As a commodity, the average person will not buy or renovate the house many times in his life. Therefore, in order to improve the house level and make your house unique, you can get a significant improvement through house windows and doors customized. On the other hand, through house windows and doors customized can also reveal identity and promote personality.

In this article, we first introduce what house windows and doors customized, and then explain the factors that need to be considered for window and door customization, and the detailed customization process. Finally, we will explain the effects and advantages of customizing the windows and doors of the house.

What is house windows and doors customized

House windows and doors customized is a unique window and door designed by the merchant according to the user’s preference. In other words, users are involved in the whole process of window and door design, production and installation according to their own decoration style.

In order to meet the user’s wishes, the merchant implants the user’s unique concept according to the user’s comprehensive requirements and the actual situation of the house. Then, after special design, independent production, and professional installation, the merchant can customize high-level windows and doors that are obviously different from ordinary products. In recent years, the concept of house windows and doors customized has become a popular trend and status symbol in the upper class. Good private custom window and door products really meet the needs of many high-end people.

Tips about house windows and doors customized you should konw:

 1. House windows and doors customized require professionals

In the whole house windows and doors customized process, you need to find a professional brand or person. If you don’t know anything about decoration, you don’t know which material is more expensive, and you don’t know the main price and cost of decoration, you can consult a brand professional. In general, many families may choose to customize the windows and doors of the entire house. In order to find the designated brand, all the windows and doors in the home are customized by the designated brand, which is more efficient.

 2. Product quality

High-quality window and door products are completed by professional personnel from material selection to production and processing to installation. After this process, the products presented are very textured like artworks.

From the appearance point of view alone, if the aluminum alloy surface is depainted or the window and door accessories are deformed, it is a manifestation of the quality of the window and door products.

 3. Product price

Each qualified window and door product has a lot of processes from design to delivery, which leads to higher prices of a qualified window and door products than those of counterfeit products. Conversely, if the price is significantly lower than similar products on the market, they must be counterfeit products and should not be considered.

 4. Product performance

Product performance is also an important part of testing product quality. Qualified window and door products need to be tested for water tightness, air tightness, wind pressure resistance and sound insulation effect of windows and doors. These properties are usually not directly visible. We can know through the window and door inspection report issued by the authoritative inspection department authorized by the state.

susatainable windows and doors

 5. After-sales service

In addition to the above points, the after-sales service of the brand is also a top priority. The quality of some brand products is not bad, but once they pay the full amount, their attitude will make a 180-degree turn, which will make consumers complain. Therefore, we must pay attention to their after-sales service when choosing products, so that our consumers can spend money to enjoy.

What factors need to be considered for window and door customization

 1. Windows and doors should be based on daily needs

In home design, windows and doors in different spaces should have different styles and can also play different roles. For example, pay attention to the use of windows and doors with good sound insulation in the bedroom, and the transparent and bright sliding doors at the connection of the living room balcony.


 2. Windows and doors should be considered for durability

The purchase of windows and doors should focus on durable quality to reduce the possibility and frequency of future maintenance by the owner. For window and door products, the quality of the material can often be seen with the naked eye. In daily use, we can also intuitively feel the heavy feeling of high-end customized windows and doors. This kind of heavy weight does not mean the bulkiness of the product, but the smoothness and freedom when pushing and pulling.


 3. Windows and doors should be better to improve space efficiency

The position of windows and doors should be based on the principle of improving space utilization efficiency. The wrong placement of windows and doors will not only affect the indoor storage, but also not conducive to the overall aesthetics. In the design of home space, the practical application of the position of windows and doors is often very important.

How long does house windows and doors customized take? What are the customization process

Many consumers often come over and ask, "Boss, I have to order a few windows and doors. Can you help me get it today?" Today, I will introduce you to the process of customizing windows and doors.

As you know, customized products are different from standardized products. In terms of customization, each product is designed and manufactured according to the actual needs of consumers to meet consumer preferences and home decorating styles.

Because it is a customized product, then he will have certain delivery time requirements. We call this the lead time. Generally, non-standard windows and doors require about 25 days or more from production to production. Look at the factory's schedule specifically.

So, what are the steps of house windows and doors customized?

 1. Formulate a plan

First, customize the windows and doors to determine your needs, a series of factors to consider such as sound insulation or heat insulation, casement windows or sliding type. Then, a professional window and door consultant will know more about your house and make the most reasonable suggestions for you. Finally, by explaining and demonstrating graphics, initially determine your customization needs, and then develop a customization plan.

 2. On-site measurement

After the customized solution is determined, the factory will arrange professional window and door installers to make an appointment to accurately measure the windows and doors. Understand the surrounding environment of the house, determine the size of windows and doors, wall structure, installation and transportation environment and corresponding configuration conditions, as a basis for design and quotation.

 3. Design and quotation

After the window and door scale is completed, the window and door consultant will arrange a professional window and door designer according to your needs, and draw a satisfactory rendering according to the actual situation. Then let you clearly understand the effect of the windows and doors after installation, and make a quotation for the reserved products.

 4. Installation of windows and doors.

When you are very satisfied with the price and renderings, the factory will arrange professionals to come to you for installation.

The final effect of private custom windows and doors

susatainable windows and doors

Appearance: It looks very luxurious and stylish. After completion, the whole looks beautiful and noble, overflowing from the inside out and reflecting the host’s temperament, personality and wealth characteristics.

Internal: The structure of windows and doors is scientific, it is reasonable and firm, and the wall thickness exceeds national and European standards. It has superior sound insulation and heat insulation performance, showing super quality.

Feel: The hardware of the windows and doors is comfortable and stable to hold, and it is very convenient to use. It extremely demonstrates the owner’s elegance and calmness in use.

What are the advantages of house windows and doors customized

The choice of the brand is very important when choosing the whole house window and door customization. If you choose a good brand, after-sales service can be guaranteed, as can materials and quality. Some professionals personally measure, and then recommend different options for windows and doors according to the characteristics of the home. Users can choose the right window and door according to the actual situation.

1. You can choose profiles, surface treatment methods, opening methods, functional configurations, hardware grades, etc. according to your hobbies and financial resources.

2. You can determine the design style or participate in the design according to your personality and hobbies. You can choose the ideal shape and match according to the style and function of the house. Even various special requirements can be realized through private customization.

3. Personalized products and effects can be customized to meet your own special needs.


Private custom windows and doors are products specially produced and installed by high-end customers according to their own preferences and other special requirements. It is a peer-to-peer service. The quality and process are in a special process state from beginning to end. The overall quality standards are much higher than the national standards, and the process requirements are several times stricter than ordinary windows and doors.

By choosing a high-end customized window and door brand, not only will someone designate a home for the user. And from high-quality products to professional after-sales service, integrated cooperation allows home windows and doors to be better used in people’s lives. Embre windows and doors are based on high-end custom windows and doors to build a comfortable, quiet and beautiful life!

Why choose Embre:

Embre is a professional high-quality aluminum windows and doors of high-end brands, the production base is located in China aluminum – Guangdong Foshan, a collection of R & D, design, production and sales of integrated services in one, after years of development, now windows and doors in the industry has become well-known brands.

Embre Doors and Windows focuses on the high-end customization of villa doors and windows. It takes high-end consumers with certain economic strength as the customer group. Since its establishment in 2014, it has been committed to the development and development of high-end aluminum alloy doors and windows. Embre doors and windows have excellent quality, exquisite workmanship, high-end positioning, and unique brand characteristics.

Embre Doors and Windows is a young team with vitality, impetus, and ability to resist pressure, and promotes the development of the company by feelings.

Embre doors and windows have very high-end technology in the process of production and processing, and can meet the different needs of consumers, can also provide targeted customized services for everyone, naturally can achieve better results in every detail .

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