How much you know about sustainable windows and doors?

Doors and windows are not only the eyes of the building, but also the shield of home products. High-quality sustainable windows and doors create a quiet and relaxing home for consumers. Healthy and comfortable life starts with the selection of environmentally friendly products.

We know that windows and doors are now developing towards low-carbon doors and windows, and only sustainable windows and doors are the development trend of windows and doors in the future. In order to ensure product quality and protect the environment in which humans live, all sustainable windows and doors use environmentally friendly and green materials in the manufacturing process, and use harmless materials. The use of environmentally friendly materials ensures that the windows and doors produced will not produce harmful substances after installation, so as to achieve reasonable development and effective use of energy and maximize material utilization.

Environmental protection is a topic that the country and consumers are very concerned about, and it is also an important link for door and window companies to rectify and improve. The environmental protection storm swept the windows and doors industry, and it has not stopped until now. Relevant departments have even issued a view that environmental protection remediation is open throughout the year. In addition, the country promotes supply-side reforms and proposes to eliminate backward production capacity. These two factors are superimposed, which makes windows and doors enterprises also face transformation and reform.

susatainable windows and doors

What are so called sustainable windows and doors?

Nearly a fifth of heat lost from an uninsulated home can be through the windows.  By making a significant reduction to the amount of heat lost through your windows and doors you will be reducing the amount of energy you use to keep your home warm, therefore saving you money. The technology used to design modern energy rated replacement windows and doors has tackled the key issues that have a major impact on how effective your windows and doors are at keeping your home warm. The main consideration has been to reduce the heat that can be lost through poorly insulated windows and doors.

Many homeowners will realize that there are variations in the quality of windows and doors available today, but few may realize the vast differences in how well they insulate and what a difference this can make. Each part of a window or door contributes to its overall insulation.  From the quality and design of the seals; to the thermal performance of the frames and to the type of double glazed unit used – all have their part to play. Windows and doors that have the largest expanse of glass will naturally allow more light into your home and therefore benefit from solar gain.

susatainable windows and doors

Heat gained in this way reduces your reliance on central heating to warm your home. By choosing the best performing windows and doors you can help to make a real difference and save money for years to come.

In the same way that fridges, freezers, washing machines and other household appliances carry the widely recognized energy efficiency labels, the windows you buy for your home will now also feature a similar labeling system. Window Energy Ratings can be applied to any window system that has been fully independently assessed. This assessment gives each window system a rating – where A is the most energy efficient and G is the least.  Homeowners that want the most energy efficient windows should opt for the highest Window Energy Rating possible.

Concern over the environment is making homeowners far more aware than ever of the value of energy-efficient windows. Window Energy Ratings are the clearest indication of how well a window system performs in terms of insulation. Quite simply, the higher the rating the more energy-efficient the window is. All replacement windows must now be C, B, or A-rated products or have a maximum combined U-Value of 1.6 W/m2K (the lower the U-Value the greater the thermal efficiency). Replacement doors meanwhile must now have no more than a maximum combined U-Value of 1.8 W/m2K. To help consumers recognize the best window systems, the Government introduced “Window Energy Ratings” (WER’s) under the guise of the British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC) to make it easier for UK homeowners to identify the most energy-efficient windows.

How to Choose Sustainable Materials for Your Windows and Doors

Builders today have more choices of materials than ever before. Wood, vinyl, and fiberglass are all popular choices. And all provide sustainable benefits to homes, offices, and Mother Earth. If new windows and doors are in your future, read on to see which material is best for your application.

# Wonderful Wood

The timber used in our wood windows and doors is sourced from sustainably managed forests. Because preparing timber for the wood windows involves little carbon usage, the usage of the wood is optimized with up to 80 percent of incoming lumber actually utilized to create products. Waste is also minimized and repurposed. The remaining sawdust is turned into animal metal, and recycling the components.

And the scrap aluminum is sent to an aluminum recycling facility. Companies ship waste from aluminum processing back to suppliers. That waste then gets reused. Wood stands up to extreme heat and extreme cold, and the treatment applied to wood during manufacturing protects the wood from rot. The aluminum cladding on the exterior is low maintenance, which means the windows will last a long time. It does not crack, split, warp or become brittle over time.

# Vital Vinyl

Vinyl is widely used for windows. Easy care, energy-efficient vinyl windows don’t need painting, staining, or refinishing. Fully welded sashes and frames add strength and durability. Cost-effective, durable, energy-efficient with low impact on the environment. Vinyl is also highly recyclable. It can be used to create other vinyl products. Manufactures funnel much of its vinyl waste back into window material.

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# Fabulous Fiberglass

Fiberglass is known for creating extremely durable windows and doors with insulating properties. It requires little maintenance with no painting, staining, or refinishing. This window material is also recyclable. Fiberglass achieves durability with thinner wall cavities in the profile than other fiberglass windows and doors, which means products are saving the environment by using less materia

# Gorgeous Glass

Made of sand, glass is one of the most sustainable building materials homeowners can choose. It’s fully recyclable into other glass products and recycled over and over again throughout its lifetime. But not all glass is created equal when it comes to keeping energy in the home. Heat gain and heat loss through windows are responsible for 25-to-30 percent of residential heating and cooling energy use. Therefore, it is important to choose glass that has the ultimate energy-saving properties.

# Sustainable Sourcing

Manufacturing sustainable windows are only 5 percent of the story. By selecting energy-efficient windows, a consumer can save energy. Look for the ENERGY STAR designation on windows. ENERGY STAR-qualified new and replacement windows lower energy bills. According to ENERGY STAR, the typical home will save $126–$465 a year when replacing single-pane windows. Homeowners can save $27–$111 a year with double-pane, clear glass replacement windows. Rigorous testing helps ensure energy efficiency standards are met.

Some companies have the unique capability to do full testing and certification to industry standards on site. Some companies utilize their test lab to find sustainable and innovative ways to build their products. As homeowners become increasingly educated and concerned about the products used to build their homes, options abound that are sustainable, durable, energy-efficient, and beautiful. And when paired with the right glass, the combination can be positive for homeowners’ wallets.

Environmental protection is irreversible, the five major development paths of door and window companies

In today's resource-limited society, people attach great importance to environmental protection, environmental protectionwindows and doorsand energy-saving windows and doorsare more sought after by the owners. Under the general trend of environmental protection, how will door and window companies develop?

#1. Door and window enterprises should cater to consumers' environmental protection needs

Materials are the basis of production and manufacturing, and also the elements that bring the most primitive and intuitive feeling to users. The R & D and innovation of original materials have a great impact and influence on traditional industries such as doors and windows. In today’s door and window industry, the main materials used are aluminum alloy, wood, and glass. Door and window companies can do certain research and development in the direction of environmental protection. Door and window enterprises can also integrate with smart door and window systems to prepare for the environmental protection and intelligent IP of door and window enterprises or door and window brands.

#2. Door and window enterprises can transform into sustainable door and window enterprises

China’s environmental protection equipment industry started in the 1960s. At present, a certain scale and system have been formed in the three major areas of air pollution control equipment, water pollution control equipment and solid waste treatment equipment. The solicitation of environmental protection taxes will inevitably be a strong point of the environmental protection equipment industry, and the door and window industry will be prepared to become environmentally friendly in advance, and will win the opportunity.

#3. Door and window companies need to focus on training workers and teams

High-quality talents and teams are pursued by all door and window companies, and workers should belong to the lowest part of the enterprise talent system. Under the premise of pursuing profit space, door and window enterprises strengthen their technical training and industrial cultivation for workers by investing time, energy and funds, so as to form their own unique team, which can quickly, accurately and strategically complete the upper-level instructions. Turn “single-core workers” into “multi-core”. For example, workers in the production chain can also provide professional assembly services, which improves the competitiveness of the team and also neutralizes the labor costs caused by environmental taxes.

 #4. Door and window companies need to strengthen chain cooperation 

Upstream and downstream enterprises in the door and window industry chain should strengthen cooperation to form a stronger and more effective interactive model to achieve high-speed barrier-free cooperation. This can reduce the loss of manpower, material and financial resources to a certain extent, and resist the impact of environmental tax collection. Therefore, door and window companies can avoid the risks and win profits by “holding groups to heat up”.

#5. Door and window enterprises take the road of independent transformation, transformation and upgrading

Since the door and window industry has been greatly impacted by e-commerce, the road of transformation has continued. Some door and window companies have grown in groping, and some door and window companies have collapsed in shock. In terms of business model, whether it is the hot O2O in the previous two years or the new retail ofwindows and doorsthat are popular today, it is a new attempt made by the reform army in theory and practice. In terms of sales model, from e-commerce marketing to overallwindows and doorsto today’s whole-house customization, the door and window industry is also expanding. While diversifying marketing strategies, it is also expanding the industry chain step by step.


Faced with huge market and environmental pressures, only through upgrading and transformation can companies make breakthroughs in the door and window market, constantly upgrade low-carbon environmental protection technology, and take the sustainable development path of the environmental protection door and window industry, although at present, the development of low-carbonwindows and doorsA large amount of capital needs to be invested in research and development, but from the perspective of long-term development in the future, the return of this model is far greater than the investment.

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