Windows are a key part of home decoration, and the choice and use of windows are gradually being valued by the owners. More and more people are pursuing customized high-end windows. In this article, we mainly introduce high-end sliding windows. First introduce the basic characteristics and advantages of high-end sliding windows, and then elaborate on why to choose high-end sliding windows and how to choose high-end sliding windows.

What is sliding glass window

Sliding glass window mainly refers to the door and window which are vertically pushed left and right along the horizontal direction. It slides on the track of the window frame with a sash equipped with wheels. It has not only left-right push-pull, but also up-down push-pull. Using a high-grade slide rail, push it gently to open flexibly. Then with a large piece of glass, it not only increases the indoor lighting, but also improves the overall appearance of the building. The sash has a good stress state and is not easily damaged.

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What are the advantages of sliding windows

The sliding window is opened and closed by an external drive pulley. In-home decoration, it has the highest appearance rate. According to the number of fan blades, it can be divided into a single fan, double fan, and multiple fans. According to the number of tracks, it can be divided into a single track, the second track, and the third track. It can be divided into left and right, up and down according to the opening method.

Easy to use high-end sliding window

The reason why high-end sliding windows are easy to use depends mainly on the choice of window accessories. When we use ordinary sliding windows, we usually find one thing. When sliding, it is easy to get stuck. In fact, this is caused by the slide rail and the pulley, because the hardness of the ordinary material is not very high, so it is easy to produce friction when pushing and pulling. However, high-end sliding windows use high-quality pulleys to conduct special research and design on slide rail movement. They customized the corresponding movement trajectory to make the window sliding smoothly, and it is not easy to cause the stuck problem.

High-end sliding window is easy to clean

The frame of high-end sliding windows is made of metal. In daily cleaning, we only need to gently wipe with a damp cloth, but wring it as much as possible to avoid moisture remaining on the window surface and affecting aesthetics. In addition, for the slide rail, you should regularly use a vacuum cleaner to clean up dust, impurities and other dirty objects, so as not to affect the sliding effect. High-end sliding window glass needs to be cleaned with special detergents, so that the glass can be as bright as new and reduce the accumulation of stains.

High-end sliding window has good sealing

Whether it is summer or winter, you will always feel that the window will leak the same air, resulting in a low indoor temperature. But high-end sliding windows have solved this problem well. They adopted top-secret sealing strips through the edges of the windows to effectively alleviate the wind leakage phenomenon of the windows. In addition, the design of the inner cavity of the window is unique and novel, and the multi-layer structure makes the sealing of the window more superior. Not only is it effective to avoid air leakage, but it also has a good resistance to the infiltration of rainwater to avoid water accumulation in the room.

Beautiful decoration

The appearance of the high-end sliding window is relatively simple, and the design with a sense of line is emphasized, and the glass is embedded in the metal frame. Make the interior space lighting effect, good vision, and easy to take care of. According to different usage methods, it can be divided into two categories: left and right and up and down, which does not occupy space, improves the utilization rate, and makes the overall decoration more prominent. In addition, the high-end sliding window uses high-end slide rails, the switch is smooth, and the service life is long.

How to choose high-end sliding windows

 #1. Be sure to pay attention to its safety when purchasing.  

Common sliding windows are made of aluminum alloy, so the quality of frame profiles should be carefully selected. Most of the aluminum-magnesium alloy profiles use primary colors without coating, and some businesses often use the surface color of recycled aluminum profiles in order to fill them well. Therefore, consumers should let the merchants display the product profiles when purchasing Section to understand the real material. Stores generally have finished products of sliding windows. Hold the sliding door frame and shake it to see if the deformation is severe. If there is severe deformation, it may fall out of the sliding window track frame, which is very dangerous.

Aluminiun Bridge-cut Sliding Windows2
Aluminiun Bridge-cut Sliding Windows1
 #2. The sliding window is divided into upper and lower pulleys.  

The upper pulley plays a guiding role. Because it is installed in the upper rail, consumers often don’t pay attention when buying. The structure of a good upper pulley is relatively complicated. Not only is there a bearing inside, but there are also aluminum blocks to fix the two wheels, so that they can slide smoothly and have almost no noise. Consumers should not mistakenly think that sliding windows should be as light as possible when sliding. In fact, high-quality sliding windows should have a certain weight when sliding, and should be smooth without vibration.


 #3. Select the track with positioning function  

The track with positioning function can be fixed when the sliding window is closed, otherwise, there will always be a gap when many sliding windows are closed and the sides of the frame. For the part of the track on the ground, try to choose a flat shape. The grooved track used in the past is easy to hide dirt and dirt, and it is also easy to trip people, and sometimes it is deformed, which affects you to use sliding windows.


Everything considered, sliding windows are clearly a great choice for homes or businesses where a great view, easy operation, energy efficiency, and low maintenance are all important.

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