For many owners, the sealing of windows and doors is very critical. If you encounter problems with window air leakage and want to replace windows and doors, you will pay a high fee. In windows and doors retail stores, the unit price of good windows is usually thousands of yuan, or even a few thousand yuan per square.  Therefore, it is necessary to seal the windows and doors. In this article, we are going to introduce the importance of windows and doors seals and then explain how to choose windows and doors seals and install windows and doors seals.

Reasons for poor sealing of windows and doors

Windows and doors are poorly sealed for many reasons. In general, the inferior installation of inferior seals and hardware is the most critical two points. For sliding windows and doors, their own structure has inherent defects, and the sealing part needs a sealing strip. The sealing strip has good sealing performance, and the frictional force increases when the window is pushed and pulled, which makes it difficult to push and pull.

If you want to push and pull easily, you must sacrifice some of the sealing, so no matter how good the quality of the sliding window, the sealing is worse than that of the casement window. For casement windows, most manufacturers use inferior seals, poor elasticity, easy aging, easy deformation, etc. In addition, the poor installation quality causes poor sealing and makes it difficult to increase the quality of windows and doors.

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The impact of poor sealing of windows and doors

Due to the low overall quality of house construction, many building components including windows and doors need to be renovated or even replaced by the owner. For windows and doors, the easiest way to distinguish the quality is to see the tightness. In the gap of the window, the lighter can easily distinguish the quality of the seal.

If the sealing is poor, the smoke will drill out of the gap or be blown away by the air. Especially in winter, cold air will continue to penetrate into the house, even if you use your hands, you can easily feel the cold air entering. Although the house is heated, with the entry of cold air, the indoor hot air will flow out, causing energy loss and rising heating costs. But the most important thing is that the indoor comfort level is reduced!

Why does house need windows and doors seals?

Some windows and doors may have poor gaps due to poor production and installation quality, resulting in large airflow in cold weather, and air penetration is particularly severe during high winds.

The indoors are very cold, and the dust and sand from outside are also scraped into the room, and people have to clean the room frequently. The sound insulation effect is not good, there is noise interference all the year round, causing a lot of inconvenience to life. The gap between windows and doors is also a big loophole in wasting energy. The heat consumption of some residential buildings due to air penetration accounts for about 30% of the heating consumption of the entire building. Except for part of the normal need for ventilation, a large part is unnecessary and a huge waste of heat energy.

Among the many technical measures for building energy efficiency, the use of windows and doors sealing strips has higher efficiency and lower cost, and the obtained benefits are the best compared with the consumed costs. At the same time, it is the easiest to use, and it is easy for residents to install it by themselves. Therefore, windows and doors seals have become the first-choice technical measure for building energy efficiency. If you have installed windows and doors seals in your home, you should check whether the seal is still valid before the start of each winter. The method is to stretch your palm to the seam on a windy day to see if you can feel the cold wind blowing. If the seal is poor, it should be replaced in time.

Selection and installation of sealing strip

Windows and doors sealing strips are divided into glass sealant strips and top strips. Sealing strips are generally used on windows and doors, and there are special sealing strip grooves on the pressing strips and windows and doors. The main function is to make the glass and frame fans tighter by wearing sealing strips on the pressing strips and the inner fan, thus ensuring The airtightness of windows and doors.

The installation position of the sealing strip should be flat, the joint should be less than 1MM, the model of the sealing strip should match, too large the pressure bar will not be pressed in, too small will make the sealing strip easily fall off. The glass and fan body are not tight, there will be gaps. Sealing strips should be non-toxic. Tasteless environmental protection special sealing tape.

The tops are usually installed on the windows and doors, around the frame fans or on the sealing bridge (wind block) to enhance the seal between the frame and the fans. If the top specifications are too large or the vertical hairs are too high, not only is it difficult to assemble, but also the windows and doors movement resistance is increased by a hundred.

In particular, the initial resistance for opening and the resistance in place for closing are relatively large. The specification is too small, and the height of the vertical top is not enough to easily get out of the groove, which greatly reduces the sealing performance of windows and doors. The tops need to be siliconized. The tops of qualified tops have a flat surface and the vertical hairs of the bottom plate are smooth and smooth. It should be bend-free and free of pits and bubbles on the negative.

How to install window seals

1 . Before installing the glass, you should carefully remove the debris in the slot, such as mortar, bricks, wood, etc., the glass should be carefully aligned to ensure that the gaps on both sides are even, and fixed in time to prevent collisions from deviation from the slot center

2 . The rubber sealing strip cannot be pulled too tight, and the length of the material used is 2O-3Omm longer than the assembly length. When installing the sealing strip, it should be in place to make the surface straight and it should be in close contact with the glass and the glass notch, so that the force around the glass is even. The rubber strip should be broken off at the corner and glued at the break.

3. When fixing the glass with sealant, the glass should be squeezed with rubber strips or rubber blocks, leaving a gap for glue injection, and the depth of the glue injection should not be less than 5mm. Before the glue is cured, the glass should be kept free from vibration

4. Glass bead—Put the tip of the rubber strip into the groove of the profile manually according to the correct surface, and then press the exposed surface of the rubber strip to press the tape into the gap between the glass and the profile. The tape at both ends retracts a little toward the middle, leaving a length of 1-2 cm and cutting it off, and then pressing it into the slot.

The role of the sealing strip is mainly to protect the glass, wind, cold, rain, energy saving, etc. The sealing strip is very convenient in use, and does not require nails or mud to fix, because people only need to squeeze the glass with the sealing strip and then inject glue.

What you must know about sealing windows

How to seal windows? Facing the problems of wind and rain is very distressing. I believe many people have encountered this problem, especially those living in high-level families. If the sealing is not good, the noise will also seriously affect the rest, so how to seal the window? Here are some ways to seal windows, so that everyone will no longer worry. Many times our windows will be ventilated, especially in winter, when the cold wind whizzes. I wanted to keep warm in the house, but I didn’t expect to ventilate, which made me very unhappy.

 How to seal windows?

 # When entering the winter, many families want to be warm, but many homes have gaps in the windows and poor sealing.

At this time, you can light a candle and sway around the window to see if the sealing performance of your home window is adequate. I couldn’t find a professional to solve the window air leakage for a while. If I have mastered some common knowledge and solutions for the air leakage of high-rise windows, I can solve the problem in the first time. High-rise windows are the same as ordinary bottom-layer windows, and the causes and solutions of window leakage are similar.

 #  It is better to choose casement windows when installing windows

Because casement windows have better sealing performance than sliding windows and are more suitable for high-rise residents. Since the sliding window is in the form of a right and left sliding, it cannot guarantee a 100% tightness. And if it is pushed and pulled for a long time, there will be a certain gap, and there will be abrasion of the pulley and other conditions will lead to ventilation. If the air leakage occurs in the sliding window, you can replace the new seal or replace the pulley, and adjust the distance.

 #  In many cases, the window is leaked because the installation is not carried out according to the specifications, that is, there is a gap between the window accessory materials after installation.

In this case, you need to check whether there is a quality problem in the window itself or a problem that occurs during installation. If it is a window quality problem, you need to replace it with a new window, and negotiate with the merchant. If it is an installation problem, you need to remove the window and follow the steps to reinstall.

During the installation, you should pay attention to clean up the debris between the window frame and the wall, fill the gap with cement and sand, and finally repair it to make the window more beautiful. If the window gap is large, it is better to add a layer of plastic steel window; if the gap is relatively small, you can directly stick the sealing strip. The problem of window air leakage and ventilation will seriously affect our lives, and will also have a certain impact on our winter heating. Therefore, if there is a window air leakage e, we must deal with it in time.


Therefore, in our daily life, it is urgent to choose a seal with long life and good performance. In this way, the sealing effect can be improved. After the sealing is improved, in addition to saving heating costs, comfort is also improved. For example, room temperature will increase, the sound insulation effect of windows and doors will be more ideal, and the condensation will be alleviated or even disappear.

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