With the continuous development of the economy, people are eager to improve the quality of life, and ordinary windows and doors are far from meeting people’s needs. The emergence of intelligent windows and doors can meet people’s needs to improve the quality of life to a greater extent. So, what are smart windows and doors? What are the outstanding functions of smart windows and doors? What are the advantages and disadvantages of smart windows and doors, how should we choose smart windows and doors? In this article we will introduce these contents for you.

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 What are smart windows and doors

Smart windows and doors refer to a type of windows and doors equipped with advanced anti-theft systems and anti-robbery systems, as well as advanced alarm system technology. At present, smart windows and doors are widely used in places such as public places and shopping malls, as well as high-end commercial houses. Generally speaking, the control system of intelligent windows and doors generally includes a wireless remote controller and an intelligent main controller. In addition, there are windows and doors controllers and windows and doors drivers.

What are the functions of smart windows and doors?

 1. Wireless remote control

No matter where in the room, users can remotely control the windows and doors through wireless, or stay in any position through wireless control of curtains.

 2. Automatic windproof and rainproof

The wind and rain system is equipped with a wind and rain sensor on the side of the windows and doors. If the wind reaches level 3, or if the rain falls on the sensor, the window can be closed by itself, so that automatic weather protection can be achieved.

 3. Urgent help

If the house is patronized by thieves, the system will automatically call the police; the elderly and children at home can also call the police automatically.

 4. Automatic inspection and control of gas

When the system detects abnormalities of gas and harmful gases, the intelligent controller will automatically issue corresponding commands to automatically open the windows and exhaust fans. At the same time, it will automatically alarm and send the alarm to the owner’s mobile phone and the community security office.

 5.  Automatic fire control

In the event of a fire, the sensor will immediately detect the smoke signal. The intelligent controller sends out instructions at random to open the windows and doors. At the same time, it automatically alarms and sends the alarm to the owner.

 6. Prevent children from falling off the building

If the sensor detects the information of the human body, the window will automatically close, and the child will be closed indoors, which can prevent the child from falling into the building and other tragedies.

 7. Purify indoor air

If the indoor air is not good, such as smoke, acetone and formaldehyde, and even harmful substances such as benzene, ethylamine, etc., the sensor will automatically detect air turbidity, and then automatically turn on the purifier to clean.

The problem with smart windows and doors

This issue of confidence is the key challenge for manufacturers of smart windows and door locks. It’s why the slightly ‘less smart’ but integrated hardware systems using traditional manual operating mechanisms may be seen as preferable by some homeowners, offering benefits with fewer associated risks.

Another is the issue of integration. Our smart devices are already loaded with apps. The industry is in the process of developing ‘smart home assistants’ – a central device that seamlessly integrates with, and gives you control over, your other smart devices without having to run multiple apps.

Until they do, however, smart devices can appear decidedly ‘clunky’ for new and cutting-edge technology.

Data protection and ownership is another area that may be of concern.  A smart window or door product will track your movements when you leave your home when you get back. In a data-driven environment this is high-value information.

The industry still needs to convince many that the controls and restrictions to prevent this information from being exploited – or worse still, falling into the wrong hands – are in place. In fact, this is flagged in the PWC report as a major challenge, cited by 38% of respondents as a ‘significant barrier to adoption’ of smart home technologies.

Should I buy ‘smart’ windows and doors?

We’re switching onto smart technologies. We’re using smart devices to manage our heating, lighting, and security not to mention smart TVs, phones – even smart coffee makers. According to the latest connected home survey by professional services giant PWC, 30% of us will have bought a smart device for our homes by 2020.

The internet of things, where smart home devices not only talk to us but to each other, is making the future a reality today. The internet of things is the extension of internet connectivity into physical devices and everyday objects. The devices are embedded with electronics and other forms of hardware like sensors, these devices can communicate and interact with others over the internet so they can be remotely monitored and controlled.

windows and doors are no exception, so what do you need to consider?

Are smart technologies available for windows and doors?

There are a growing number of ‘smart’ window systems available from simple security sensors to fully integrated systems.

These include at the basic end of the scale, simple sensors that can be fitted to windows and doors and which will alert you if opened to more sophisticated platforms which will trigger an alert if you leave your home without closing windows or locking doors.

At the top of the tree are automated locking systems, which allow you to lock your windows and doors remotely and unlock them through vicinity sensor technology in the same way as a keyless entry on a car using a fob and even facial recognition technology.

So, which smart window and door sensor and security system is best?

Smart windows and doors sensors

The starting point for the smart window and doors are window and door sensors. These generally work with a plug-in smart hub, which relays messages to a phone or other smart device, via an app.

They offer basic functionality, for example triggering a siren or sending an alert to your home security system if someone forces your door or window when armed, as well as tracking movements to and from your property.

Others will also detect temperature changes and alert you via a smart device app if you’ve accidentally left a window open.

Integrated window and door smart hardware systems

There are two types. Those systems which provide an alert and those which actually allow you to lock your door or window remotely

Smart window and door locking status systems

These work on the same principles as smart door retrofit sensors offering an alert on the status of your windows and doors. Many also feature added functionality. This includes geo-fencing, exploiting your phone’s position within the GPS network to trigger an alert if you leave your property without locking the door or windows.

The negative is that like many smart sensor systems, smart integrated locking systems require batteries, a hub and some come with subscriptions, which you’ll need to pay to use the smart service.

If you’re not sure you want to invest in a fully-fledged smart product now but think that you may want to in the future, windows and doors with pre-fitted smart technology can, however, be a good option, allowing you to switch on smart functionality at a later date.

What are the advantages of smart windows and doors

Smart glass can electronically darken or lighten

Smart windows can be designed with “intelligent” sensors that respond to changes in temperature, angle of the sun, and cloud cover, among other factors such as security breaches, as well as to architectural features such as overhangs. Energy, security, & worker productivity benefits behind rising interest

While smart windows remain very niche, interest is growing quickly as builders, building owners, and office managers recognize the benefits of these and other products that integrate with the Internet of Things (IoT), including their:

superior energy efficiency
ability to increase employee focus and productivity in workplace environments

security features
other communicative abilities, such as alerting maintenance crews to relevant problems

Additionally, the self-adjusting capabilities of smart windows eliminate the need for curtains and blinds.


In this age of technology, human needs are constantly changing. In the context of the trend of smart decoration, traditional windows and doors have also rapidly evolved into multi-functional high-tech smart products. Therefore, smart windows and doors are a big trend and will gradually replace traditional windows and doors and enter every household!

At present, there are many domestic manufacturers with the name of smart windows and doors, but they do not have the relevant qualifications. Therefore, when consumers buy smart windows and doors, it is recommended to buy smart windows and doors of famous manufacturers to avoid spending a lot of money, but can not buy good windows and doors.

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