With the improvement of people’s living standards and the requirements for the quality of windows and doors, more and more consumers are beginning to pursue high-end products. Because of this, windows and doors companies have turned to the high-end market. As a product with large usage and wide application, windows and doors’ unique advantages determine its broad market prospects. Under the premise of exerting its own advantages and solving the problems that arise in the use process, new Chinese high-end windows and doors began to enter the consumer’s field of vision.

Chinese high-end windows and doors

In this article, we first introduce the current status of Chinese high-end windows and doors, then explain the development characteristics of Chinese high-end windows and doors and the factors that promote the development of Chinese high-end windows and doors, and finally explain the advantages of Chinese high-end windows and doors customization.

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Development status of Chinese high-end windows and doors

According to the “Forecast and Investment Planning Analysis Report of China’s Windows and doors Industry 2018-2023” released by the Foresight Industry Research Institute, the market size of China’s windows and doors industry has maintained growth. In 2013, the market scale of the windows and doors industry reached 458.9 billion yuan. Benefiting from the rapid development of the downstream real estate and construction industry market, the market scale of the windows and doors industry reached 660.5 billion yuan in 2017, with a four-year average compound growth rate of 10%.

In 2017, Chinese high-end windows and doors became more and more popular among consumers. The market share of domestic Chinese high-end windows and doors is close to 30%, and there is still much room for development. With the fierce marketing of various Chinese high-end windows and doors brands, the penetration rate of the domestic Chinese high-end windows and doors market is expected to rise.

What factors promote the development of Chinese high-end windows and doors

 1.  Diversification of sales channels

The research report pointed out that under the current situation that the first-line market is approaching saturation and supply exceeds demand, diversified sales channels are the prerequisite for the windows and doors industry not to be eliminated.

# Single-channel and multi-channel:

If all the windows and doors products of an enterprise are sold directly by its own sales department or all by distributors, we call it a single channel. Multi-channel refers to the use of direct channels locally and indirect channels overseas; or exclusive distribution in some regions and multiple distributions in other regions; or long channels for the consumer goods market, and short channels for production factor markets. For the windows and doors industry, multi-channel marketing is the most effective means of expanding the market based on the current situation.

# Direct distribution channels:

Direct distribution channels refer to producers supplying products directly to consumers or users without intermediaries. The form of direct distribution channels is: windows and doors enterprises-consumers. Direct channels are the main type of windows and doors distribution. It is the most common marketing method for windows and doors companies to set up stores in major shopping malls, but now as far as the market is concerned, the store does not constitute a competitive advantage in the market.

# Broad channel and narrow channel:

The width of the channel depends on the number of middlemen of the same type used in each link of the channel. Enterprises use many similar intermediaries and the products are widely distributed in the market, called wide channels.

For example, the whole windows and doors industry is distributed by multiple wholesalers and resold to more retailers, which can contact consumers in large quantities and sell products in large quantities. Enterprises have few similar intermediaries and narrow distribution channels, called narrow channels. It is generally suitable for highly specialized products or expensive and durable consumer products. It is under the control of one intermediary and distributed by several companies. It makes it easy for production enterprises to control distribution, but the market distribution is restricted.

# Indirect distribution channels:

Indirect distribution channels refer to producers supplying goods to consumers or users through intermediaries, and intermediaries participate in exchange activities. The typical form of indirect distribution channels for windows and doors is: windows and doors manufacturers-dealers-retailers-individual consumers (a small number of group users). At this stage, there is still some room for the total demand of the windows and doors market in China, and the market potential can continue to be tapped. At the same time, for the sales of windows and doors products, the proportion of market adjustment has increased significantly.

2. The scale of the online high-end windows and doors market is formed.

With the development of e-commerce and Internet technology, the era of e-commerce for Chinese high-end windows and doors is about to begin, so major high-end windows and doors suppliers will continue to develop online business. In terms of the characteristics of e-commerce, information is open and easy to attract more consumers. Space display and customer traffic will bring more business opportunities to high-end windows and doors manufacturers.

3. The rise of the middle class, Chinese high-end windows and doors are favored

In recent years, China’s economy has developed rapidly, the middle class has grown stronger, and has become a major consumer group of mid- to high-end products. It is predicted that by 2022, 76% of Chinese urban households will reach the income level of the middle class, and this proportion was only 4% in 2000. The average annual compound growth rate of the middle class is above 14%. With the rise of the middle class, high-end consumption will definitely increase, and the turnover of high-end residential and luxury houses will also rise. More consumers are turning their attention to the high-end windows and doors market.

Middle class income leave in 2020

Middle class income leave in 2000

The average annual compound growth rate of the middle class

4. Personalized demand and customization become growth drivers

In the context of consumption upgrades, the addition of new stores by first-line high-end windows and doors brands will help to resist the downside risks of real estate. China’s urbanization rate continues to increase, national per capita income increases, and personalized demand increases, which will drive the development of the high-end windows and doors market and become a new growth point for the industry. At the same time, whole-house customization will also drive unit prices to increase and maintain industry growth.

Characteristics of the development of Chinese high-end windows and doors

The three main properties of high-performance windows and doors are: wind resistance, air tightness, and water tightness. The development characteristics of high performance windows and doors are mainly reflected in the following points:

The inherent quality of the profile and its reasonable structural design are the prerequisites for the production of high-performance windows. First of all, we must have qualified profiles provided by regular manufacturers and advanced production technology to ensure the quality of high-performance windows and doors. In addition, the wall thickness and structure of the profile are also critical. Wall thickness directly affects its strength. On the one hand, a reasonable structure can better play a role of thermal insulation, on the other hand, it can make each cavity have different uses.

Glass is one of the main materials of windows and doors. Insulating glass is one of the glass of high-performance windows and doors. Its advantages are very obvious, and its good heat insulation effect can reduce the energy consumption of the building, save energy, and has good sound insulation effect. Laminated glass is made by adding tough PVB film between the glass and processed by high temperature and high pressure. Its comprehensive advantages such as safety, shock resistance, sound insulation and ultraviolet protection are not available in other glasses, and it is a real safety glass. The low-e coating and explosion-proof glass are further upgraded on the basis of the above glass.

The quality of windows and doors accessories is also one of the main factors affecting the performance of windows and doors. The accessories of high-performance windows and doors abroad are high-end, such as TOTO in Germany, Flygo in France, and GU in Germany. Aluminum windows and doors accessories manufacturers are occupying the market with high quality and high performance. Multi-level, multi-point and other high-end accessories will gradually enter the Chinese market, thereby improving product quality.

What are the advantages of customizing high-end windows and doors

Personal custom windows and doors can fully meet the personalized needs of customers in terms of appearance and use because they can make full use of the room space and can be customized according to the owner's preferences and actual conditions. It is favored by consumers, so customizing high-end aluminum alloy windows and doors has become a trend.

# 1. Customized windows and doors to make your personality comfortable

In recent years, various types of houses and decoration styles have emerged endlessly, and most windows and doors are relatively popular in design, and it is difficult to meet individual requirements. Many windows and doors are beautifully styled in the exhibition hall, but once moved to a specific home, they are overshadowed. Either the size does not match the space of the house, or the style does not meet the overall decoration style. At this time, there are consumer requirements tailored.

# 2 .Customized design can meet the demand

Face-to-face communication, the designer can clearly grasp the actual needs of the owner and design furniture that meets the individual needs of the owner; the owner can also buy windows and doors suitable for his house according to customization. Some houses are unique in style, with missing corners or sharp corners, so you can’t buy finished windows and doors at all. Customizing windows and doors can match the shape and size with the house type, and will not cause the situation that the windows and doors are bought home but cannot be put down or are not suitable. This is something that traditional windows and doors cannot achieve.

# 3. Customized marketing to achieve mutual benefit

As long as the quality of windows and doors is reliable, the price is reasonable, and the appearance is beautiful, the sales of customized windows and doors will be relatively easy. Moreover, in custom marketing, manufacturers directly reduce many intermediate links to consumers, reducing various expenses, and consumers can get a very affordable price.


Facing the increasingly discerning people and the escalating market, how should windows and doors companies respond to meet the needs of consumers? Windows and doors companies should strengthen product innovation and advance with the times. All the requirements for customizing Chinese high-end windows and doors can be changed with customers.

High-end customized windows and doors can change the size, color and material according to customer requirements. You can even recommend and design suitable customized solutions to truly meet the personalized pursuit of different consumer groups, thereby creating a distinctive high-quality, safe and comfortable poetic life.

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