Driven by the purchase of higher-level life services and increased family income, due to various necessities, multi-function casement windows play an important role in people’s daily lives. Nowadays people are willing to choose high-end casement windows.

In this article, we are going to discuss the concept of casement windows, with the introduction of the characteristics and types of casement windows. List the advantages of high-end casement windows which are very popular. Finally, there are some meaningful suggestions to choose and maintain the casement window

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What is a casement window

The sash is combined with the window frame through a hinge, and the sash can be opened by rotation. There are single and double fans, which can be opened inside or outside. Casement windows are simple in construction, easy to manufacture and install, and have good wind and ventilation effects.

They are the most widely used windows. It is a traditional window type, which can be divided into side-opening windows and hanging windows according to the position of the hinge. Side-opening windows are opened horizontally, and the sash is always balanced during the opening process. There is no need to worry about the danger of self-movement under the influence of gravity. It is generally used for large-scale main windows. Because the hanging window is opened vertically, the opening angle is limited.

Generally used for ventilation in kitchens and bathrooms. Newer casement windows can have both side-windows and hanging windows, allowing bidirectional opening.

With the development of casement windows, an aluminum alloy plastic steel window appeared later. It is a new form developed on the basis of casement windows. It has two opening methods, which can be opened flat or pushed from the top. When the casement window is closed, push the upper part of the window outward to open a gap of about ten centimeters.

There is no doubt that the window can be opened a bit from above, and the opened part is suspended in the air, and fixed with the window frame by a hinge or the like. Its unique advantages are: it can be ventilated and it can be safe. Because of the hinge, the window can only open a ten-centimeter slit, and it cannot be reached from the outside. It is especially suitable for use when there is no one at home.

Features of Casement Window


Because the inverted position is another way to open the casement window, the room will naturally circulate with the natural air, and the indoor air is fresh, while the possibility of rainwater entering the room is eliminated. The fresh air will undoubtedly create a comfortable living environment for people.


The linkage hardware arranged around the window sash and various functions of the handle for indoor operation are fixed on the window frame around the window sash when closed, so the security and anti-theft performance is excellent.

Easy to clean windows:

simple operation, can turn the outside of the window sash into the room. Makes cleaning the outer surface of the window both convenient and safe.


It avoids occupying the indoor space when the internal opening window is opened, which is inconvenient for hanging curtains and installing lifting clothes rails.

Good sealing and thermal insulation performance

Through multiple points of locking around the window sash, the sealing and thermal insulation effect of the windows and doors is guaranteed.

Types of Casement Windows  

Casement windows are the most contemporary and convenient of all window types. The window is mounted on hinges and a manual (or automatic) mechanism cranks the window outward and away from the home. Some homeowners may choose to have the window crank in for easier cleaning, but this isn’t common.

Casement windows are the most popular type of window based on style, energy efficiency, and attractiveness. Although all casement windows have the same components, there are three different types. The best type for your home will depend on the construction of the home, climate, and cost, and of course, preference.

The three types of casement windows are:
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Single frame casement windows are the standard style of casement windows. The window consists of a single frame. Inside the frame are panels of glass known as lights. The lights are separated by wooden strips and they open out or in, depending on how they’re mounted.

Double casement windows were originally called French casement windows. This window consists of two windows hinged on the sides that swing out and meet in the middle. Double casement windows are more expensive than single, but they add an elegant touch to the home.

Push-out casement windows come in both single and double styles. Push-out windows use a handle instead of a crank. This is the least popular type of casement window.

Advantages of High-end Casement Windows

Are you considering replacing your home’s windows? Casement windows are a great selection and come with many benefits. Casement windows have a single sash and are hinged on the side—they feature a hand crank that opens the window vertically on a metal track.


  # Easy Operation

The hand cranks that open casement windows come at a great advantage for windows in hard to reach places—such as above countertops, sinks, furniture, etc. You don’t have to worry about pushing a window open or reaching up to close your windows—most hand cranks are found on the base of the window and make the windows extremely simple to open and close.

# Energy Efficiency

On average, casement windows are the second most energy-efficient type of window, after fixed-pane windows. When closed, casement windows have an airtight seal, preventing unwanted airflow into and out of the house.

 # Wide Open Ventilation

Unlike other windows that only open half-way vertically or horizontally, casement windows open completely. This can allow for a nice breeze into your home on a cool summer night or allow for the first feeling of spring to freshen up your home after a cold winter.

 # Superior Security

The locks on casement windows are embedded into the frame, providing enhanced safety and security. You can also choose how wide you want your windows open, so you don’t have to leave your home vulnerable with a big opening.

 # Versatility

Casement windows come in a variety of materials, including:






Architectural grade


How to choose high-end casement windows

# 1.  Identify high-end casement windows. Manufacturers with regular or production licenses indicate the product logo on the obvious parts of their aluminum alloy products, including manufacturer name or trademark, product name, product model, or mark Date or number. There should be obvious words and signs of “moisture-proof”, “careful handling” and “upward” on the packing box.

# 2. Selecting high-end casement windows requires choosing good quality windows, which are more guaranteed in terms of sound insulation, sealing, flame retardancy, etc., and the service life will be longer than ordinary windows.

# 3. The high-end casement window needs to pay attention to performance. The performance of the window is different due to the scope of use. However, the following aspects are usually considered: strength, which is mainly reflected in the selection of window profiles Whether it can withstand high pressure; airtightness is mainly reflected in the window structure, whether the inner fan and outer frame structure of the window are tight, and whether the window is tight.

# 4. High-end casement window glass is very important. Consumers should choose good glass when choosing windows. Currently, the windows produced by high-end casement windows manufacturers mainly use float glass and low-e coated glass. Float glass is much better than flat glass in terms of heat insulation, heat preservation, light transmission and avoiding visual deformation; low-emissivity coated glass has better quality in heat insulation, heat preservation, light transmission and UV filtering.

# 5. Installation of high-end casement windows Generally merchants are responsible for the installation of doors and windows, so the level of installation should be investigated. The best way is to go to the site where the installation has been completed, and feel the touch.

How to maintain casement Windows

maintain doors and windows
  1. After the window is installed, the protective film on it must be removed. If it is not cleaned for the first time, the adhesive residue of the protective film is difficult to clean;
  2. Because the casement window has an outward opening form, it must be closed at the first time in windy weather, otherwise it will be more easily damaged
  3. The heavy things that cannot be hung in the hands of the casement window;
  1. The opening of the top-hung window is more complicated, so it is necessary to understand the use after operation;
  2. Do not use excessive force when using windows, so as not to reduce the service life of the sash;
  3. The gauze fan on the window sash should also be cleaned frequently. You can remove the fixing strip by yourself, take the gauze and clean it with water-soluble detergent;


Now many people are very particular about the style of home decoration, and they are very concerned about the overall decoration products. Customizing high-end casement windows is a reasonable pursuit, and the performance of casement windows is very much.

The wind resistance, shock resistance, water tightness and air tightness of general casement windows are very good. Generally high-end residential and office buildings are very suitable for installing casement windows. When customizing high-end casement windows, choosing a better sealing tape can have a good thermal insulation effect. Whether it is a hot summer or a cold winter, the good sealing of the casement window is very popular with consumers.

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