Wooden doors maintenance in Summer


With the improvement of living quality, the requirements for living configuration are also higher. Therefore, wooden doors are more and more popular. The material of the wooden door is wood, as the season’s change, the maintenance for wooden doors is also different. So, how should we do wooden doors maintenance in summer?

Good maintenance can not only extend the life of the wooden door but also keep it new. Before learning to maintain wooden doors, you also need to understand the types of wooden doors.

Types of wooden doors

As the quality of life is getting higher and higher, the subdivision of commodities is an inevitable trend, such as the doors.  According to different their materials, we can divide them into the iron door, copper door, plastic door, etc.

As for wooden doors, we can divide them into three types, according to different types of their material.

Solid wooden door

the solid wooden door is all made of wood, and the door core is made of natural logs from the forest. Most of the solid wood doors are cherry wood, walnut wood, teak and other precious woods.

Features of solid wood doors:

The solid wooden door has natural wood grain texture and colour. that no other wooden door can replace, So, it is suitable for a natural style of home decoration. It is not only gorgeous in exquisitely carved appearance but also diverse in style.

The moisture content of solid wooden doors is generally less than 12%. Compared with other wooden products of the same standard, its processing is more refined. In addition, the solid wooden door has high hardness, no deformation and anti-aging. So, it is a high-end luxury product.

The solid wooden door also has good sound, heat insulation effect, and durability.

Besides,the solid wood door is non-toxic, odourless, free of formaldehyde, and no radiation. And it is an excellent environmentally friendly product.

a textured wooden door

Composite wooden door

A composite wooden door is a door made of two or more than two woods as its main materials.

Its door core is mostly made of pine, fir or other imported filler materials.

As for the surface of the composite wood door, it is a solid wood veneer.

The advantages of the composite door:

There is no need to paint. It can save a lot of painting work. In this way, there is no paint pollution and it is prone to deformation.

In addition, the composite wooden door has many patterns. It has smooth lines and bright colours. The surface of composite wooden door adopts the colour process. That is suitable for all types of living room styles.

Compared with traditional solid wood doors, it has many advantages. Such as moisture-proof, insect-proof, no deformation, and no cracking.

The installation of composite wooden doors is also very convenient. And its personalized design can meet the requirements of different customers.

Disadvantages of composite wooden doors:

The door is relatively heavy, and There are high requirements on the quality of door cover and the hinges.

The price of composite wooden door is relatively high. For example, the price of popular black walnut is twice as expensive as other normal types of doors. Even common composite wooden doors are 50% more expensive than other types of doors.

composite wooden doors maintenance

Moulded door

The moulded wooden door is made of two pieces of moulded door panels. The panels are with shapes and wooden grains. Because of the hollow door core, The door has relatively poor sound insulation and waterproof performance.

The veneer surface of the moulded wooden door maintains the decorative effect of the natural texture of the wood. And can also be panel mosaic. That makes the moulded door more beautiful.

The moulded door also has the characteristics of moisture resistance and resistance to deformation. After for a long time, there will be no surface cracks and oxidative discolouration.

Moulded wooden doors are more economically friendly than expensive solid wooden doors,  because of their relatively low production costs, and are more popular with middle-income families.

So, they are very popular wooden door products in the low-end construction market.

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Molded Wooden Door

Step on clean wooden doors

Presumably, wooden doors are the most common wooden furniture in many families. But, how to properly clean the wooden door is not necessarily known to everyone. Many people may never clean the wooden doors or just clean it briefly. But this is wrong.

So, how to clean the wooden door?

Now,  I will give you a detailed introduction about cleaning methods of wooden doors.


  1. Use a vacuum cleaner or a hair dryer to clean the dust off the corners of the wooden door. It is not easy to clean them with a small soft cloth.
  2. If you need to cleanthe glue stains on the wooden door, use a hairdryer with a hot air blower to blow the stains for a while. And then wipe them clean with a cloth.
  3. Clean the entire surface of the wooden door with a soft cloth
  4. Use a soft cloth dipped in detergent to clean the dirty stains of the wooden door
  5. Wipe the entire surface of the wooden door with a clean damp soft cloth.
  6. Dry the wooden door with a clean dry soft cloth

Five recommendations for cleaning wooden doors

  1. For stains easy to clean on the surface of the wooden door, you can try to wipe it with a soft cloth. It is economical, convenient and practical.
  2. Some stains on the wooden door are too stubborn, and They are difficult to wipe off with a soft cloth. In this case, you can use a neutral cleaner, toothpaste, or a special cleaner to deal with them.
  3. And wiped the door clean with a clean soft cloth to avoid re-contamination. It is better to use a dry cloth to wipe the water droplets than a wet cloth.
  4. Do not leave the rag soaked in neutral reagent or water on the surface of the wooden door for a long time. Otherwise, it will infiltrate the surface and discolour or peel off the surface finish material.
  5. For the dust on the wooden door, especially on some dead corners of the wooden door, use a vacuum cleaner to clean it thoroughly. And if you don’t have a vacuum cleaner, you can try a hairdryer. But remember, do not use the hot wind to blow against the wooden door at a close distance for a long time. This may cause the blow part of the wooden door off and may crack the paint. In addition,  the hairdryer can clean the places that small, soft cloth can not.
  6. How to clean the double-sided tape on the wooden door: First, tear off the foam part.  Then, wipe it with alcohol or toilet detergent. And leave it on the surface for about 10 minutes. Next, cleaning with an eraser. You can also dip a soft cloth in boiling water and apply it on the stains.  After a while,   you can rip the double-sided tape off easily.

The following homemade cleaners can also effectively clean wooden doors:

  • Rice-washing water

Wiping the wooden door with thick rice-washing water will make the wooden door clean and bright.

  • Tea

Make a pot of strong tea, and remove the residue after cooling. You can scrub the paint surface of the wooden door multiple times with a soft cloth dipped in tea. Obviously, it can restore the lustre of the faded wooden door. Also, if there is oil on the surface of the wooden door, you can remove it with hot tea.

  • Saltwater

The wooden door gets dirty over time. By this token, you can wipe it with salt water to restore the original colour.

  • Camphor oil

Take a small amount of sewing machine oil on a soft cloth. And wipe it repeatedly on the wooden door. Next, wipe it dry with a clean soft cloth, and the paint surface is bright and smooth.

clean wooden doors

Step on wooden doors maintenance

The wooden door is made of precious tree species. Coupled with exquisite craftsmanship and durability, it’s worth good maintenance. Otherwise, it will have a bad influence on the appearance of the wooden door and reduce service life.

Let’s take a look at the wooden doors maintenance methods and precautions for daily use.

Surface cleaning and maintenance

Surface cleaning

You can gently wipe off the floating dust on the surface with a soft cloth.  And then dry it with a clean dry soft cloth. Certainly, you can also use a vacuum cleaner to clean up the dust.

For stains on the surface of wooden doors, such as handprints, use breathing to wet the stains, and then wipe them off with a soft cloth.

For the more stubborn stains,  you can use a neutral cleaning agent, toothpaste or special cleaning agent to clean up. After decontamination, wipe it off immediately in summer.

In order to maintain the lustre and ensure the service life of the wooden door, you should clean them regularly. And use curing liquid special for wooden decoration products to maintain the wooden door once half a year.

Cleaning taboo for wooden doors

  1. Do not use water to rinse the wooden door.
  2. Do not allow the rag with water or clean detergent to stay on the surface of the wooden door for a long time. Or it may cause deformation of the wooden door.
  3. Avoid scratching wooden doors with a knife or sharp objects. The paint on the wooden door and its surface are easily scratched.  It ‘s not easy to repair.
  4. Avoid rubbing the surface of the wooden door with a hard cloth or a pot-washing ball.

Daily wooden doors maintenance

  1. Remember not to hang heavy objects on the door, or let children hang on the door to play. It may causeloose hinges, the door leaf sag and shorten the service life.
  2. Do not use excessive force to open or close the door. the opening angle should be not too Or, it will not only damage the log door but also may hurt the person horribly.
  3. Be careful not to rub the corners of the wooden doortoo much, otherwise, it will cause the paint on the corners to fall off.
  4. Do not often open the wooden door with water stains or other solutions on your hand. It can to discolouration of the door lock.
  5. For wooden doors maintenance in summer, the wooden door should not be exposed to strong sunlight for a long time.This will cause the paint to discolour, age or peel off.
  6. It often rains in summer. So, ensure enough indoor ventilation and suitable humidity all the time for good wooden doors maintenance. As a result, It will prevent the wooden door from being deformed cracking, rusting of metal fittings, edge banding, and shedding of wooden door finishes.

wooden doors maintenance


The wooden door has many advantages, meanwhile, it also needs good wooden doors maintenance to give you excellent user experience.

There are three types of wooden doors. They are solid wooden door, composite wooden door, and moulded door. All of them need regular cleaning and wooden doors maintenance.

In summer, In order to avoid deformation and other issues of the wooden door, due to excessive temperature and the rainy weather. Just keep your house ventilated.

Finally, if you the news above help you with how to do the wooden doors maintenance in summer, please share it with who needs it, and follow our blog.

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The ultimate windows and doors design ideas for your home


Nice windows and doors designs are not only great contributors to the finishing touch of your interior design. At the same time, it is the icing on the cake of your family life.

And we need windows and doors almost everywhere in our homes. Typically, the living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms.

So, we are going to talk about the windows and doors design ideas for all these places.

The importance of windows and doors design

Windows and doors are more than entrances and introducer of air and lights today.

They play a decisive role in our daily safety.

As the saying goes, the space outside is for the others. But closing the windows and doors, you own your entire private world.

So, windows and doors also serve as a provider of our privacy from the public.

But the list of merits of windows and doors does not stop here.

Windows and doors remain an indispensable part of home decoration. Thanks to their various designs and styles.

To maximize the beauty of the windows and doors for our new house or renovation. We need some ideas for the design.

Windows design ideas for living rooms

Living rooms with bay windows

Another type of living rooms are ones with bay windows rather than balconies.

And this kind of house with bay windows is the main choice for the youth nowadays.

A bay window can provide you with many benefits.

It can provide more space for storage, and a place for you to chat with your friend.

But there is one point you must take care of.

From the prospect of aesthetics, when you choose a bay window, it would be better if you choose one with the style familiar with your living room.

Otherwise, your living room will be strange for distinct styles.

Living rooms with French windows

French windows can be more flexible. If you want more space to move around, you can let the French windows be there.

Or you want to take full leverage of every inch space, you can put some lounge chair against the windows.

You can enjoy the gorgeous scenery outside through the big windows.

Living rooms with casement windows

This kind of window is the most traditional one.

You can put some plants in the platform of the window, or some furniture right in front of the windows.

It’s all up to the expected style of your living room.

If the windows cannot satisfy your passionate need for the natural sunlight, think about adding a sunroom.

Find more on The ultimate guide to sunroom.

You will find the design tips, what you can do with your sunroom. Also, how to build a sunroom by yourself and more.

Doors design ideas for living rooms

For living rooms with a single door

If your living room is big, think about making a path for the door that leads to another area. As a path can give your living room a decent look.

If there’s not much space in your living room. Putting your door to a corner place will allow more space for other usages.

For living rooms with more doors

If you want to put more than one door in your living room, you should choose the doors in the same shape, style and colour.

It would be better if you choose the doors of the same size.

Through doing so, the style of the whole living room can be unified.

We advise you to choose some wood doors with clean lines or frosted glass doors.

Meanwhile, you can choose the thin door covers with a clean colour to provide visitors with the impression of neat and clean.

Doors and background

If the door and the background wall are on the same plane, we advise you to discard the doors covers.

We can put some patterns familiar with the patterns of the door on the wall.

In such doing, we can make the door invisible.

When we close the door, it serves as a background wall.

When we open the door, we can get into another room.

We also can install string curtains to cover the wall and the door, decreasing the contrast between them.

More about the doors design for your living room


The living room is probably the most energetic place in the house. With more voice and sound than the other rooms.

In this case, the soundproof performance of your living room door is of importance.

No matter you are discussing with your family about the private plans. Or hatching great business ideas with your partners. Or some other activities that you’ll need to do in the living room. While preferring more privacy at the same time.

For those moments, you probably don’t want your neighbours to hear much of the conversation.

While a door with low performance in soundproofing might give away your privacy.

Even if you don’t care about much of that.

But the soundproof performance of your living room still matters.

Especially when you love to host parties regularly in your living room. We believe you don’t want the complaints from your neighbours to become part of the BGM. Nor regularly visits by the policemen without your prior invitations.

A soundproofing door on EEHE will just help you out of these troubles.


Bright colours are probably better options for doors in your living room. As brighter colours will give you a more vigorous touch.

A living room is a place more about living. While dark colours might make it sleepy.

Also, bright colours can make your living room look bigger as they reflect more light. Dark colours, on the other hand, make your living rooms smaller visually. Staying too long in a place with a small size can result in depression.

Thus, we would recommend bright colours for your living room than the dark ones.

Find more about living room doors on The Front Door: Choose the Right One for Your Home

Windows and doors design ideas for living rooms

The living room is the main place of our life at home. And air and sunlight are essential for every human.

If we cannot breathe fresh air for a long time, we will easily get sick. As well, sufficient sunlight is the very guarantee of our healthy body.

Therefore, the living room needs to be airy and bright.

And windows are the main carrier that brings natural light into the living room. At the same time, they are also a good helper to improve ventilation.

So, it is very important to windows large enough to improve brightness.

However, the largest is not always the best. Because the size of a window also has an effect of the entire interior design. And the physical structure plays an important part in the windows sizes. The strength of the material for example.

For these matters, aluminium windows offer a bunch of options in large sizes. Thanks to their strong attribute.

In addition to natural light, ventilation is also a very important factor.

For this point, it’s a good idea to have 2 windows, each in an opposite direction to the other. For example, a window in the south, the other in the north.

However, what kinds of windows can best fit your home style? Keep reading, and you will figure out the answer with the following content.

Windows and doors design ideas for bedrooms

Plenty of research and studies have revealed that fact. We spend nearly a third of our time in sleep. A bedroom is a place for leisure to save your strength.

Therefore, the quality of the bedroom affects the quality of sleep directly. As the key link of the bedroom, the design of windows and doors is essential for home decoration.

Generally, the design of windows and doors involve functions and beauty.

Some key factors for your reference below.

key points to consider when choosing window and doors for your bedrooms

Have the right temperature with energy-efficient windows and doors

Bedroom temperature affects our sleep quality the most.

Generally, a human is more likely to fall asleep in a bedroom with a temperature from 20-23℃.

When the temperature is too high in summer, we can use the air conditioner most of the time. We can adjust the bedroom temperature to about 27℃, a temperature more appropriate for sleep.

We can have the A/C all year round. But the number on the electricity bill will probably surprise us in the end.

On the other hand, the abuse of A/C will have a negative impact on our environment. Given the current situation of global warming. It’s a topic worthy of our undivided attention.

In fact, energy-efficient windows can pretty much help us with air conditioning. Because windows are the main players in the filed heat transfer in our home.

Thus, it’s important to keep the right temperature with windows and doors. Hence more comfortable sleeps in our bedrooms.

But how to do that? The answer is using energy-efficient windows and doors.

And there are 3 main technology to make energy-efficient windows and doors today, including

  • Use thermal break profile

  • Use double/triple glazed glass

  • Use a quality sealing system

Make your bedroom comfortable with every detail of your windows and doors.

With EEHE energy-efficient windows and doors, we can spend cool summers and warm winters in our cosy bedrooms.

Keep the noise out

Besides natural air conditioning, there are more benefits of energy-efficient windows and doors.

For example, outstanding soundproofing performance. Energy-efficient windows and doors can pretty much reduce the noise outside. And create a tranquil environment for our bedrooms.

As less noise is another essence of good dreams.

After hours of working in the day time. The nights are precious moments for us to enjoy the quiet and silence. Even if you’re a party lover, you probably don’t want much noise during your sleep.

And windows and doors are the main contributors for your moment of peace.

If you’re looking for windows and doors that help you sleep better. Take a look at the energy-efficient windows and doors on EEHE.

Warm colour

A comfortable bedroom needs match colour.

Using mild colours in your bedroom can improve your sleep quality.

This is because milder colours calm your mood and calm your mind. They can also lower your blood pressure and heart rate, and help you fall asleep faster.

People use mild colours in their bedrooms will wake up in a good mood every day.

Our eyes are sensitive to bright colours. So, the colour of the bedroom should not be too bright or have great visual contrast. Instead, the bedroom needs gentle soothing colours.

You can choose doors and windows with powder spraying and wood grain. It will make the bedroom light softer and sleep more relaxed.


Safety is definitely the thing we can’t miss. For a family with children in particular.

It is important to keep children safe and avoid accidents.

In this case, the glass of windows and doors is the main concern. It’s common to see kids injured by the glass debris on various reports.

To reduce the possibility of these accidents, tempered glass is great helpers.

Because tempered glass is stronger and not easy to break. That offers the first protection for your lovely children.

On the other hand, even if the tempered glass breaks down, it is less likely to hurt. As the debris of broken tempered glass remains dull and blunt. Unlike the normal glass with sharp edges.

Besides, laminated glass is another option to protect your family from injury.

When the laminated glass is broken, the debris “stick together” as it is, instead of bursting into pieces.

Therefore, it prevents the occurrence of sharp edges in the first place.

We’ve got hundreds of words talking about the functions of bedrooms windows above.

Now, let’s take a look at the styles.

The popular styles of bedroom windows and doors

Among the many, the three types of bedroom windows remain the popular stars today by styles.

Sliding windows and doors

Sliding windows are the most common indoor window design.

And they do not take up space outside the walls and are not easily damaged in high winds. Also, it is not easy to appear leakage of rain and insects.

French windows

French window occupies a large part of the wall. Its bottom of the window is fixed on floor face. French window can increase the daylighting of the bedroom and field of vision.

However, the sound-proof effect of French window is poorer than casement window. You can install double soundproof glass to improve it.

Bay windows

A bay window is a humanized design. It is convex, so it can introduce as much daylight as French windows.

Except for windows, a bay window can provide a platform. You can rest on the platform to read and relax. You can also use it as a viewing platform.

Useful tips for your bedroom windows and doors design

The window is always inviting. Imagine a leisurely afternoon, the sun is now ripe. With full of tenderness, you lean on the window, look at the traffic downstairs, turn over the recent love of books.

All of this isn’t hard to do. But first, you have to make your window-side environment to be the most comfortable area in the room.

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself before making a change:

  1. Do you work/study from your bedroom?

  1. Do you want more space in your bedroom?

  1. Do you want to reuse your useless bay window?

If you answered “YES” to one or more of the above, then read on and today we are going to improve your window environment!

Make a bright work area

Students and some people need desk work sometimes. Thus, the room must have a desk. Also, the light of the window edge is enough. So, the position of the window edge is most suitable to leave a desk.

The height of the general desk is about 75cm. The seat of the chair will drop about 25cm from the bottom of the table.

The depth of one desk is 50 ~ 60cm. And the depth of 30cm can hold the computer/a row of books. It is more than enough for use for a short time.

At a depth of 40cm, you can put your arms on the desk to use the computer. And there is more room for your legs under the desk.

Here are some ideas about the design of a bedroom window.

1. Put a desk before the window

This way will make good use of lighting. You can make some drawers or clapboard properly on both sides of the desk. Keep the window clean and tidy.

2. Desk + bay window cabinet

You can do a group of bay window cabinets next to the desk. With this design, parents can help children with homework. This can also create a rest area for both physical and mental relaxation.

3. Concave-type desk

Use the concave place of the bedroom. Combine walls of both sides together with the desk. You can use the walls of both sides flexibly.

4. L-shaped corner desk

Do not want your desk facing a window? You can design a corner desk. Let the corner be full of light to become a comfortable reading area.

5. Desk + wardrobe

Customized whole wardrobe. Leave room for a desk with a window. Then you will have an area with functions of a bookshelf, storage and study.

No bay windows? Make one!

For a bedroom without bay windows, you can make a chaise lounge. At the same time, the lower part of the chaise lounge also has the function of storage.

1. low cabinet

Do a row of low cabinets under the window. You will have a larger storage area in your bedroom instantly. Except for the bed, there is another place for you to lie comfortably.

2. Bay window cabinet + storage cabinet

If the wall near the window is free, customize an overall storage cabinet + bay window cabinet. It will make a bedroom have different kinds of functions.

Create storage areas on the wall

You can also expand the storage area on the other three sides of the wall around the window.

1. Back-shaped bay window cabinet

If the bedroom window is in the middle of the wall, customize a cabinet of different functions around the window. Even a small window can make the bedroom become comfortable.

2. Make a bay window cloakroom

Change a window into a cloakroom + bay window. It provides an extra place. You can pile up clothes during trying on them.

3. Bay window tatami

If the bedroom has one or two French Windows, you can change into tatami beds. Choose a suitable curtain in advance. Do a good shading effect.

Change the fixed bay window

In many people’s homes, the bay window is to use stone material to make a surface.

Stone is cold, so you don’t want to sit on the bay window. As time goes by, it has fallen into disuse.

Let’s modify it!

Create an equal-height bay window cabinet outside the bay window.

Expand the sitting and lying area, and then lay a mat on it. Its actual experience is much more than lying on a chaise lounge.

You can do storage under the cabinet.

If the bedroom is so small and there is no extra floor area, you can make a cabinet.

It wraps a window on 3 sides and has many functions.

This will expand the bedroom space in an instant. You can also have a storage area and a study area at the same time.

Whether it’s an ordinary window, a detachable bay window or a natural undetachable bay window, you should not ignore it. You should re-create it and bring it back to your living area.

Thinking about how to install your windows and doors after design? Find more on Installing Doors and Windows: Common Problems and Solutions.

How to choose kitchen windows and doors

Some people say that the kitchen is the closest place to heaven in the world. Some people also say it is a refuge in our life. When the unsatisfying things happen, a kitchen can heal you.

People seem to pay more and more attention to kitchen designs. At this time, windows and doors have a great effect on the functions and practicality of kitchens.

Now let’s get to the point, how to choose kitchen windows and doors.


As we all know, kitchens are the closest place for food safety. No matter we do cooking or store food there. Rats and cockroaches often visit kitchens to look for nice food. Fumes, greasy, humidity are problems almost everyone has to face. And usually, it is easy to breed bacteria.

If you are a person who doesn’t pay much attention to cleaning like me, this will be big trouble.

Many people like to have an open kitchen. But because open kitchens do not have doors, they don’t have something called “tightness”. It means they have no ideas to prevent the animal visitors, fumes and humidity from going to other living space. This will certainly make an impact on our living.


The housing prices are soaring with a growing population. Have you ever heard about this? An inch of land, an inch of gold. This is really lively to describe the current situation of the property market.

Especially in cities, people choose to live in apartments. Just look at the sizes, they are different. Given the limited space, the kitchen comes into a smaller one.

Therefore, for kitchen windows and doors, the more space-saving ones can be more suitable.

However, some people are lucky and rich enough to have a big house or even a villa. At that time, space cannot limit us.


Beauty is probably a favourite of everybody. Even though when we choose our kitchen windows and doors. We all like beautiful ones. But only beauty is not enough. To be better, they should match our home styles.

Styles, colour, home atmosphere. And how much they match our furniture all have an effect on the whole thing. Choose the right one, it might be the finishing touch of your kitchen.

Key factors that affect your kitchen door designs

Pay attention to the position and opening range of the door

When we prepare our delicious meals, we get in and out of the kitchen frequently. During the process of door opening and closing, it is easy to interfere with people’s operation in the kitchen. The opening position and opening range need more attention when doing the kitchen door designs.

How much space do you have for your kitchen doors?

The common ways to open the kitchen doors are casement and sliding.

Let’s look at casement doors.

From inside or outside of your kitchen. A casement door with a lock on the right will open from the right to the left. The opening range of a casement door shapes into a semicircle or a fan. In terms of the opening range, it takes more space. It brings operation and walking inconvenience to you.

For this point, sliding doors have less impact. But don’t remember sliding doors usually requires more space for the door holes. So, I guess your choice probably depends on how much space you have for your kitchen doors.

If you are going for the sliding doors, please be careful about this. One side of the kitchen door hole should be long enough to install the sliding doors.

The door position of kitchen and balcony

When the kitchen connects to a balcony, we might pay attention to the position of the kitchen door and balcony door. Try to shorten the distance between the kitchen door and balcony door when we do the kitchen door designs. In case that it makes an impact if we come and go to the balcony through the kitchen.

Have you ever imagined a picture? You are very busy in the kitchen. You walk to different places to do cooking and washing. But your families are going to the balcony at this busy time. You have to spare some space for them to walk so that you will not hit your families. Do you feel a bit bothered? I hope that it won’t ruin your delicious food.

One more thing, please notice the location of your kitchen sink, stove and fridge, and other commonly used kitchen tools. Because your route in the kitchen is among these places.

So, try to avoid the conflicts between your route in the kitchen and the route to the balcony.

Position of casement kitchen doors & main operation area

If you decide to use a casement door for your kitchen, be careful with its opening range. As we mentioned before, casement doors swing open in a semicircle or a fan.

When we are doing the door designs, the opening range of the doors should avoid the main operation area. The main operation area of a kitchen usually includes a stove and a sink. So that it will not block and hit you when the door opens or closes.

If we don’t do this, it might be trouble. When the door opens, it might hit you if you end up too late to avoid it.

After all, safety more critical, even though you might sacrifice some space.

Pay attention to the door position and facilities, cabinets

Make the most use of the space when positioning the doors

When is your kitchen door hole? Is it in the middle of a wall? If yes, you might have a U-shaped kitchen to make the most use of your space.

You might leave some space at one side next to the door hole. Space can be 600mm long for a fridge. Or with the length of 300-450mm space for additional countertops or cabinets. We can put small appliances there. We get more space for storage.

Don’t put the fridge behind the kitchen door

In some kitchen designs, the fridge is behind the kitchen door. This makes we need to close the door first when we want to open the fridge. It is some kind of inconvenience. If it is available, change the position of the door or the fridge. You may also use sliding doors to avoid this problem.

Windows and doors design ideas for kitchens

Key factors that affect your kitchen window designs

Ensure enough ventilation and lighting

Enough ventilation

It is not easy to avoid smell and smoke when cooking. Sometimes a range hood is not enough for us. Especially in hot summer.

To enhance ventilation, we need to open the window to allow wind in and send the smell out.

The ventilation opening should be at least 1/10 of the floor area of the room. For example, your kitchen is 4-7 square meters. The ventilation opening should be at least 600mm wide and 1200-1500 high.

But different opening ways of doors make a great impact on the ventilation of the kitchen. When the window holes are the same size, casement windows are completely openable.

But the opening area of awing windows and sliding windows can are smaller.

When we doing the design, don’t remember various doors bring different ventilation.

Better control of ventilation

Generally, we want to have enough ventilation but not too much. Too much wind makes the fire turn off. Too little wind makes us hot.

Using sliding windows is relatively easy to control ventilation. Casement windows easily sway back and forth under the strong wind. We need to use something called wind bracing to help fix the opening angle of the window. This helps prevent the window from damage.

Windows holes get close with kitchen sinks

Many governments have published polices to appeal of concerns on lighting and ventilation.

When we think about the position of the window holes, try to put them close to the main operation area. For example, the position can be close to the kitchen sinks. This can bring us enough sunlight for our kitchen jobs.

Easy operation of windows opening and closing

Windows in front of the operation area

We might often see the below situation. Kitchen windows stay in front of the operation area and open outward. This causes a lot of inconveniences for people to open and close windows.

Because the countertop lies between people and windows. It’s hard for people to reach the window handles. In this case, we might choose the windows with inward opening way. Or, we may use sliding windows to figure it out.

Width of casement windows

You will never know how much inconvenience a wrong window will bring you.

If you have got a large casement window, you might have met this problem. The width of the window sash is large. You have to pay more effort when you open or close the window. Especially when closing the window, you tiptoe and lean over to pull back the window. I don’t think it is a good idea if your lovely gramma is living there.

Meanwhile, the large window sash may hit the surrounding things if it opens. Therefore, no matter the window sash opens outward or inward, the sash width should not be too large. You might find out more details through the residential requirements in your country.

Suitable height of sash handles

Make sure window handles are at a suitable height. How do we know if it is suitable? Pretty easy. Are the handles close with people? The height of the handles should be easy enough to touch.

And to keep the whole windows steady, handles are usually mounted at the middle height.

When we consider the suitable windows for our kitchen, keep an eye on the height of the handles. Calculate how tall the handles are from the ground.

One more thing we need to be careful. Are your windows installed in front of your countertops? This is quite common to see in modern kitchens. If yes, we might lower the handles. Because the countertops are standing just between windows and you.

Key factors that affect your bathroom door designs

Safety comes first

It’s quite common to see people fall on the floor in the bathroom. The worse situation is people faint in the bathroom. It is really dangerous, especially for old people.

The bathroom door is a way connected to the interior and exterior space. Safety should be fully considered in the design.

Part of the door can be transparent

The bathroom door can be partially transparent. So that families know what happens inside by looking through the transparent place of the door.

Certainly, it doesn’t mean that other people can see you clearly through the transparent place. What we need is not just safety, but also privacy.

The transparent part on the door is usually made of glass. The glass for bathroom doors now generally lets the light get in without showing the view inside. It is helpful for people to detect sudden accidents in time in the bathroom.

Doors opening outward for emergency rescue

Once a person lies on the floor in the bathroom, opening the door will be the first step. But if the bathroom is small, we don’t know where the person lies on exactly. Open the door inward at the time could be some kind of danger. Cause the door might hit the person if he or she just lies close to the door.

So, the suitable options for bathroom doors here might be outward swing doors and sliding doors.

Sometimes the usage habits and limited space are unavoidable. We have to use the swing door that opens inward.

Don’t worry, I have something new for you to solve it.

We can change the lower part of the door leaf. That way, they can be partially open or removed. And people can get inside quickly to rescue in the case of an emergency.

After all, every second count when it is emergent.

Nowadays, we are having better and better choices. It’s not hard for us to find the doors we can open from both inside or outside.

Doorstop to prevent collision with fragile items

A shower room has many benefits. When there is a shower room, people don’t worry about the water spilling everywhere in the bathroom. People have a place to step on without a pair of slippers.

We also call them a shower enclosure. Many people choose glass to be the material of their shower rooms. To some extends, it is something fragile. If your bathroom door stands next to your shower room, take good care of that.

Set a doorstop on the floor, in case the door will knock against your shower room. The doorstop can control the opening range of the bathroom door. But please remember to put the doorstop at somewhere relatively concealed.

People won’t trip when they pass by.

Better installation of sliding door rails

Have you tripped over the sliding door rails? I have tried this for a few times outside. I may call it something surprising. Take good care of every tine detail, you have done the best to protect your families.

Take notice of the installation of the sliding door rail.

If you use the sliding doors, please pay attention to the treatment of rails on the floor. Try to make the rails flush with the floor. Or control the height difference between the rail and floor below 15mm.

It is helpful for old people not to stumble when they pass by. And it is also convenient for wheelchairs to pass smoothly.

You can also use the overhand sliding door as an alternative. Then the two problems we mentioned before will not appear.

A conclusion for windows and doors design ideas for bathrooms, according to what we discussed earlier.

The windows and doors design for a bathroom involves 3 key factors.

  • The first one is ventilation, lighting needs.

  • The second is no impact on people’s operation.

  • The last one is the relationship with appliances, furniture.

Put yourself into the actual environment. And carefully think about everything you might involve to do.

You can probably design the best solutions by yourself.

Windows and doors design ideas for bathrooms

Key factors that affect your bathroom window designs

The smell of delicious food is warm and inviting. After a nice dinner, we go to the bathroom for a relaxing shower. Or we have just been through an exhausting day from work. We want to take off all burdens after that. Then, enjoy the shower that refreshes our minds and comfort our souls.

Every single part of our home is precious. Even though it might be a small corner.

Clean air and enough sunlight

If it is viable, we might strive to install the bathroom windows towards outside. To be clearer, it means once the windows are open, it allows the outdoor air and sunlight to get inside.

We do this to remove moisture in time and prevent the growth of bacteria. Meanwhile, the bathroom can obtain natural light during the day. It is quite good for energy-saving and safety.

Little fan in the bathroom

Science technology brings us much convenience. Having an exhaust fan in the bathroom is a good example.

We might put the little fan on the window or on the wall. So that we will have the circulation of the indoor air without opening the windows in winter.

By doing that, we can realize two purposes. One is outdoor air goes inside. The other one is the temperature won’t plunge in winter. Cause the heat will get out quick when the window is open.

High windows for indirect light

For some reason, your bathroom is not able to get the outdoor light directly. You might think about setting a fixed window or a glass pane on top of the wall. So that we have the light in and it helps us with certain lighting needs.

The fixed window means these windows are close forever. We can’t open these windows. But because of this, we don’t have to entirely rely on artificial lighting. Light solves many problems. When the light is here, the bacteria doesn’t appear easily.

Privacy of the bathroom

To protect privacy, people try their best to cover the bathroom windows. They may put a curtain in front of the windows, or a sticky film on the glass. But when the windows are open, this is a drawback. We should make note of the below problems from the perspective of architecture design.

Position of bathroom windows

Land in cities is precious and expensive. Designers try their best to make the most use of the limited space. We find that some apartments are very close to each other. Embarrassing moments appear easily.

For example, your bathroom is just next to or opposite to the windows of your neighbours. Neighbours who live opposite, and left or right above you can both see you from their home.

Therefore, we should be careful with this kind of situation. Design bathroom windows at the right place. Try not to install the windows at somewhere others can see you easily. Such as living room, balcony and other places that people like to lookout.

Suitable bathroom windows for privacy

Never underestimate anything. Did you think of so many things about window designs before I tell you?

We just mentioned that bathroom windows should be in the right place. As it is not only for light and ventilation but also for good protection of privacy.

However, we can’t control anything. If the bathroom window opening (holes) is just at that embarrassing place, we can still figure it out. Casement windows and sliding windows don’t have good cover. The sight from outside gets into the bathroom more easily.

In terms of stopping sight from outside, an awning window is a good choice. We just need to take notice of the direction and angle while opening windows. Awning windows have two kinds of opening direction: top to bottom, bottom to top. Both of them work well and give you a sense of security.

Relationship between windows and sanitary ware

Nothing is isolated in the global village. Like the designs of windows and doors, they involve many tiny things that we have never noticed before.

We think and think just for a life more convenient and more comfortable. In the bathroom, we are dressing and bathing, the wind sneaks into the bathroom. We feel cold and close the windows at once. We get hit by something else while closing the windows. Oh No! How can I feel relaxed in such a bathroom?

Suitable places of openable windows

So, we need to consider the relationship between bathroom windows and things around. We are now showing you the suitable places for windows. The smaller the numbers are, the better the places are.

  1. A wall without any sanitary ware installed.

  1. The wall behind the flush toilet.

  1. The sidewall of the shower room.

  1. The wall behind the bathtub.

  1. The sidewall of the bathtub.

Position of bathroom windows & the shower door

Don’t use inward casement windows in the shower room. Usually, a shower room is rather small compared with a bathroom. A single sash of casement windows is generally 600mm wide. If we open the windows inwards, the window sash will take up much indoor space.

The door of the shower room might hit the sash while the window is open inward. This may happen a lot in a small shower room. Choosing smaller casement windows can help you solve the problems. Sliding windows and awning windows are also good options for this problem.

Casement windows above of your toilet

It is really out of luck to get hurt in a bathroom. Especially after your bowel motions or pee. When you are going to use the toilet in others’ homes, be really careful to see if there is a window just above the toilet.

We must take care that the height and opening range of the window. Be careful the window won’t hit your head when you finish defecating and stand up. I guess it is also a kind reminder for your bathroom window designs.


So, we’ve talked about the ideas on windows and doors design in this article. Including the 4 important places of our homes.

  • The living room

  • The bedroom

  • The kitchen

  • The bathroom

Among the various materials, aluminium windows and doors remain the choices by many people. For kitchens and bathrooms in particular.

Why? Find the answers on Why Choose Aluminium Windows for Your Home

When it comes to living rooms and bedrooms, we would recommend solid wood for doors, and aluminium for windows.

Learn more about that with our specialist.

If you like this article. Share these windows and doors design ideas with your friends. And learn more tips on windows and doors from our upcoming posts.

Sealing the windows

Are your glass doors and windows ready for winter?

Are your glass doors and windows ready for winter?

Winter is coming, are your glass doors and windows ready for it?

Although you can use heating indoors to keep warm, the house with poorly sealed doors and windows still feels very cold, especially for old houses. If the windows are not tight, the cold wind will come in from the window gap.

In this article, I will introduce how to make your home warmer in winter, what makes doors and windows leak, and how we solve the problem of leaks in doors and windows.

How to make your home warmer in winter

1. Proper use of seals

If your glass doors and windows are not tightly sealed, one of the reasons could be the aging of the sealing strip. You can usually find them at the connection between the glass of the window and the window frame. In the process of using windows, the owner often opens and closes the windows and wears the sealing strips.

In addition to the long-term accumulation of dust, the friction on the sealing strips is increased, which causes the window's ability to block wind and sand. For weathered seals, owners can go to the building materials market to buy good quality seals. If the owner does not have installation experience, ask the sales staff for the installation method in detail and then install it by themselves.

Before installation, remove the old seal and carefully remove the debris in the slot. At the same time, the sealing strip cannot be pulled too tightly during installation, just insert the new sealing strip and tap it.

Another situation is that the old house is more likely to appear. Due to the long life of the house, the wall may become loose, and the seal between the window frame and the wall is reduced, resulting in wind drilling from the crack. In this case, consumers can contact a professional for repairs, or consumers can buy a foam glue on the market and seal it by themselves.

seal your glass doors and windows

2. Increase the number of glass layers to keep warm

Single-layer windows may have a tight seal. Meanwhile, you can also increase the number of glass layers to achieve thermal insulation.

Add glass to the original frame of your glass doors and windows, change the original single-layer glass to double-layer insulating glass.

After installation, the worker must carefully check the details, especially the tightness of the window, whether the window sash is flexible to open and close, and whether the window is airtight when closing.

3. Replace thick curtains

In addition to sealing window gaps, you can also replace thick curtains to withstand cold winds. The thick curtains in winter can not only adjust the light but also block the wind.

There are a few things to know when choosing curtains.

First of all, the windows must be sealed, and it also needs to coordinate with the interior decoration and furniture style of the entire room.

Choose your curtains also according to the orientation. The south-facing windows are sunny and there are many options for winter curtains; but in the north-facing rooms, there is not enough light and the curtains are warm. The curtain can be made of warm materials such as cotton or flannel.

From a design perspective, buyers want to increase the warmth of the interior, and can also achieve the warm living effect through the later soft installation.

Causes of windows and doors leaking in winter

1. Uneven profiles of doors and windows

The main reason for the leakage of doors and windows is the closeness between the doors and windows and the frame. The flatness of the profile is an important factor affecting the closeness. If the flatness of the profile is insufficient or deformed, there will be a certain gap between the door and window fans and the frame, causing air leakage.

2. A defective or aging sealing strip

The sealing strip is the key to the sealing of doors and windows. At present, the quality of the sealing strip on the market is very different. High-quality sealing strips have strong toughness, high wear resistance, and are not easy to break; while poor-quality sealing strips are very fragile, easily corroded and broken, and cannot achieve the sealing effect. If the sealing strip is not installed properly, unevenness or bulging may cause air leakage.

3. Cracks between the frame and the wall

During the installation of doors and windows, many winter door and window sealing workers did not do a good job of sealing the door frame, window frame and wall due to rushing or cutting corners. Especially in the old house, the wall loosens during the settlement process, and the closeness with the door and window frame is reduced.

If the waterproof glue is not applied evenly, the sealant is not adequately made, or the expansion bolts are not nailed, it will make the frame and the wall unable to "closely fit." In summer rainy weather, the rubber tends to collapse, and in autumn and winter, it causes wind leakage.

4. Weak hardware lock

The quality of door and window hardware is also closely related to the sealing performance. Especially for casement windows, it relies on the transmission of the hardware to seal. If the transmission is of poor quality, it is easy to leak air from the edge of the sash.

The hardware of glass doors and windows currently on the market are divided into domestic and imported. Domestic hardware usually has two upper and lower lock points, while imported hardware usually has three upper, middle, and lower lock points.

The principle is that after the doors and windows are locked, the lock point and the lock seat are fastened together, and cooperate with the hinge or sliding brace to jointly generate a strong sealing pressure and elastically deform the sealing strip, thereby providing sufficient sealing performance for the doors and windows.

Therefore, the hardware with insecure locks will greatly reduce the sealing performance of doors and windows.

How to deal with window leaks before renovation

1. Select the window frame with cold-resistant function

When selecting the window frame, if you want to achieve the cold-resistant effect, the aluminum alloy of the broken bridge is preferentially selected. The heat-insulating aluminum profile improves the thermal insulation performance of the window, and its airtightness is relatively good, which can ensure that the indoor window sills and floors in dusty areas are not dusty.

If you choose a plastic-steel frame material, because the plastic-steel window has been used for a long time, the gap at the interface is too large to be bonded, and it is easy to ventilate. Therefore, when there is a leakage of air, first use a sponge to stick around the window, and then cover the entire window with plastic.

The plastic absorbs heat and is not airtight, and the temperature is maintained well. Select aluminum-wood windows, because aluminum-wood windows are covered with a layer of aluminum alloy in addition to solid wood. Doors and windows are more tightly sealed, which can effectively block the invasion of wind and sand, and will not freeze or dew in the cold winter. It also keeps noise out of the window.

2. Select vacuum glass for your glass doors and windows

Vacuum glass is preferred. The vacuum glass is similar to insulating glass, but its thermal insulation performance is better than insulating glass because the two sheets of flat glass in the middle of vacuum glass are sealed around, the gap is evacuated and the exhaust holes are sealed. The gap between the sheets of glass is 0.1-0.2mm, which is smaller than the insulating glass, and the insulation effect is good, but the price is more expensive.

Insulating glass has a moderate price and good thermal insulation performance, so it is widely used. The purchase requirements generally choose a 12mm hollow distance, and the glass on both sides should reach a thickness of 4 to 5mm.

The sealing structure of the insulating glass mainly includes a single-pass seal and a double-pass seal. It is recommended to use a double-pass seal. The first sealant prevents water vapor from invading, and the second sealant maintains the stability of the structure and continuously maintains heat.

If the window opens to the outside, a layer of window can be added to the interior, and if the window opens to the inside, an additional layer of a sliding window can be added to the outside.

Through two layers of windows, the thermal insulation effect of double glazing can be achieved.

3. Select casement window

A casement window is preferred. A casement window will be much better than a sliding window. Casement windows are generally sealed with rubber strips, and push-pull windows are sealed with wool tops.

Therefore, the casement window's tightness and isolation from dust and rain are stronger than sliding windows; and casement windows are generally locked with two-point locks or heaven and earth.

The sliding window is closed with a hook lock or a touch lock, so the casement window is also much stronger in terms of airtightness.

How to fix window leaks after renovation

1. Old-fashioned window air leakage solution

For double-layer old-style windows, the solution to air leakage is to fill the gap between the window and the window with sawdust. The sawdust can solve the moisture of the window and block the strong cold air at the bottom of the window.

The window seams of such windows can be sealed with craft paper and paste to ensure high airtight temperature.

2. Solutions for air leakage in the window gap

If there is a gap between the window frame and the wall, clean up the gap, fill it with styrofoam, and then fill the gap with high-grade cement river sand, and then repair the surface; Leakage between the window frame and the seal can be considered.

If the gap is large, it is better to add a layer of plastic steel window to the original window.

3. Remaining problems in installing windows

First of all, it is necessary to look at whether the problem is left over by the workers when they are not installed or the product itself. If the product is the reason, you should find the dealer or the manufacturer.

If the worker has a little problem during the installation If there is something wrong, you can remove it and reinstall it.

Or you can first clear the gap between the window frame and the door cover and the wall, then plug it with styrofoam, then fill the gap with cement and sand. Go for repairs.


Generally all these below factors can affect your glass doors and windows.

Improper installation, quality of materials and failure of accessories will cause air leakage in doors and windows.

Check these points before installation to prevent problems and cause unnecessary trouble.

After all, in the cold winter, everyone wants to spend a pleasant time in the warm home interior.


Difference About Casement Windows and Sliding Windows

Casement Windows and Sliding Windows which one is your types?

As the most popular windows types, aluminum windows have attracted much attention because it’s unique advantages.

Nowadays, there are two types of windows widely used in our life. Aluminum casement windows and sliding windows.

However, people do not know much detail about those two types of windows, In this article, we are going to explain the difference between aluminum casement windows and sliding windows, introduce both of the advantages of casement windows and sliding windows, as well as the perfect type of window which can be suitable for your house.

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What is a casement window

The casement window as a traditional window type, the sash opened outward has good waterproof performance and saves more space when you opened it. However, it is easy to be damaged in heavy weather and requires high strength of hardware. The feature of the casement window also has a good sealing performance in which the sash can be fully opened and easy to ventilate.

Casement windows are generally used for ventilation in kitchens and bathrooms. Newer casement windows can have both side-windows and hanging windows which can be allowing bidirectional opening. The sash opened outward has good waterproof performance and does not take up indoor space when opened. However, it is easy to be damaged in heavy weather and requires high strength of hardware.

 Advantages of casement windows

1. Ventilation:

Because the inverted position is another way to open the casement window, the room will naturally circulate with the natural air, and the indoor air is fresh, while the possibility of rainwater entering the room is eliminated. The fresh air will undoubtedly create a comfortable living environment for people.

2. Security:

The linkage hardware arranged around the window sash and various functions of the handle for indoor operation are fixed on the window frame around the window sash when closed, so the security and anti-theft performance is excellent.

3. Easy to clean windows:

Simple operation, can turn the outside of the window sash into the room. Makes cleaning the outer surface of the window both convenient and safe.

4. Practicality:

It avoids occupying the indoor space when the internal opening window is opened, which is inconvenient for hanging curtains and installing lifting clothes rails.

5. Good sealing and thermal insulation performance:

Through multiple points of locking around the window sash, the sealing and thermal insulation effect of the windows and doors is guaranteed.

 What is a sliding window?

Sliding window mainly refers to the door and window which are vertically pushed left and right along the horizontal direction. It has not only left and right sliding, but also up and down sliding. Sliding windows have the advantage of not occupying indoor space, beautiful appearance, economical price, and better sealing. Adopt high-grade slide rail, push it gently to open flexibly.

Coupled with a large piece of glass, it not only increases the indoor lighting, but also improves the overall appearance of the building. The sash has a good stress state and is not easy to be damaged, but the ventilation area is limited. Advantages and disadvantages It can be opened in a plane, occupying less space, and easy to install screens. At present, the most used is the sliding window.

Advantage of sliding windows   

First, it will not take up indoor space:
This aluminum sliding window has one of its characteristics in the process of use, that is, it will not take up our indoor space during use. There is also a very good lighting effect, which can allow more indoor lighting, from the appearance of the overall shape is also very beautiful.

Second, the switch is flexible:
It is for this type of doors and windows that it is also very flexible in the process of use because it also uses high-end slide rails when completing its installation. Users only need to push gently when completing opening and closing. It is very flexible, and the force it receives during use is also It is very uniform and is not prone to damage

Third, the use range is wide:
In addition, for this type of doors and windows, it can be installed and used in a very wide range, it can be installed and used in some residential areas, can also be used in some public building facilities, It can also be used in many commercial places, etc. We can see it in many different places.

Difference between the casement window and sliding window

#1. The appearance is different. 

The difference between the casement window and sliding window is mainly the combination with the overall style of the building.

The casement window is more flexible because of its division. It makes a facade effect of any line, and for large-floor floor-to-ceiling windows, the opening fan only takes up a small part of the entire window, so it is more suitable for high-end real estate with strict requirements on the overall building effect; Because the fan opening can only be pushed horizontally, it is difficult to match the fixed glass of the large grid.

Casement windows with screen_01

#2. Prices

The casement window is slightly higher than the sliding window. The price of the ordinary casement aluminum alloy window is 200-350 yuan / square meter, and the price of a middle and high-grade window is above 460 yuan / square meter. Sliding windows are generally 150-200 yuan / square meter.

#3. Warming effect

In terms of thermal insulation performance, open casement windows on the market are generally sealed with sealing rubber strips, while sliding windows are generally sealed with wool tops. The sealing effect of rubber strips is generally better than wool tops. The opening fan of the casement window is mostly sealed with a two-point lock or a heaven and earth lock, and the sealing effect is better. The sliding window is generally locked by a hook lock or a touch lock, and its sealing effect is not ideal.

#4. Performance 

In terms of the three properties of doors and windows (wind pressure resistance, water tightness, air tightness), casement windows are generally better than sliding windows. The wind pressure resistance of doors and windows depends on the resistance moment of the main force-bearing members of the doors and windows.

usually, it’s the larger the section of the profile, the larger the resistance moment, but it is not completely proportional. The watertightness of doors and windows depends on the sealing effect of the opening part. Casement windows are generally sealed with rubber strips. In terms of airtightness, the opening fans of casement windows on the market are more commonly sealed with two-point locks or heaven and earth locks. Sliding window

#5. Manufacturing process

In terms of the manufacturing process, the sliding window is generally simple in structure and has no special requirements on the equipment, so it is processed by a small workshop with a small electric saw; the casement window is made by using a thick aluminum angle piece at 45 degrees.

Casement Windows and Sliding Windows which one is fit your house?

At present, the more popular and practical window types on the market are casement windows and sliding windows. Casement windows are hinged doors and windows that open inwardly or outwardly on the sides of doors and windows; sliding glass doors and windows mainly refer to windows and doors that are vertically pushed left and right along the horizontal direction.

A casement window is better than a sliding glass window in performance, but a sliding glass window is better than the casement window in processing and operation. Because of this reason, casement windows are widely used in urban high-end buildings such as commercial and residential buildings, office buildings, high-end residences, and villas, while sliding glass windows are widely used in low-end industrial buildings and rural houses. Compared with sealing, casement windows are better than sliding glass windows.



In fact, casement windows and sliding windows have their own advantages and disadvantages. For consumers, the most important thing is to choose according to their requirements.

Just like sliding windows are more suitable for small windowsills, and casement windows It occupies more area, so it is suitable for some larger spaces.

Whether it is a casement window or a sliding window, consumers have to choose according to the budget, and according to the real situation of their room, choose some doors and windows that are more suitable for the

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