Installing windows and doors is a key step for interior decoration. Doors and windows play multiple roles in protecting indoor objects, property safety, heat insulation, anti-theft and so on.

Many problems can occur when installing windows and doors without care.

In this article, we have summarized some common problems that commonly occur during the installation of windows and doors and introduce the solutions correspondingly.

installing doors and windows

Problem 1: Curved frames

During the installation of doors and windows, it is common to see the curved frames. Sliding doors and windows will easily shake especially in windy weather, as a result of the curved frames.

Causes of the problem:

  1. The frames of doors and windows are deformed by external forces.
  2. The profile is not selected properly, for example, the cross-section is small, and the strength is not enough.
  3. The material of doors and windows is not qualified enough in production.
  4. The thickness of aluminum doors and windows does not meet the standard. But it is hard for the owner to recognize. Many businesses offer installations below industry standards. And the profile frames are not firmly connected.
  5. The accessories do not match the specifications.
  6. Different fixing methods are not adopted according to different walls.


  1. Repair and re-install the deformed frame.
  2. The packing around the frame should be appropriate to prevent excessive bending inward. Choose the right profiles that conform to national standards. The thickness of the outer frame of the aluminum alloy profile shall not be less than 2.4 mm.
  3. Check the appearance of aluminum profiles, qualified profiles should be blue-white or ivory white, clean and smooth. Good quality should have a protective film.
  4. Select the profile section according to the size of the door and window openings and installation height.
  5. Install strictly following regulations to ensure firmness and stability.

Problem 2: Loose frames of doors and windows, oversized gaps between the doors and windows leaves

Causes of the problem:

  1. The distance between the anchoring iron feet is too large, or the material used for anchoring the iron feet is too thin; the anchoring method is incorrect.

The main reason is that the plan and repair are not allowed during the installation and the doors and windows are not perpendicular to the ground. The doors and windows can be removed and repaired to fit the frame and reinstalled.

There is a hollow drum sound when the side panel of the door sleeve is knocked by hand. If the bottom panel is not lined with a large core board, the panel should be removed and a large core board should be added.

  1. Besides, the center lines of the upper and lower tracks or rail grooves are not in the same vertical plane.


  1. The distance between anchoring iron feet must not be greater than 600 mm, and the iron feet must be anti-corrosive.
  2. The thickness of the material used for anchoring iron feet is not less than 1.5 mm, and the width must not be less than 25 mm.
  3. Different anchoring prevention schemes shall be adopted. Nail anchoring shall not be used on brick walls, and expansion bricks shall not be used for anchoring of porous bricks.
  4. The centerline of the upper or lower track or track groove should be vertically aligned by adjusting the track position.

Problem 3: Leakage


  1. Leakage at door and window frames and surrounding wall joints.
  2. Water in the sliding slot of the sliding window penetrates the window.

Causes of the problem:

  1. Cement mortar caulking for door and window frames and walls.
  2. The glue injection between the door and window frames and the wall is not strict and there is a gap.
  3. The production technology of the doors and windows is unqualified, and the combination between the window frame and sash is not strict.
  4. The sash seal is not installed, or the installation is unqualified, and water seeps into the sash glass seam.
  5. There is no drainage hole in the window frame.


  1. The gap between the door and window frame and the sub-frame, the door, and window frame and the wall must not be caulked with cement mortar.

There should be full of elastic closed-cell material plugs, and sealed with weather-resistant sealant. Requirements for injection of elastic closed-cell materials: continuous application, full-filling, and one-time molding.

The foaming agent outside the frame should be inserted into the gap before the conjunctiva is hardened to prevent the outer film of the foaming agent from being damaged.

  1. Check whether the doors and windows are qualified before installation.

Check carefully whether the window frame and sash are tightly connected, and whether the sash seal is installed properly.

  1. A gap of more than 50 mm between the window frame and the hole

There is a gap between the window frame and the hole. And that gap should be more than 50 mm so that the window sill can be used as a flowing slope.

  1. The lower frame of the outer frame and the track root should be drilled with drainage holes.

Problem 4: Poor hardware installation quality


The metal keyhole decorative parts are skewed, loose, and fall off, and the door leaf switch is not smooth.


Mainly because the construction is not in place, the hinges of the casement door are not on, which causes the door and window leaf and the frame cover to be uneven.

Each hinge should be unscrewed first, and then adjust the flatness of the door and window leaf and frame to adjust and repair, and then tighten all the screws.

If the hinge screws are short, the screws are screwed in and tilted at one time, it will cause the doors and windows to be opened and repaired, and appropriate screws should be replaced.

When screwing, the screws must be straight. One-third of the full length should be nailed first, and then the remaining two-thirds should be screwed at one time. There is also a problem with the lock installation.


When installing the keyhole decorative cover, use a marble hole opener to make holes first, and then use a 6 mm impact drill to drill holes to a depth of 2.0 to 3.0 cm.

Built-in 6 mm plastic expansion tube and fixed with self-tapping screws. Make sure it is flat. After adjusting the position of the tongue of the door frame, install the tongue plate.

Problem 5: Obvious color difference between doors and windows


The color of the doors and windows frames are inconsistent with the leaves.


The materials are not the same factory products, or the same batch of products, or products of different material grades.


  1. The products of the same manufacturer shall be used for the selection of profiles, and sufficient materials shall be prepared at one time.
  2. pay attention to the color of ingredients before cutting, avoid large color different materials used on the same door and window.

Problem 6: Door and window frames are not square


The door and window are tilted. After the windows and doors are installed, the door and window are tilted and the door leaves are not pushed well. The doors and windows are not horizontal. After the doors and windows are installed, the phenomenon of one head high and one low head, uneven gaps between the fan and the frame, and sometimes the problem of the upper width and the lower width or the lower width and the upper width are narrow.


The chi-square is not allowed during the installation of the frame, and the two diagonal lines of the frame have lengths, which makes the frame not square. Straighten without the wooden piece, should be reworked and leveled. Use a long ruler to measure and then install the cushion board.


Use wooden rafters to temporarily fix it during installation, measure and adjust the diagonal to the same length, and then use iron feet to fix it firmly.

This is mainly because the installer did not use a wire drop during the installation process, and checked the verticality of the door and window with the ground or the table surface by a ruler, which caused the excessive deviation.

Therefore, when installing doors and windows, it must be done according to the installation specifications. To measure the level of the window sill or the ground, look at which side is high, and then use the high point as the reference, and temporarily fix it with wooden wedges or pads to adjust the level of the window frame. When the level is adjusted, the window will not appear to be high and low.

Cautions when installing doors and windows

Doors and windows are divided into enclosure members or partition members according to their positions. There are different design requirements to have functions such as heat insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation, waterproof, and fire prevention. New requirements for energy saving. The lost heat accounts for about 25% of the total heating consumption.

The requirements for the tightness of doors and windows are important content in energy-saving design. Doors and windows are an important part of the building envelope system.

The installation of doors and windows seems to be a simple job in home decoration. It is not as simple as imagined. During the installation process, the horizontal and vertical correction of doors and windows should be monitored.

The foam should be filled between the window frame and the wall, and the inside and outside of the window frame must be sealed with silicon copper glue or sealant to prevent water seepage.

After installation, the protective film must be removed, otherwise, the service life of doors and windows will be reduced.

It should also be noted that after installing the sash, check whether the overlap of the sash contained in the sash meets the standard requirements. If there are a potential quality and safety hazard, all work must be reworked.


Installing windows and doors in home renovations may seem like a simple job, but it can also cause many problems if construction is not done properly.

Most consumers don’t know much about the installation of doors and windows, which causes problems. The article details the most prone to these problems when installing doors and windows!