Bathroom Safety You Should Know Before

We had been dealing with design all this time and you have seen so many beautiful bathrooms in various styles. But aside from aesthetics, there are other more important things that you need to consider which include function and safety. Since the bathroom is a place in the house that is used every day, we have to see to it that it is safe from any accidents and harm.

How are you going to do that? If you are just about to design a bathroom, consider safety so that you will be able to incorporate that into the design. This is very important especially if there are kids and elders in the house. To keep your bathroom safe, we are going to introduce the top Ten tips for bathroom safety and important safety features for Walk-in Showers.


Top Ten Tips for Bathroom Safety

# 1.Use bathroom safety slip resistant mats.

Slips and falls are the primary accidents that happen in the bathroom. To avoid this, get some slip resistant mats that have rubber backing on the floor. There are really mats designed for the bathroom. For the shower, a mat with suction cup backing would be perfect to avoid slipping.

# 2.Avoid water accumulation on the floor.  

A clean and safe bathroom has a dry floor. Do not let water accumulate on the floor. This may cause slips and falls or worse, even electrocution.  Be sure to mop it every after use and bathroom safety.

# 3.Place electrical appliances away from the water.   

You have to remember that water is a conductor. So, avoid electrocution by putting your curling iron, electric razor and hair dryer away from the water. You can also use some waterproof stuffs to protect these items or just place them on a dry area. Allocate a floating shelf or cabinet for these things and be sure it is placed away from the water.

# 4. Install grab bars to make sure bathroom safety

Grab bars installed in or around the bathtub, toilet and shower area could save lives. This can give you something to grab on when you slip or you lose your footing. This is even more important if you have elders or senior citizens in the house.

# 5. Keep medications out of reach.   

Most bathrooms have medicine cabinets in them. Be sure that it is out of reach of children because sometimes they are very curious and would grab on those medicines without you knowing it. Keep them out of sight so that kids will not be curious about what these are.

# 6. Keep chemicals and cleaning materials well.   

It would be hazardous if chemicals are placed just anywhere. Allocate a cabinet for harmful chemicals used for cleaning the bathroom to avoid accidents. Also, keep other bathroom cleaning supplies. This is not only can keep the bathroom safe but will also keep your bathroom clean-looking free from all the clutter.

An Integrated Shower Room

# 7. Have a well-lighted bathroom    

Accidents happen in the dark. One can slip, fall and trip easily when it is dark. So, be sure that your bathroom is well-lighted. Get a light that could illuminate the entire bathroom.

# 8. Set your hot water at 120 degrees Fahrenheit.   

Be sure that your hot water is set at 120 degrees Fahrenheit because once someone opens it and it’s too hot, it would burn their skin. No one wants to get burned while in the shower. So, after using, do not forget to set it lower. This is extremely important especially with kids around.

# 9. Install ground-fault electrical outlets.   

Having a ground-fault electrical outlet can prevent electrocution for the circuit will trip once there is a short. Be sure that you consult your electrician for this and do not install it on your own if you do not have apt knowledge about it because it might cause more problem.

# 10. Make sure everything is attached securely.  

Mirror, medicine cabinet, grab bars and all the other stuff in the bathroom has to be installed well. They should not jiggle when someone holds on it. It could cause danger if these are not properly attached. Bathroom safety is necessary. So, if you haven’t really thought of your bathroom’s safety, you have to reassess it to make sure that no one will get hurt in the future. Try to check if the above points were well observed in your bathroom especially if it is a bathroom for kids. Remember, safety is more important than aesthetics.

Important Bathroom Safety Features for Walk-in Showers

Walk-in showers are a popular home remodeling project. Many homeowners are eliminating the tub and shower combination and adding walk-in showers to their bathroom spaces. One reason for the change is safety.

Walk-in showers are more easily accessible and you no longer have to step over a 15-inch side of a tub to enter or exit, which reduces the risk of falling.  Whenever you plan a bathroom remodeling project, a special emphasis should be placed on bathroom safety since falls are the leading cause of injuries at home and often occur in a tub or shower.  Here are important safety features for walk-in showers to consider if you are planning to remodel a bathroom:

# Shower Bases

When planning a walk-in shower, one of the first decisions you will need to make is selecting a shower base. Shower bases for walk-in showers can be a standard shower base pan or a custom pan cast to order or built in place. No threshold or low threshold bases help to prevent trips and falls.  The surface of the base should be slip-resistant. Materials used for manufactured shower bases include solid surface materials such as ONYX products, fiberglass, cultured marble and acrylic. Slip-resistant tile is often used for built-in-place bases.

# Grab Bars

Grab bars provide stability for shower users and come in a variety of sizes and styles. A grab bar should be able to support a person weighing up to 250 pounds. The height of the bar can be adjusted for users.  Generally, grab bars are installed 33-to-36 inches from the shower floor. Talk with your contractor about the best options for installation since grab bars can be installed horizontally, vertically or at an angle and must be installed in wall studs.

# Lighting  

General lighting in a bathroom may be insufficient for a shower stall. There are vent fan lights that can make double duty when placed over a shower stall, they will illuminate the space and remove steam and moisture. A recessed light was placed over the shower stall in this master bathroom. The walk-in shower has a knee wall and a glass enclosure.

# Anti-scald Faucets

If you’ve ever been “burned” in a shower, you may want to install an anti-scald faucet.  Anti-scald faucets contain specialized valves that control water pressure. Some, such as Kohler’s Rite-Temp pressure-balancing valve, allows you to set a maximum high and then find and maintain your desired water temperature and maintain it within three degrees Fahrenheit, plus or minus.

# Handheld Showerheads

Using a handheld showerhead allows you to more efficiently control water flow when rinsing off soap or shampoo. If you’ve ever had an injury that required a cast or surgery where you may have needed to keep sutures dry, you’d truly appreciate the maneuverability of a handheld shower. This walk-in shower uses separate hot and cold water. It is a hand-held shower head that can be controlled.

# Flooring

While no flooring is slip-proof, you will want “slip-resistant” flooring in the bathroom and shower stall. There are three types of slip-resistant rated tile recommended for use in shower stalls: ceramic, porcelain and stone. Ceramic and porcelain are resistant to moisture while stone should be sealed prior to use. Vinyl flooring can be used for the floor outside of the shower.

# Shower Seats  

Shower seats provide a variety of functions for users. It is much easier to shave while seated and the seat can provide a handy place for a washcloth, loofa or body wash.

# Easy-to-Reach Shelves  

A convenient wall shelf helps to contain soap, shampoo, conditioner, and razor in the shower to prevent these items from falling on the floor and causing danger. All towel racks, toilet paper holders, vanities, mirrors, medicine cabinets, grab bars and any shelving or cabinetry should be installed securely. Nothing should be loose.   Keep medications, chemicals, and cleaning products out of reach.  Assign a safe cabinet for cleaning supplies and pills and/or medicine to avoid accidents. Be sure that any cabinet containing these items remains out of the reach of children.


For many of us, the bathroom is our favorite room in the house. It can also be the most dangerous room in the house, and this is especially true for older adults and small children with a little effort, you can make the bathroom a safe and relaxing environment for everyone in your household.

Why do most household accidents occur in the bathroom? There are many hidden dangers lurking in the bathroom. That’s why thousands of people slip or fall in their bathroom every year, which can lead to serious injuries. The main reason is that most of the surfaces can be slippery when wet, such as metal, cold tile, and porcelain. The steam from hot water can sometimes cause light-headedness, which can be dangerous for anyone with lower blood-pressure who may be at risk of fainting. Also, certain medications can cause dizziness or hypotension, which can cause limited mobility.

Since many older adults are staying at home longer as they age, bathroom safety is an increasing concern.

How to Clean and Maintain the Shower Room?

How to Clean and Maintain the Shower Room?

The shower room is a place we come into contact with every day. It is essential to clean and maintain the shower room regularly and keep it safe and clean.

If it is not cleaned properly, it will be the place of bacteria and be harmful to our health condition. Therefore, the shower room must be cleaned and maintained in daily life, to ensure the beauty of the shower room and extend the service life of the shower room.

In this article, we will introduce how to clean and maintain the shower room.

The parts and areas of shower room cleaning and maintenance generally include tempered glass, hardware accessories, wheels, and shower tray.

We will introduce the detailed maintenance tips in the following paragraphs.

How to effectively clean the shower room

clean and maintain the shower room glass

1. Clean and maintain the shower room with water after use.

After using the shower room, clean the shower room with water. Then wipe with a dry soft cloth. Rinse regularly with glass water to maintain the smoothness of the glass.

If there is slight dirt on the glass of the shower room, use a soft cloth or sponge, wipe with a mild detergent, and use special cleaners to remove water and dirt from the glass.

2. Clean the stubborn stains, remove with alcohol.

You can also use toothpaste to spray the glass or frosted glass in the shower room, wipe it with a toothbrush, and then wash the frosted glass with warm water.

For water stains in the glass room, you can go to the supermarket and buy a glass scraper that is suitable for the glass door of your shower room. It does not take much time and effort.

You can always scrape the water stains after a shower or bath. This will help keep the glass as clean as a new one. It also saves your time in cleaning before it gets too dirty.

For the yellow water stains on the shower room glass, you need to spray with a glass cleaner, and then wipe it with a dry cloth.

For the hardware accessories used in various parts of the shower room, do not use cleaning agents to avoid corrosion of the surface. It is better to wipe them with a dry cloth regularly to keep them clean.

3. Items you should avoid when you clean and maintain the shower room

Do NOT use a wire brush, cloth with a rough surface, decontamination powder, acid or alkaline solvent, corrosive solvent or fluoride toothpaste.

These items can damage the product gloss, damage the product, and even hurt the human body.

When using a bathroom-specific detergent, be sure to use it properly following the precautions stated on its container. Incorrect use will cause adverse effects on the human body, and will easily cause some adverse conditions to the product.

Clean and maintain the shower room by cleaning the wheels of the doors

There are currently two methods of cleaning the sliding doors.

A few issues you should pay attention to:

First, avoid too much strength on the doors, in case they fall off.

Second, regularly clean the slide rails, wheels, sliders. because these places may accumulate hair or other debris. And apply lubricate these areas after cleaning. This can help them move more smoothly and protects them from rust.

The third is to periodically adjust the adjustable screw of the slider to ensure the loading capacity and more smooth sliding of the sliding doors.

Take care of the glass during maintenance

To clean and maintain the shower room. The glass is one of the most important parts.

After each use, wipe off the water vapor on the glass in time. Regularly wipe the glass with a soft cloth and a neutral detergent to prevent dust stains, which affects the transparency and appearance of the glass.

There are a few things you should NOT do:

  • Hit the glass surface with sharp objects.
  • Wipe the glass surface with corrosive liquid to avoid damage to the surface gloss.
  • Wipe the glass surface with rough materials to avoid scratches.
  • Prevent severe sunlight.
  • Once there is a crack or damage, call the after-sale service as soon as possible and replace or repair it.

How to do the glass cleaning and maintenance

The resistance and bearing capacity of tempered glass is ten times higher than the ordinary glass.

When the glass is damaged due to external force, the small pieces of glass with obtuse angles will not easily hurt the human body.

However, there is a disadvantage of the tempered glass. Once any corner of glass is accidentally damaged, the whole piece is broken.

During the production process of tempered glass, the pressure unevenness will be shattered immediately due to some factors; or when the internal and external compressive stress of the glass cannot be released after the product is completed, it will be reflected by the product under dynamic conditions.

Self-explosion phenomenon; or the influence of external factors, such as the force during the installation of the glass uneven and hard objects directly against the glass surface will provoke the self-explosion phenomenon.

Therefore, be careful of the self-explosion with an average explosion rate of 0.3%.

To prevent or reduce the possibility of self-explosion when you clean and maintain the shower room, please take care of the following things:

  • When the wheel is loose or falling off, call a professional worker to check the door and repair the wheels
  • Hit the glass with sharp and hard objects, especially the four corners.
  • Always clean the hygiene inside the track. When foreign matter falls into the lower track, it should be removed to prevent the pulley from sliding.
  • Keep the wheels running smoothly. Add some lubricating oil or lubricating wax when the push-pull is not smooth.

Clean and maintain the shower room with metal frame

The frame is the key structure of the shower room, which guarantees the safety of the product. Handle carefully during installation.

1. Keep construction materials away from the metal surface, such as cement particles.

These components will generate organic acids in a humid environment and corrode the metal, typically stainless steel.

2. Do not wipe with sharp objects and with aggressive acids and alkaline solvents. Daily clean with water and dry towel.

You can regularly use a soft cloth with a neutral detergent to strengthen the maintenance, which can keep the frame beautiful and durable.

3. Do not use rough materials to wipe the surface.

If the surface of the aluminum material is stained, please wash it with neutral detergent and clean water.

Daily cleaning and maintenance of the shower tray

There are several DO NOTs for the maintenance of the shower tray, similar to the glass maintenance.

  • Hit the surface with sharp objects to avoid damage.
  • Wipe the surface with the corrosive liquid to avoid damaging the surface gloss.
  • Wipe the surface with rough materials to avoid scratches.
  • Hit or strike the shower tray with sharp objects, to avoid damage.

When cleaning, use a soft cloth or sponge moistened with neutral detergent or glass water.

For the dirt that is difficult to remove, try to use alcohol and lemon juice.

6 tips for daily cleaning and maintenance of shower room

1. Scratches on the surface of the mortuary body

please moisten the scratched area with water-abrasive paper until it is smooth, then apply a small amount of toothpaste and rub it with a soft cloth to polish it.

2. Care of electroplating parts.

You can use a flannel to gently wipe the surface of the electroplated parts. Do not use rough objects to wipe or organic solvents, which will damage the surface of the electroplated parts.

3. Avoid clogging of the sewer.

Please clean up the debris at the sewer frequently.

4. Moving the shower room

If you need to move it, handle it gently to prevent heavy pressure, mechanical collision and strong vibration. If it is not used for a long time, please cut off the water and power supply, and keep the surrounding environment dry and ventilated without corrosive gases.

5. Do not use water with high temperature

Overheated water will deform the seal ring and cause damage to the doors.

6. Use lemon juice

Lemon juice can help reduce bacteria and wipe off the grease. After the cleaning work is completed, smear the lemon slices on the places that are prone to spots. That will help reduce the possibility of spots growth in the future.


The shower room is a place we will come into contact with every day. When in use, it can prevent bath water from splashing to the outside.

However, after using the shower room for some time, there will always be water stains on it, and dirt will appear after using it for a long time. If it is not cleaned properly, it will become a home base for bacteria and microorganisms to breed, affecting human health. Therefore, it is especially important to clean and maintain the shower room in daily life.

Honestly, cleaning the shower room is not difficult. The article has introduced a detailed cleaning method. Regarding the maintenance of the shower room, it only needs to be operated according to the methods mentioned in the article in daily life, the service life of the shower room can be longer, and our bathroom life will be more comfortable. There will be a better bathing experience.