Whether you’re looking to replacing your windows and doors, renovating a new extension or building a new home we’ve got the best double and triple glazing windows and doors trends for 2020. From geometric architecture to energy-efficient windows and doors, these are the trends to watch out for in the residential and commercial property market this year. This article mainly discusses the trend of windows and doors in 2020. From the return of large windows and fewer frames to sliding glass doors, here are some of the biggest trends in double-glazed windows and doors, and people are increasingly demanding the choice of windows and doors.

This article will also discuss the characteristics of door and window selection in 2020.

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Sustainable windows and doors  

In 2019, homeowners begin to focus on reducing energy consumption and saving energy expenditure. Sustainability, longevity, and thermal performance are a priority when investing in windows and doors for their home and the environment as most energy flows in and out of a home through windows and doors. With the help of intelligent design and technological innovation, the move towards choosing energy-efficient windows and doors made from eco-friendly materials to provide heating, cooling and lighting are an essential component in sustainable building design.

uPVC and aluminum windows and doors are popular choices, by reducing carbon emissions and promoting green environmental protection methods, to minimize the impact on the environment. All of our options are designed to include traditional features whilst incorporating modern operation, technology and energy efficiency.

susatainable windows and doors
About sustainable windows and doors

Larger glass with minimal sightlines

Research shows natural light is said to be the number one interior design feature people look for in a living room when buying a family home! The demand for large windows and less frame is rapidly increasing with popularity among homeowners in 2019, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. One of the advantages of large panes of glass and slim frames is the brightness and the amount of natural light that floods into your home and giving the most significant views out. Living spaces with floor to ceiling windows with modern, minimal frames for unobstructed views is the trend to watch out for in the coming months for 2020. One of the most popular materials for modern windows with minimal sightlines is aluminum.

Sliding glass doors

With modern technology changing, sliding doors can now be designed with cavity pocket which allows for the glass panes to slide into the wall cavity so to fully open the living area inside with the outside space to help increase living space.

Another trend that has been creating a buzz on the home market is the external sliding doors where the glass panes slide onto an outer wall. Large sliding glass doors are on the list of windows and doors trends for 2020 and are set to continue to be the top choice for doors in the coming months. By offering much wider panes of glass than bi-folds, slim sliding doors with expansive glass panels are sleek and give a sense of spaciousness with dramatic views and increased daylight. Sliding glass doors give your home a modern sleek edge, with wider glass panels and slim frames that allow you uninterrupted views of your garden, and an increased amount of natural light.

In addition, with the modern advancement of efficient home design, sliding doors can be hidden in the wall to maximize the use of living space. This minimalist style is a popular choice for kitchen or living room expansion.

Glass extensions

The growth in outdoor living has driven the demand for beautiful glass extensions and is at the top of most people’s 2020 home improvement wish list. The popularity to create a living space with walls of glass for captivating views of the garden and sky above has massively increased over the last few years. Modern glass extension or conservatories are contemporary architecture an ever more popular way of adding extra space and style to your home.


Colored Windows and doors

Following through from the past couple of years, it seems colored windows and doors are not going away any time soon. Although white windows are a classic choice, matte black is the color that needs attention in 2020. Black frame windows have been all the rage in 2019; they blend perfectly with any interior or exterior decoration and look stunning in traditional and modern homes. However, grey is making big appearances in windows and doors trends for 2020, from anthracite grey to pebble grey, their subdued aesthetics blend well in contemporary homes. Grey composite doors are one of our bestselling front door color.

As many of us are increasingly becoming more environmentally conscious and finding ways to save energy, aluminum windows are a popular choice for their sustainability, elegant style, and keeping the heat in and the cold out for a greater value of money. it is one of the most popular window materials for industrial-style windows. Aluminum style windows and doors are a sleek, and modern style that has been trending through 2019 and looks set to continue in 2020.

Curves and Arches

Structured and Architectural designs are one of the latest trends for 2020, with curves, archways and circular shapes making an appearance. This is not only suitable for modern interior design but exterior as well, as more homes are choosing to break away from traditional square or rectangular shapes, and creating windows and doors with a much rounder edge.

Timber windows-retro fusion

Finally, let’s consider timber windows. Natural wood is making a comeback as the best choice of material to be used to manufacture today’s windows and doors. Windows timber frames are very energy efficient and are available in oak, hardwood and European redwood. Keep looking forward. Will you be bringing timber windows to your home in 2020?

Characteristics of windows and doors trends in 2020

susatainable windows and doors
Trend 1: Minimalism

People now prefer to pursue simplicity, use a simple aesthetic to convey a quaint charm, and show the new generation’s yearning for simple and beautiful life. Choose the door and window style with simple lines, no extravagant decoration, will make the whole space more simple, full of unique connotation. The large-area door and window design and relaxed temperament give people a warm and beautiful feeling, which greatly enhances the aesthetic appeal of the entire home environment.

Trend 2: metal elements

The metal elements with both personality and futuristic sense are loved and chased by the younger generation. No matter what style of home improvement design, it can perfectly interpret a unique and uninhibited personality, enhancing the high-level sense of home improvement. Cool metal elements have been in the fashion circle for many years, and 2020 will use multi-element mix and match as a new highlight to perfectly control the advanced personal beauty. Aluminum windows and doors are the best choice to create futuristic metal element space selection windows and doors. The modern and simple line sense aluminum alloy window neutralizes the toughness of the metal and enhances the atmosphere of the future. The transparent glass without any style and color allows the metal personality to be perfectly integrated in the exquisite space.

Trend 3: Multicolor mashup

Although solid colors are quite popular in the home fashion industry, but now those things and elements that can inspire enthusiasm in life, the collision and contrast of colors make the younger generation accept a refreshing and fun visual enjoyment. Low-key and natural light-colored windows and doors Windows and doors are dominated by natural light-colored or log-colored systems in the contrasting spaces, and form a sharp contrast with the strong contrasting colors, highlighting the sense of space. Discard all novelty and flashiness, so that the overall space is not too exaggerated. Of course, you can also draw more harmonious colors on the leather sofas and pillows to make the windows and doors and the space seamless.

susatainable windows and doors
Trend 4: Random irregular geometric elements

The geometrical elements are full of tension, point, line, and surface changes, allowing the interior space to exhibit a layered change. The eclectic and random design of geometric elements, through irregular lines and rich vivid colors, makes the home space more dynamic. The space of geometric elements, how to get the windows and doors of geometric patterns, the windows and doors and the home space are in harmony, naturally have a sense of regularity and beauty in the same vein. Dynamic geometric pattern windows and doors not only show romantic feelings, but also show the fun of leisure.

Trend 5: Trend of pragmatism

After all, the beautiful design should return to the actual user experience. The 2020 home furnishing trends can be summarized as "livable" and "comfortable". Because pragmatism returns to multifunctional design, it can provide a convenient and comfortable experience for life. Moreover, pragmatism focuses on the combination of aesthetics, destined to be bound to the trend of 2020 trend home furnishing. The pragmatic home space can be customized with complete system windows and doors.


Whether you’re someone who likes to plan their home improvements months in advance or wants to keep ahead of the interior trends, you’re sure to be spoilt for choice in materials, colors and designs when choosing windows and doors for your home.

The trend of windows and doors is always changing. With the changes in the home improvement environment in 2020 and the change in people’s aesthetics of home improvement styles, the popular elements and styles in the design of windows and doors are also changing. Make full use of space forms and materials to create a personalized door and window style. Pack up the trend of windows and doors in 2020 and bring new inspiration to your home decoration.

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