them.

In hot summer days, sunlight emitted to the glass reflects because of low emissivity coating. In cold winter days, the heat will go back inside once it touches the glass. In a word, the glass resists the heat going inside and outside. This is how it mainly differs from the three-season sunrooms.

Different places of four-season sunrooms

Many parts of four-season sunrooms are insulated. Such as the walls, the doors and the roofs. Those parts can provide good protection under different climate conditions.

A lot of people like to use this kind of sunrooms to extend the house. They use overhangs to connect the same roof together. Then they might choose the same walls because it seems a good match with the house.

A different place that four-season sunrooms have is they are made with the low walls or knee walls. The knee walls often stand at a height of 2 feet. This provides the space for electric plugs.

Heaters put on the skirting board get the space as well.

Many roofs are not made of glass panes, they are strong enough. People try to use the glass which is wrap-around as much as possible. And a few skylights there are important ways to catch the sunlight.

During the cold days, the four-season sunrooms provide artificial heat to people. This is one of the big differences from the three-season rooms. People can set up an air-conditioner, in case they suffer from the hot times while sitting in the sunrooms.

You may connect your heating and cooling equipment with your home system. Or you may use them independently. Remember to look for a good sunroom supplier to consult your HVAC system.

Common issues to solve for a sunroom design

The below issues are quite common to see in sunrooms with less developed technology. And it helps our purchase to know them in advance.

After all, prevention is better than cure.


As the frame and support of the sunshine room, the firmness, bearing capacity and service life of the frame structure is important. It directly determines the safety performance of the sunroom.

You need to select frame materials according to the load-bearing capacity, the rules and models. And you need to consider the location, height from the ground, orientation and other factors.

Pay attention to wind pressure resistance and weather ability of the frame structure during long-term.

Frame materials need to meet strength requirements.

Process frame structure according to the stress condition of the material;

Ensure the connection nodes of the frame structure are firm;

Use weather-resistant treatment.

The roof material of sunroom is toughened glass mostly, including single-layer toughened glass, hollow tempered glass and toughened laminated safety glass.

The glass of the sunroom roof needs to meet the impact of wind pressure, snow load, hail, etc..

Low-rise sunrooms also take into account the impact of falling objects (flower pots, etc.) from high above the surrounding buildings.

Pat attention to the sunroom connection. For example, the connection between the sunroom structure and the ground wall, the connection between the glass roof and the frame structure, etc.

Rusts on profiles

The rusts are common to see on sunrooms made of steel profiles.

A result of their physical nature. Steel profiles are likely to rust over time especially in humid areas.

And the rust on the profiles seriously affects the appearance. Furthermore, the safety of your sunroom as well. A rusty profile will become weaker, which can cause the collapse of the whole thing.

While a sunroom comprises with aluminium profiles will pretty much ease your worries of the rusts.

Too hot in summer and too cold in winter

One of the regular complaints about a sunroom is too hot in summer. To avoid this issue, you can choose the aluminium profiles with thermal break.

Moreover, windows and doors are the main roles of heat exchange. That’s why we recommend aluminium ones with thermal break. And the double/triple glass will improve the thermal performance to the next level.

As you might know, there is another name for windows and doors with high-level thermal performance. That is energy-efficient windows and doors.

In some places, energy-efficient windows and doors can help you save your energy tax. Also, you might find less payment for your utility bills after adopting energy-efficient solutions. The natural air conditioning feature of the solutions reduces the times you use the A/C and radiators as a result.

Additionally, you can add a smart sunshade system on the top of the sunroom. It’s because a sunshade system can minimize the heat from entering into the sunroom in summer.

Know more on Smart windows and doors in our life | How they work?

Poor insulation for the noise

The noise comes from doors and windows commonly.

So, you need to decorate carefully in the position and open method of doors and windows when designing a sunroom.

Sound insulation design and insulating glass can greatly reduce noise by 30-40dB. Use a built-in toughened laminated glass with BUILT-IN PVB film. Even if the glass is broken, it will not cause harm to the human body.

Fogging and freeze

If the insulation effect of the sunroom is not good, in the case of a large temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, this problem is very easy to occur.

Cold bridge phenomenon

In the north, the phenomenon of “cold bridge” occurs frequently.

Because the weather in the north is relatively cold in winter, there is a big difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures. After the cold air enters the room, it combines with the hot air to form water mist and adsorb on the surface of the sunshine room. It will affect the appearance of the sunshine room.

Ventilation is not enough

You can open windows on the top and sides of the sunroom to increase the convection of the air.

Skylight system means opening a skylight on the roof of the sunroom. Skylight system has two ways, manual and automatic.

The automatic skylight has wind and rain-sensing and sun tracking system. It can automatically control the skylight opening according to the climatic conditions and indoor temperature.

Or use the intelligent ventilation system. You can install the ventilation system with constant temperature and humidity function. It can automatically adjust the temperature and humidity of the sunshine room.


Most of the time, poor sealing causes leakage.

To solve this problem, you can choose a good sealing material and a good drainage system. The sealing performance of doors and windows should be good. Be careful about the inside and outside of waterproof frames.

Poor drainage leads to ponding

The construction of the sunroom needs to pay attention to waterproof and drainage.

Pay attention to the waterproofing of doors, windows and the ground of the sunroom on the courtyard or terrace.

To make ground waterproofing good, the first is to ensure the ground has a slope and the lower side is the drain.

Hard to clean

It would be the best choice to choose the glass with self-clean function during decorating if you have enough money. If we do so, the dust is not easy to stick to the glass. And the rain can be a natural cleaner to wash and clean the glass easily.

Sounds a pretty good idea for us to avoid the cleaning trouble. And we won’t sweat like a pig because of cleaning.

How to decorate your sunroom?

The decoration solutions for sunrooms vary from one to another.

And it pretty much depends on the usage of them. Also, it can be a result of your preferences and hobbies.

If you haven’t got much thought, for now, we have a range of ideas for your reference below.


The sunshine in the midsummer is quite strong. To prevent the strong sunshine at that time, we may use some relatively solid textiles to make an awning.

The awning itself not only has a decorative effect but also shields the wind and rain. Awnings can also be made with bamboo blinds and curtains.

The awning should be made up and down or retractable. This has a lot of benefits. We can adjust the area, location and the angle that the sun shines according to our own needs. At the same time, the room on one side of the balcony can be protected from strong sunlight. A comfortable environment for indoor work and rest is formed.

Light folding furniture

If we use the sunroom for rest and dining, a small amount of furniture is still necessary.

Plenty of people use the balcony as a sunroom or part of the sunroom. The area and load-bearing capacity of the balcony is limited. So light folding furniture is a more suitable choice for the furniture of the sunroom.

Plants for decoration

The balcony is the most suitable place for the family to plant all kinds of flowers and plants. Potted plants can be placed on the balcony railing, but we must take good care of the safety. We may add the guardrail to prevent the pot from falling and hurting people.

We may plant something like grapes and creepers because they have climbing properties. Set up some vertical ropes and plastic pipes, those lovely plants will climb along with them. On one hand, it can beautify the sunroom. On the other hand, it can also block the sun during the summer season.

Decoration of the sidewall and the ground

We know that green plants and flowers can play a role in decorating the sunroom. Do you know the sidewall and the ground can be a great help to the sunroom decoration?

For example, ornaments such as decorative ceramic wall hangings, hanging plates, sculptures can be hung on the side walls. Some partition walls can be made like a shelf to place decorative stuff.

On the smooth and elegant wall surface, we may hang some creative woven fabrics as decorations. Those fabrics can be made of firewood, grass, reed, brown, hemp, corn husk and other materials.

The floor of the sunroom can be decorated with old carpets or other materials. It increases comfort and fashion even when we are walking.

How to green your sunroom on the roof?

Having a sunroom is a dream of many people living in big cities today. How would you decorate your sunroom if you have one? On the last topic, we mentioned that plants can be fine decoration. Put different kinds of plants to make the sunroom look thriving.

I guess this is what many people like to do. I am going to share you more details about how to green your sunroom. Here we go!

When it comes to the land issue, I always like to say use that sentence. An inch of land, and inch of gold. If we learn to make better use of existing resources, sometimes we don’t have to spend any other money.

The platform on the top of the residential buildings is a very suitable place to create a sunroom. Usually, we call the topmost platform a roof. We just need to use safe and professional materials to build a wrap-around shelter, and then put a top cover on it. A sunroom is born.

In summer, the temperature difference between day and night is large. The soil temperature is high and the fertilizer is easily decomposed, this is very beneficial to the growth of the plant. If we green our sunroom, it can also be a vibrant garden for us.

No matter spring or summer, autumn or winter, you can always meet your dream life at any time.

When we want to green our sunroom, which is located on the roof, we might pay attention to the following points.

Reduction of roof load-bearing

Now the location of the sunroom garden we are talking about is on the roof. We have to put the load-bearing of the roof in the first place. It is something about safety.

We might put the materials like sawdust, vermiculite, hull into the soil. To develop suitable soil for the growth and development of seeds. It not only reduces the weight of the soil but also helps the soil to loosen and ventilate. It promotes the growth of plant roots, and increase the plants the ability to absorb water and fertilizer.

At the same time, we may try to control the planted soil to the minimum thickness. Generally, the soil thickness of turf and herbaceous flowers, the shrub is 40-50 cm. The thickness of tree soil is 75-80 cm.

In this way, you can greatly avoid increasing the load on the building.

Place heavy things on the load-bearing walls

Choose the right position for the objects in your sunroom garden is important. We can’t ignore other things and just put things anywhere we like. Though it is all about plants, we can show them in different ways and forms. Like the ponds, planting troughs, and pot.

Remember to place those heavy objects on the load-bearing walls or load-bearing columns. This is all about safety. We live under them.

Timely drainage

Remember to keep the drainage smooth and do not let water accumulate on the roof. We should drain the excess water in time. Particularly at the time after raining, and watering the flower pond and flower pot.

Long-term accumulation of water may cause water to seep downstairs, you don’t want to find the drops above your head, right?

We may equip with effective irrigation equipment. It would be better to have a spray device to increase air humidity. When strong winds come, the air is dry. Regular spraying is good for plants.

You don’t have to set a clock and try hard to remember when you should water your plants. You will feel helpful when you are tired at that time.

Suitable plant types

Select the suitable types of plants depends on the location and climate. The sunlight directly shines on the roof. We don’t need to worry that the sunlight is not enough. The air is often dry because the wind blows over the roof.

Therefore, we might choose the plants that love sunlight and bear the drought with a strong root system. The flowers with fibrous root would be the best choice. They can adapt to the thin soil layers well because of their well-developed horizontal root systems.

Setting up a plant shelf cover with some climbing plants is a great idea. Shade-tolerant plants would love this kind of environment. Shade-tolerant plants mean the plants that can grow with less sunlight.

Put some tables and chairs with not a big size inside. Relax and rest in the green world. Seems that we cannot hear the sound outside, it is all quiet.

A cool place in the garden sunroom

If you prefer to find a cool place in the sunroom, you can plant more ground cover plants. Such as sedum Sacramentum bungee, midnight marvel. They will become a good helper. According to the practice, the temperature of the sunroom reduces 4 to 5 degrees after greening the house.

Light and temperature


The most suitable temperature for indoor foliage plants and flowers to grow is below 30 degrees centigrade. Foliage plants mean the leaves of these plants have beautiful shapes and colours. People call them with this name because the leaves are decorative.

Once the temperature is more than 30 degrees centigrade, the flower growth will be more difficult. When the temperature goes below 5 or above 50 degrees centigrade, the flowers will die.

Tropical flowers are resistant to small temperature differences, and cold flowers are resistant to big temperature differences. Thus, we need to protect the sunroom against cold in winter. In summer, we need to shade the sunroom to and help the temperature go down.


Light is the source of photosynthesis of green plants and flowers. Do you know what photosynthesis is? It is a chemical reaction. Plants do this to produce food themselves to survive.

Various plants and flowers have different requirements for the intensity, length, and quality of light. Generally, indoor foliage plants and flowers like the shade. We might install a sunshade for the sunroom to avoid too much exposure in the sun. Meanwhile, we need to keep some light for the plants and flowers.

Moisture management

Foliage plants have different requirements for moisture. In general, plants should not be too dry or too wet. Wilting, yellow leaves and death may appear if it is too dry. Overgrowth, rotten roots and death may happen if it is too wet.

Please pay attention to how to water the plants and flowers. Most green plants and flowers like spraying, which can reduce the air temperature and increase the humidity.

More benefits we may know from this. Spraying helps reduce evaporation and rinse the dust on the leaves. Meanwhile, the plants and flowers have a better survival due to photosynthesis improvement.

However, blooming flowers and hairy flowers are not suitable for water by spraying.

Soil and fertilization

The soil where green plants and flowers grow requires good structure, sufficient fertilizer, and proper PH.

What is it like when the soil has good structure? The soil has loose texture, fine water absorption and drainage, strong water retention and good breathability. Water retention means the ability that soil can contain and keep the water.

The fertility of the soil depends on the content of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and trace elements. Nitrogen promotes the growth of branches and leaves. Phosphorus promotes the growth of flowers and fruits, and potassium promotes the development of roots.

Not enough fertility will result in yellowing and death. Fertilization is usually carried out once every two months. After autumn, nitrogen fertilizers should be stopped. But more potassium fertilizers should be applied, which is beneficial to overwintering.

Prevention and cure of pest

The diseases of green plants and flowers mainly include soot disease, powdery mildew, and iron-deficiency yellowing disease.

When disease occurs, remove diseased leaves and plants in time. Improve ventilation and light transmission. Improve soil, fertilizer and water management. Wash infected branches and leaves.

And if necessary, water the plants with a certain proportion of vinegar and other pesticides.


A quick overview of what we discussed on the sunroom ultimate guide today.

  • The meaning of a modern sunroom.

  • The reasons why you need a sunroom and its benefits.

  • Things to consider before designing your sunroom.

  • How can you use sunroom? And a various portfolio for your reference.

  • An introduction of a three-season sunroom and a four-season sunroom. And the differences between them.

  • The issues common to see in sunrooms on the market.

  • Ideas for your sunroom decoration.

  • A guide on greening your sunroom.

We believe you have got a more comprehensive understanding of a sunroom after this article.

Feel free to share this article with your friends and discuss with them.

After all, if you are looking for a high-end sunroom with fine design. Here’s the shortcut for you. Find your best choice with cost-effective prices on Embre.

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Sliding windows and doors refer to the door and window which are vertically pushed left and right along the horizontal direction. It slides on the track of the window frame with a sash equipped with wheels. It has not only left-right push-pull but also an up-down push-pull. Using a high-grade slide rail, push it gently to open flexibly.

Then with a large piece of glass, it not only increases the indoor lighting but also improves the overall appearance of the building. The sash has a good stress state and is not easily damaged. The windows do not take up extra space whether they are open or closed, and the structure is relatively simple. Sliding glass windows are generally most suitable for high-rise buildings with more than two floors, because the sliding method is to open the window, and the window will not be outside like a casement window. In order to avoid falling objects from the sky, sliding windows and doors are most suitable for high-rise buildings.

susatainable windows and doors

What is Awning Window

Awning Window is mainly used to adjust the sunlight, it looks better at home windows. The slim design maximizes light and visibility while maintaining ventilation, giving the home an increasingly modern look.  Awning windows are hinged at the top of the frame and swing outward with a crank or push out operation. They ’re ideal for bringing in the breeze even in wet weather.

Designed as part of the same modular system, Modern Awning makes it easy for you to build and configure-even more with Modern. Our minimalistic hardware features a unique swivel handle design designed to provide superior functionality. Modern awnings are available in a variety of sizes and can be used alone or as a supplement to direct glazes or casement windows to achieve design versatility.

Folding windows and doors

Aluminum folding windows and doors is mainly composed of the door frame, door leaf, transmission part, swing arm part, transmission rod, orientation device, etc. For multiple fans, it can be pushed to the side and takes up less space.

It has the characteristics of the light door, heat insulation, cold and heat insulation, moisture resistance, fire resistance, and flame retardant. Easy and fast installation, long service life, and convenient maintenance. In addition, the folding windows and doors structure is divided into simple and complicated. It is simple: just like the casement door, but the hinge for the folding windows and doors is specially made. Complicated: the upper and lower tracks of the door, the rotating hardware accessories.

Aluminium Bridge-cute Folding doors3

20 Modern Front Door Designs

The front door is often the focal point of a home exterior – a door is the first thing guests see when they arrive, it's the last thing they contemplate after leaving, it's visited daily by the mail delivery, and it gives potential buyers something to remember the house by. An ordinary home can become "the house with the red door" with nothing more than a simple coat of paint, while a magnificent piece of architecture can rely on a unique door style to tie its exterior design together. Why settle with normal? This post looks at 50 spectacular front doors that boast expressively tailored personality and style.

1 |Architect: Stuart Silk Architects

Let’s start with a modern take on a classic. Smooth horizontal wood panels gain a contemporary update with a silky black handle guard that runs from top to bottom.

2 |Architect: Sanders Pace Architecture

Here’s a wood door formed from a solid sheet of veneer, integrated within matching boards that wrap around on the side and ceiling.

3 |Via: Sean Myers

Doors that reach from top to bottom make entryways look larger than they really are. This one is especially interesting because of how the handle guard continues sideways with room for a mail slot.

4 |Architect: SBCH Architects

Warm wood panels jump out from the neutral home exterior, horizontal matte black panels providing a little extra decoration.

5 |Architect: ONG & ONG

Vibrant wood tones add natural character to concrete exteriors. Here, a matching walking path further differentiates the entryway from the paved parking and patio tiles.

a textured wooden door

6 |Architect: McClennan Architects

In the context of an industrial exterior like this one, a natural door can have an even bolder effect. This one has a textural exterior to stand in contrast with the concrete and steel that surrounds it.

7 |Architect: Atelier M+A

This classic door seems to float weightlessly between frameless sidelights.

8 |Source: Daniel James Hatton

Camouflaged within its bordering panels, this door makes a dramatic first impression by offering a surprising substantial and weighty look among a perfect glass-clad exterior.

9 |Via: Martha Stewart

Chevron wood panels are a nice break from the traditional horizontal or vertical wood planks. Fiery orange is a nice finish for a modern Californian home like this one.

10 |Designer: Joseph Douglas

Timber planks and alternating glass strips allow for guarded visual continuity, allowing sunlight to filter through an otherwise heavy-looking door. The long door pull is another interesting touch.

composite wooden doors maintenance

11 |Source: Bramco Builders

Incorporating artistic glass is another way to make a front door stand out. These textural sheets of glass coordinate well with the textural exterior of the home, and provide extra privacy that ordinary panels could not. Note that this door also opens on a pivot to save space on the interior.

12 |Designer: Jute Home

Garden-facing doors don’t need a lot of bulk, so something with glass panes like this is perfectly workable. It’s the perfect solution for an entryway with a farmhouse vibe like this one.

13 |Architect: Sculp[IT]

Wow! These oversized atrium-height doors are breathtaking. Mechanized hardware allows designers to overlook the weight of the doors so the homeowners can go as big and bold as they want.

14 |Source: Borano

Deep rose tones ring with a traditional and sophisticated tone, while the brushed steel door guard incorporates modern styling.

15 |Designer: Keratuer

This Red Dot Design Award winner gains admiration for its enhanced security and keyless entry options as well as its distinctive styling. Exotic woods like the ones used here always catch the eye.

16 |Designer: Axolotl

The ideal door a minimalist exterior – this sleek and modern design uses uncomplicated modern materials, its stripes serving up just a touch of decoration for visual interest.

17 |Designer: Minarc

Wavy wood panels flow and interweave for an artistic effect. The ultra-tall and wide design opens on a pivot, making it stand out both in terms of looks and functionality.

18 |Designer: Axolotl

This part of the door tour takes us through several highly artistic and up-to-date options. This futuristic door incorporates a textured print on top of a cloudy finish.

19 |Designer: Axolotl

Unusual materials can transform an ordinary front door into a true focal point. This one goes for a bold approach to texture, with stone-like panels varied by tint and height.

20 |Via: Casa Vogue

Designed by Deborah Aguiar and executed by Joinery Piñeiro, this door transforms ordinary wood panels into a daring sculptural arrangement. Even the mail slot plays an integral role in the design.

5 Unique Window Designs from Around the World

Architecture is such a fascinating topic in general, but when you strip it right back and focus on very specific, certain aspects of it, you realize just how specialized, creative and unique each and every detail truly is.
Naturally, since we know all about the best windows in Hamilton, we are curious to see how different cultures and countries have decided to design their windows. What makes them beautiful? What makes them unique? Where can we see these displayed in their natural habitat? Well, we are going to take you on this journey with us so you can see for yourself.


Starting in Venice — a location known for its incredible architecture and breath-taking designs. The city has accumulated Gothic, Ottoman and Byzantine influences since 400AD and has now combined all of these styles into what we now know to be Venetian Gothic. If you have ever had the pleasure of visiting Venice, you will see these featured in many windows throughout it.

This city showcases windows from all ages, dating back further than you could possibly imagine. They even have a window made from the bottom of glass bottles — is there anything more unique than this?

A tell-tale sign that you have landed in Venice can be seen from the beautifully adorned shuttered windows that are scattered on many of the streets which add to the elegance and romantic vibes of the location.


Venturing now to Indonesia — a well-known archipelago known for its awe-inspiring natural landscapes and vibrant culture of the locals who reside there. Beaches, lakes, mountains and building-studded skylines are some of the many wonders to see in Indonesia, but we are particularly interested in one pretty unique window that resides here.

The Guild, built by RAW Architecture (specifically, a man named Realrich Sjarief) comprises massive circle-shaped windows that look out onto a spectacular courtyard. You have to see it to believe it — you will be amazed. Not to mention that Sjarief even made one of them into a window-cross-door hybrid that opens out onto a tranquil water pool. How luxurious!


For more fantastic windows, Belgium is a must. Besides the canals, chocolate (which, frankly, is reason enough to make this your next destination), belfries, mussels, beers, and carnivals, there is a selection of stunning architecture here that should not be missed.

One that stands out, in particular, is House Berhnheimbeuk which was designed by a firm called Architecten De Vylder Vinck Tailieu. The exterior of this dwelling is covered in grey tiles which overlap slightly yet consistently across the entire build. This doesn’t seem that amazing, does it? However, the architects have left irregular gaps that are used as windows. Just gaps.

No, it does not stop at the walls either — there are gaps in the roof to encourage trees to grow from inside the dwelling.


When most people think of Japan a few things probably spring to mind first — the food, the language, “kawaii”, Hello Kitty, age-old traditions and stunning landscapes. While all of these are wonderful in their own right, the windows (and the buildings in general really) are also very lovely.

A standout design is in the Spiral Window House which was thought up by Alphaville Architects and comprises a set of horizontal windows that are distributed to look like steps ascending the building. Why? It is so the residents can get differing views out over the Yodo River, no matter where they happen to be at the time.

 South Korea

South Korea has 5000 years of diverse culture and history to experience that has been effortlessly transported into the various architectural monuments and buildings seen around this splendid location. Obviously, this blends nicely into the surrounding natural habitats and landscapes, this should go without saying!

One dwelling that sticks out as strikingly unique thanks to its windows is Gablepack which was designed by AND Studio. This building is actually an apartment block which proudly showcases windows that are shaped as houses. Without these, this set of abodes would be somewhat plain, so kudos to the architects who knew that windows make a building great — which is exactly what the best windows in Hamilton do too.


Summing up, With the explosive growth of the real estate industry, competition in the windows and doors industry is also intensifying. Then seizing market share has become a determining factor for manufacturers’ continued development. According to the article, global windows and doors manufacturers are committed to supply differentiated windows and doors for the market by designing unique style windows and doors to meet the needs of different consumers. The windows and doors of different design styles introduced in this article are designed to help consumers understand the existing windows and doors designs on the market.

Why choose Embre:

Embre is a professional high-quality aluminum windows and doors of high-end brands, the production base is located in China aluminum – Guangdong Foshan, a collection of R & D, design, production and sales of integrated services in one, after years of development, now windows and doors in the industry has become well-known brands.

Embre Doors and Windows focuses on the high-end customization of villa doors and windows. It takes high-end consumers with certain economic strength as the customer group. Since its establishment in 2014, it has been committed to the development and development of high-end aluminum alloy doors and windows. Embre doors and windows have excellent quality, exquisite workmanship, high-end positioning, and unique brand characteristics.

Embre Doors and Windows is a young team with vitality, impetus, and ability to resist pressure, and promotes the development of the company by feelings.

Embre doors and windows have very high-end technology in the process of production and processing, and can meet the different needs of consumers, can also provide targeted customized services for everyone, naturally can achieve better results in every detail .

Embre windows and doors

Interior doors customization | How important about that?

Customized interior doors, you can choose your favorite style according to personal needs. In this article, we first introduce which types of interior doors can be selected for interior doors customization, then introduce the style of interior doors, and finally introduce the materials of interior doors. When you understand these contents, it will help you to make better interior doors customization.

A beautiful interior door is a necessity that adds to your home’s style. Most doors might go unnoticed, but they can be used smartly to have a dramatic effect on the look of the room. Since most buy homes with installed doors, we often ignore them.

Chinese high-end windows and doors

But every home needs good interior doors and a good amount of thought should be put into it. Check out the style, materials, and door swing when sorting through interior doors. The exterior door of your home sends a great first impression to your guests but then the interior doors need to live up to that impression and should be in harmony with the decor too.

Interior doors should capture your home’s real sense of character. They can enhance the first impression or even transform it on some aesthetic level.

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What is the style of interior doors customization

Panel door

The panel door is the most popular indoor door in the family. Its square or rectangular pattern is distributed on a large panel to eight or more panels. The pattern includes top and decorative finishes and glass inserts. Choosing a door depends on personal preference and choice. Three-panel task doors, five-panel equal doors and standard panel doors are the most popular trend interior panel doors.

Buckle-lined Wooden Door 2

he folding door

The folding door is mainly composed of the door frame, door leaf, transmission part, swing arm part, transmission rod, orientation device, etc. For multiple fans, it can be pushed to the side and takes up less space. It has the characteristics of the light door, heat insulation, cold and heat insulation, moisture resistance, fire resistance, and flame retardant. Easy and fast installation, long service life and convenient maintenance. In addition, the folding door structure is divided into simple and complicated. It is simple: just like the casement door, but the hinge for the folding door is specially made. Complicated: the upper and lower tracks of the door, the rotating hardware accessories.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are mostly made of wood, glass or even feature mirrors. Many of the doors are used for closets and known to take up a minimal amount of space. Sliding doors are not common to use. They do not swing thus saving on valuable floor space but need space at the left or right of each door. While not extremely common, these doors provide a unique option for different rooms especially those consisting of French door openings. Sliding doors are usually made of glass, or wood, and can work as house dividers while blending with modern décor.

Swing doors

Swing doors are defined by the fact that they swing open in either direction. They are used in all-glass systems and increasingly for passageways in kitchens. Because they are perfect when you don’t have a free hand to open or close a door. The self-closing swing door hinge Swing Prime by Sprinz is delicate in appearance. Despite its small dimensions of 60 x 104 x 70 mm (WxHxD), the little powerhouse moves even large door sashes (max. 1.000 x 2.500 mm) effortlessly. A hydraulic mechanism allows you to adjust the door’s closing speed. Swing Prime also lets you prop the door open. Afterwards, it swings back to the original closed position if desired. Swing doors do not need a lock case with door handle or a frame.

The Barn Doors

The Barn Door is popular owing to its rustic feel. Often salvaged, or built, the barn door includes a pocketless door and usually surface-mounted. The door includes custom specialty hardware and hence can be tailored as per the requirement. It does not sweep through usable floor area‚ and can be used in crowded spaces.

How to Select the Right Interior Door Style

How to select the right interior door style for your home does not have to be hard. There are many factors that come into play but when you narrow them down a bit, it is much less overwhelming. I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately with the new house we are building. Your interior doors really will determine the style and flow of your home. So I thought I would put together a simple 5 step guide for you to help you through the process with some examples and you can learn more about installing and selecting interior doors here.

 # 1. Pick a door style

This is the first step in selecting interior doors. Picking a style will determine the feel and style of the interior of your home. Be sure to pay close attention to the scale of the room. Selecting a more ornate door in a small space will look busy. You can select from barn doors, pocket doors, dutch doors, glass framed doors and paneled doors. The key is consistency so there is a flow to the connecting spaces.

My top determining factors when selecting a style:

 #2. Choose which way the door is to swing.

This will determine where your hinges will be. Do you want it to swing into the room or out into the next room. Typically if it is a bedroom, the door will swing into the room. If it is a main space like a family room, the door would swing in. Think of how you would typically walk into that particular room and what feels most comfortable to you.

 #3. Select the material.

The material of your door should not only match the aesthetic of your home but it can also be a big determining factor in the door style. You can choose from solid wood, MDF, glass doors, or hollow core doors. I particularly like glass doors for pantries and sunrooms while solid doors are beautiful for bedrooms and bathrooms.

 #4. Frame your door with casing.

How you frame the doors is important. If your door is more ornate, than a more simple casing will make the door stand out. If it is a less complicated door design, then a more detailed moulding would be appropriate. I also like a bit of a chunkier looking base moulding. I typically select a 6″ base or more depending on ceiling height. I love the substantial look it gives an interior door.

Different Interior Door Materials

The next consideration is the type of material used in the door. You can choose from a wide range of options here. Some common options include:

Solid Wood

The most expensive style of door, but also the most durable, solid wood doors offer a number of benefits. They offer a variety of grain patterns depending on the type of wood used. They also offer the most noise-blocking of all doors. However, solid wood can change over time based on humidity changes.


The most popular option, medium density fiberboard, or MDF, is a moderately priced option for most homes. It is an engineered wood door, which means it doesn’t warp like wood but it feels and looks like it. The door is easy to paint and does not have any grain pattern to it.

Hollow Core

A more affordable option is the hollow core door. These are made of molded composite material or plywood, but instead of being solid all the way through, the interior is hollow. The door is lighter in weight, but also allows more sound to pass through it. However, these doors are easily hung and tend to be common for lower-end budget options. They work well for any room of the home from the bathroom and bedroom to a kitchen pantry door.

Solid Core

A bit different, solid core doors are designed like hollow core. However, they are filled with a type of wood fiber blend. They are not made of solid wood, but rather with an engineered filler product. This adds more sound protection and temperature control but tends to keep costs down a bit more than the true solid wood door.


A more affordable option is the hollow core door. These are made of molded composite material or plywood, but instead of being solid all the way through, the interior is hollow. The door is lighter in weight, but also allows more sound to pass through it. However, these doors are easily hung and tend to be common for lower-end budget options. They work well for any room of the home from the bathroom and bedroom to a kitchen pantry door.


I hope you can choose the door that best suits your needs. In particular, the function is an overlooked aspect of selecting doors. Of course, you can make almost any door, but when you use the door multiple times a day, it’s worth investing time in choosing the door that provides the best experience. And, not only here, now you need to consider.

If you stay at home for several years, your needs will change over time. Because everyone has different needs for interior doors customization at different stages. Customizing interior doors is an important decision in life.

Why choose Embre:

Embre is a professional high-quality aluminum windows and doors of high-end brands, the production base is located in China aluminum – Guangdong Foshan, a collection of R & D, design, production and sales of integrated services in one, after years of development, now windows and doors in the industry has become well-known brands.

Embre Doors and Windows focuses on the high-end customization of villa doors and windows. It takes high-end consumers with certain economic strength as the customer group. Since its establishment in 2014, it has been committed to the development and development of high-end aluminum alloy doors and windows. Embre doors and windows have excellent quality, exquisite workmanship, high-end positioning, and unique brand characteristics.

Embre Doors and Windows is a young team with vitality, impetus, and ability to resist pressure, and promotes the development of the company by feelings.

Embre doors and windows have very high-end technology in the process of production and processing, and can meet the different needs of consumers, can also provide targeted customized services for everyone, naturally can achieve better results in every detail .

Embre windows and doors

The Front Door: Choose the Right One for Your Home

The creative front door design of the house is important. Every house has a front door to the rooms.

The front door is very important as the face of your house. It gets involved with the safety of living and even the happiness of the family.

What kind of front door should you choose?

In this article, we are going to share a few tips on how to select the right front door for your home decoration.

The full-aluminum front door

an aluminum front door

What is a full-aluminum front door?

A full-aluminum door is a door with high-grade material with good paint finish in the door panel of the current room.

The surface of the full-aluminum door is smooth, rich in color, resistant to discoloration with strong hardness, normal corners without cracking or paint peeling.

Besides, it is difficult to scratch, no seepage, and exudation on the surface, and has an excellent waterproof performance.

The environmental protection level of Embre's full-aluminum doors reaches the national E1 level. Combined with the advanced and professional after-sale service, Embre's full-aluminum doors have established a good reputation among the customers.

The door panel of a full-aluminum door is a product with low formaldehyde emission among various door panel products, and the benzene is basically zero, which is truly a green product.

What are the advantages of the aluminum front doors?


The aluminum plate is a non-combustible material.

Corrosion resistance

The surface of the aluminum plate is treated with epoxy fluorocarbon, which has strong corrosion resistance.

No pinholes, cracks, and no bubbles for 48 hours after salt spray.

Environmentally friendly

Pure aluminum products, do not volatilize any harmful gas to the human body, non-radioactive and can be completely recycled, 100% environmentally friendly products.

Easy to move

With the strong hardness, the aluminum plate will not break easily when you disassemble and re-assemble.

Moreover, thanks to its lightweight, the transportation of aluminum doors become easy and handy. This is one of the significant advantages over the other metal plates.

The solid wood front door

a solid wood front door

What is a solid wood door?

The core material of a solid wood door is dried logs taken from the natural forest. The wood material experiences a series of process workflow before ready to use, including blanking, planning, tenoning, punching, and high-speed milling.

Advantages of a solid wood door

Clear wood grain texture

The clear wood grain texture of the solid wood door makes people feel comfortable at first sight. Alder, ash, red pine, beech are all popular materials for solid wood doors today.

Nice performance

The finished solid wood doors have a better performance against deformation, corrosion, splicing seams compared with the other wood doors. Because the solid wood has higher density and the doors usually come with a thick door panel.

Besides, solid wood doors have good sound absorption and can effectively play a role in sound insulation.

Protection from UV

The selection of solid wood doors is generally soft and warm tones, and the main component of wood is lignin. Therefore, the solid wood door is also very strong in absorbing ultraviolet rays.

The slight unevenness of the wood surface will form a diffuse reflection of light This can effectively reduce eye damage and reduce eye fatigue.

The beauty of the solid wood door

The solid wood door has a kind of tenderness since ancient times. It has not only a gorgeous appearance, beautiful carvings, but also various styles.

The price of solid wood doors also varies depending on the wood materials and textures. The market price ranges from 1,500 yuan to 3,000 yuan.

Among them, high-end solid wood includes walnut, cherry wood, sappily, rosewood, etc., and a premium teak lintel sells for 3,000-4000 yuan.

Generally, the high-grade solid wood door is better in the dehydration process, and the relative moisture content is about 8%, so that the shaped wooden door is not easy to deform and crack, and the use time will be longer.

The paint door panel is baked, that is, the paint door panel which is heated and dried after entering the drying room after spraying. Its advantages are bright color, strong visual impact, good surface finish, easy scrubbing, good moisture, and fire resistance.

The solid wood composite front door

solid wood composite front door

What is a solid wood composite door?

A solid wood composite door is a door made of two or more main materials.

The general structure of a composite door is an inner frame + door core + decorative panel.

The performance, grade, and price of the composite door are determined according to the materials and methods of each component.

Our common solid wood composite door panels are solid wood, the middle sandwich uses composite panels, and the door frame is solid wood.

What are the benefits of the solid wood composite door?

Environmental protection

Because of the need for external MDF and solid wood veneer, the formaldehyde content of solid wood composite doors is higher than that of solid wood doors.

If there is a pungent odor, the formaldehyde content is likely to be too high.


Some high-grade solid wood composite doors are manufactured industrially, with higher precision and more sophisticated paint technology, so the possibility of deformation and warping is relatively small, but compared with solid wood doors, they are easy to break and are afraid of water.

For a long time in a humid environment, the volume of the wood will increase, and the tension of the paint will be insufficient, and there will be problems such as paint cracking and surface bubbles.

In terms of price

The price difference between solid wood composite doors is also large.

Some high-grade solid wood composite doors have good materials, clear appearance, and texture, and the surface paint is environmentally friendly and safe.

Diverse styles

The solid wood composite door has various shapes and rich styles, and consumers have a large choice of space.

The Iron front door

What is an Iron front door?

The iron front door is a kind of architectural decoration art. It comes from Europe and is a traditional European handicraft product. The style is simple and elegant.

Developed to this day, the iron gate incorporates more simple and stylish elements, the artistic level has been greatly improved, and the appearance looks more beautiful.

Its function has also developed from the original anti-theft to diversified functions today. As well as the villa area.

The PVC front door

PVC front door

What is a PVC front door?

PVC front door grid structure is simple, beautiful and practical, easy to transport, installation is not restricted by the undulations of the terrain, especially for mountainous, sloping, and multi-curved areas with great adaptability.

PVC is a non-toxic, harmless, energy-saving and recyclable green environmental protection material.

And the product has a longer life. Due to the use of a special formula and a special anti-ultraviolet stabilizer, the door skin will not fade, yellow, peel, decay, crack, blister, warp, and moth.

Factors to consider when choosing a PVC front door


the material with a better appearance of PVC is naturally smooth and smooth, high gloss, strong flexibility, and timeless color.

Internal steel lining

The steel lining of the PVC door is thin and uniform and has an anticorrosive layer.

Production qualifications and quality control of the manufacturer

The highlights of PVC materials, PVC materials are generally more beautiful in appearance and bright in color, usually with white, blue, red, green and other colors.

The exterior looks bright and beautiful.

The armored front door

What is an armored front door?

The armored door is a wooden door with a steel finish on the surface. In this way, the decorative effect is better, and it is also durable and safe.

The armored door also has the advantages of not being easily deformed, but the armored door is relatively bulky.

Advantages of armored doors

Safe and secure

With the friendly appearance of wooden doors and the sturdy nature of steel doors, coupled with professional anti-theft locks has become a beautiful anti-theft door.

Other than the anti-theft function, it also has excellent fire prevention, sound insulation, thermal insulation, and even bulletproof functions.

Easy to maintain

The panel is easy to replace. At any time to adapt to the decoration style of different periods, always new.

Stable performance

Due to the strong steel core, the performance is stable, and it will not be deformed due to weather changes or long-term use.

Easy installation

The door frame and door leaf can be installed step by step according to the construction progress, which is beneficial to the protection of the product and the coordination of the construction period.


Under normal circumstances, the service life is more than 20 years.

How to choose the right front door?

When you are facing various entry doors, how should you choose?

First of all, we must first understand their respective advantages and disadvantages. Comparison of commonly used household entrance doors

1. The advantages of iron household entrance doors are lower price and reasonable, suitable for general household use.

Meanwhile, the appearance of the line is hard and it is difficult to integrate with modern interior decoration.

2. The stainless-steel entrance door is durable and safer.

But the color is too monotonous and rigid, basically silver-white, it is not easy to coordinate with the room door and the surrounding environment;

3. The armored door has stable performance, is not easy to deform, durable, and has a beautiful appearance.

However, armored doors are usually heavier than the other doors, and the requirements for door covers and hinges are much higher;

4. The copper entry door has advanced styles and has good fireproof, anticorrosive, anti-prying, and dustproof performance.

The disadvantage is that the price is high, suitable for high-end residential villas. You can choose according to your decoration budget, home decoration style, and performance requirements.


There are many varieties of modern doors, showing more and more new ideas.

The material and style of the door just need to be generous and sturdy. You can choose a novel aluminum door or a very comfortable wooden door.

You can also choose the European-style iron door, or even the environmentally friendly PVC door.

The door represents the overall decoration of the home. With so many choices, we can customize your favorite styles for you.