More and more high-end doors and windows have entered people’s daily life and become a necessity for decoration. The Chinese windows and doors industry has experienced a long period of development. Looking at China’s door and window market development experience, it can be divided into three stages: channel war, price war, and brand war.

At this stage, the industry is in the embryonic stage of the brand war; it is foreseeable that when the Chinese windows and doors industry fully enters the brand era, the market will really develop and consumers will become more rational; in this article, first of all, we will Introduce the current status of the Chinese windows and doors industry, then describe the development characteristics of the Chinese windows and doors industry, and finally introduce the development trend of the Chinese windows and doors industry.

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The current status of the Chinese windows and doors industry

1. The new model intensifies market competition  

In the Internet era, the competition of the high-end Chinese windows and doors industry is based on the Internet and the key is the brand. A sound channel network can make it easier for consumers to purchase the corresponding door and window products, and when ultimately deciding whether a consumer chooses a certain product, more factors depend on the brand. The brand is the protection of quality, the guarantee of integrity and the guarantee of service . In recent years, the online culture of the e-commerce festival has been favored by many consumers, and high-profile brands from all walks of life have become the biggest winners of this feast.

2. More and more brands  

In any market, most of the high-end windows and doors brands we see can be divided into three categories: local high-end door and window brands, imported high-end door and window brands, and domestic high-end door and window brands. The price also ranges from several hundred yuan to several thousand yuan per square meter, which can be said to satisfy all kinds of customers.  In the face of many high-end doors and windows brands, is it a very favorable price for a few hundred yuan, and high-end doors and windows with a price of thousands of dollars are worth the money? “. We believe that we should choose products with better quality, design and after-sales service at the same price based on our own needs and the style of home decoration. In fact, products with low prices for doors and windows, because of cost constraints, will choose relatively cheap materials; and products with excessive prices may be holding many “fancy” concepts.

3. Competition promotes market standardization  

Although there are more and more brands in the high-end windows and doors market, in the early stage of market segmentation, market competition will not be too fierce, because each brand has its own brand positioning. Of course, every new competitive environment in the high-end door and window market marks a progress in the Chinese windows and doors industry. Competition in the Chinese windows and doors industry will make the market more standardized.

What are the characteristics of the development of the Chinese windows and doors industry

Industry business model

As an integral part of the building decoration industry, the Chinese windows and doors industry is also more common in hiring and borrowing qualifications and subcontracting. In the process of undertaking engineering projects, some unqualified enterprises have survived by obtaining projects through anchoring, borrowing qualifications and subcontracting. However, enterprises only charge management fees and do not manage them. It is difficult to guarantee the construction period and quality of the unqualified enterprises with poor technical strength.

Industry regional

The development of the Chinese windows and doors industry started in Shenyang and the southeast coastal area. After more than 20 years of development, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shanghai and other eastern enterprises still maintain market leading advantages and have strong competitiveness. At the same time, due to the unbalanced economic development between regions, there is a large gap between the demand for doors and windows between regions.

In terms of the number of high-qualified enterprises, the operating strength and scale of enterprises, the scale of individual projects, and the number of projects, there are obvious differences between the eastern and central and western regions, forming an industry development pattern of “strong in the east and weak in the west” in the Chinese windows and doors industry. In addition, energy-saving doors and windows are a typical urban industry, and the market is mainly concentrated in large and medium-sized cities with developed economies.

Chinese windows and doors industry seasonal

There is a certain seasonality in the business activities of the construction and decoration industry, mainly reflected in: due to the influence of construction factors such as Spring Festival and winter, compared with other quarters, the amount of construction in the first quarter of each year is usually smaller, so the first quarter income will be Lower than other quarters.

Development trend of Chinese windows and doors industry in 2020  

Break through the market, expand channels, and seek the best cooperation model  

In addition to strengthening terminal assistance within the enterprise, seeking multi-channel terminal assistance is one of the key points for the next breakthrough in terminal operations. In particular, 87.1% of door and window companies also agree that they should have a cooperative relationship with the whole company, so how to make good use of the advantages of the whole company and thus transform into the order advantage of the enterprise terminal needs to be explored. In addition to assembly companies, 25.81% of companies believe that the designer channel is also one of the breakthroughs. It is very important for dealers to pay attention to corporate support policies, including the assistance of terminal landing activities.

According to the report, the terminal support activities supported by the enterprise obviously cannot meet the needs of dealers. The dividend period of the door and window market has passed, and the rigidity of the sales channel is also constantly stimulating the nerves of the door and window companies. This year, the designer channel with high attention in the Chinese windows and doors industry has begun to rise quietly in the industry. Well-known brands in the Chinese windows and doors industry have already begun to lay out designer channels.

Improve product development capabilities to meet green consumer demand

Products are the foundation of enterprises. 41.94% of enterprises believe that the development opportunity in 2020 is to enhance the R & D products. The development of door and window products is inseparable from the consideration of performance, safety and energy saving. In particular, more and more door and window companies are focusing on improving the quality of doors and windows.

Company who may enhance the R & D products

Such as the proposal to withdraw plastic steel windows from the market, and the prohibition on the use of open windows for more than seven floors. In recent years, green consumption has developed rapidly under the vigorous advocacy of the country. The scale of green consumption has steadily increased. Data from multiple retail platforms such as Ali shows that the number of green consumers has increased exponentially in recent years; the “Guiding Opinions on Promoting Green Consumption” and other laws and regulations have been introduced, and the green consumption policy system has been continuously improved; green consumption Ecological benefits are gradually emerging. Doors and windows play an important role in energy saving in the overall construction. Under the prevailing situation of green consumption, doors and windows products will become a breakthrough for the breakthrough of the market.

Drive the function optimization of the exhibition and help the industry upgrade

In the current market environment, the functions of the exhibition need to be further optimized to meet the needs of the current enterprise development. According to the analysis of the survey data, the function of the exhibition that needs to be optimized and upgraded is reflected in the integration of upstream and downstream supply chain resources. Carry out data analysis on the market and give guidance; provide engineering centralized procurement functions; provide cross-border link channels and other four aspects.

According to the feedback from enterprises, they hope that the current exhibition can raise the threshold of participation and enrich the categories of exhibits; strengthen the interaction with the end consumers; optimize the audience for the exhibition, and classify the needs. The activities held at the exhibition site can be targeted to hold investment promotion activities; provide targeted industry practitioners training activities; organize designer-related activities to help companies establish designer channels.

In fact, China Construction Expo, as the industry’s champion, has been constantly innovating and changing. At the “China Construction Expo Chinese windows and doors industry Exchange Forum”, Ji Pengpeng, Director of the Exhibitor Department of Shanghai China Trade Meikailong Economic and Trade Development Co., Ltd. introduced that in 2020, China Construction Expo will actively deploy “Three Cities and Three Exhibitions”-3 China Construction Expo (Shanghai) in July, China Construction Expo (Guangzhou) in July and China Construction Expo (Shenzhen) in July.

At the same time, the 2020 China Construction Expo (Shanghai) will restructure its efforts to meet the proportion of dealers, designers of home improvement companies, and audience of real estate agents, help exhibitors, and explore more diversified development channels.


Doors and windows have always been called the eyes of the building, and are an indispensable part of the decoration. Due to the change of consumer concept, the popularization of low-carbon environmental protection, personalized demand and many other factors, the door and window are given more connotation. Various styles of doors and windows, such as energy saving and environmental protection, have emerged gradually, continuously satisfying the diversified needs of consumers.

With the development of the economy and the improvement of people’s living standards, people begin to pay more and more attention to services. As the soft power of enterprise competition, services have also received more and more attention from door and window enterprises.

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