Those who like nature and those who seek sunlight are looking for more ways to bring outdoor activities indoors. They want to spend an afternoon soaking in the warm light while reading your favorite novel, maybe they also want to enjoy a family lunch in a sunny place.

If so, please turn your attention to sunrooms for homes.

If you are considering this home renovation project, please continue reading to understand the benefits of sunrooms for homes and which sunrooms are best for your needs.

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Why do we need sunrooms for homes?

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Sunrooms allows you to enjoy nature while adding a lot of pleasure. For those living in a humid climate, sunrooms for homes means summer nights without mosquitoes, June bugs or other harmful tourists.

In more extreme climates, even in bad weather, adding a sun room can bring you closer to the outdoors. Depending on the design, certain sunrooms can prevent wind and rain, and even provide heat even when properly insulated.

You can also make full use of natural light in the new sunrooms, which is perfect for artists and sun lovers. Imagine painting in the spring morning or painting in the evening light.

The gardener can also enjoy the abundant natural light provided by the sunrooms. It may even expose you to new plant varieties that require more protective elements. Indoor and outdoor spaces may also be ideal places for more complex projects such as potting and pruning plants.

Adding sunrooms for homes will not only bring benefits to your daily life, but in the long run, it may also help you financially. The extra square feet may increase the value of your home. In addition, sunrooms can be an attractive asset for potential homeowners in new locations-and may make your home stand out from the competition when it is sold.

3 reasons why you need to use the four seasons sunrooms for homes

No matter where you are, sometimes the weather may not meet your needs. Here are 3 reasons why you need sunrooms for homes in four seasons. Not only can you enjoy the best enjoyment brought by nature, but also without any negative effects.

1. Sunrooms for homes can be open all year round

The four seasons of sunrooms for homes are very good, and you can enjoy a lot of sunshine throughout the year. Usually, sunrooms originate from a porch that has been completely shielded and turned into an isolated space. Having sufficient windows means that you can open the windows and enjoy the fresh air and sunlight without the hassle of bugs in summer. But it also means that, because the space is insulated, you can enjoy the months of autumn and winter while the sunrooms are heated. Who can refuse to relax in the sun and watch the snowflakes gently fall in the cold winter evening?

2. Extra room to your home

The sun room not only provides you with a place to enjoy outdoor fun indoors, but also provides more square feet of living space. Whether you use sunrooms as a place to eat, work or relax, it will add more free space to your house. This may be particularly useful if your house is small and may lack space that you cannot really add to the interior of the house. In addition, this may be a good escape space. Whether it is out of family chaos, or want a quiet place to collect your ideas, sunrooms venues will be the ideal choice.

The four seasons of sunrooms for homes can also be an extension of outdoor activities. If you want to hold a party in the backyard, now you can choose bad weather.

3. Heating and cooling day sunrooms

It is important that when you want to add extra space to the house for year-round use, you should know how to keep it cool in summer and warm in winter. No matter where you are, it is not always the perfect temperature, so you will need to find the best temperature regulation system. If your house already has an existing ducted HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning system) system, it is very likely that it will be extended to your sunrooms. If not, then you can consider the room system we can provide.

In addition to finding the ideal heating and cooling system, you also need to invest in more efficient sunrooms windows. When you use the correct type of windows, they will keep the heat away depending on the weather, and vice versa. Energy-saving windows can help you control the temperature of sunrooms. In addition, curtains and even tinted windows can help you achieve the same goal. Finally, you should consider using vinyl to build your sunrooms for homes. Vinyl is not only a good insulator, but also more durable and maintenance-free.

Which type of sunrooms is best for your family?

When choosing a sunroom, there are many different options to choose from, including three seasons of sunrooms, four seasons of sunrooms, solarium and greenhouse.
Your choice should depend on your climate and the way you plan to use new additives to determine the structure and insulation capacity of sunrooms.

 1. Three Seasons Sun Room

A three-season sunrooms is essentially a covered outdoor space and does not require the same level or quality of insulation and glass that other sunrooms may have. They are designed to be used in most climates in spring, summer and autumn, while outdoor temperatures are relatively low. This may be between 5 and 8 months of the year, depending on where you are. The colder the climate, the shorter the usage time.

Three-season sunrooms are usually not heated or kept warm. Their windows are usually equipped with single tempered glass panels, which are not provided in terms of energy efficiency and are much less energy efficient than double pane glass.

For people who do not plan to use sunrooms in the colder months in cold climates, three-season sunrooms may be the ideal choice, but they want more protection than shielded rooms. In addition, for those who live in a mild climate and do not need a lot of heating in winter, three seasons of solarium can be used to keep the sun comfortable all year round.

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 2. Four Seasons Sun Room

Thanks to thermal engineering technology, four seasons of sunrooms are designed to be used all year round in any climate. The four-season sunrooms provide temperature control, allowing you to heat or cool the solarium as needed, because they require the same insulation materials as ordinary rooms.

A typical four-season room is equipped with energy-saving windows to reduce radiant heat loss in winter. This means that the heat you put into the sunrooms will remain in the sunroom, and less loss through the walls and windows. These benefits may reduce your heating and cooling needs throughout the year, thereby reducing energy consumption.

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 3. Solarium

The walls and roof of the solarium are named for their abundant sunlight and are almost entirely made of glass. Although solariums typically use more than 40% glass, solariums should use as much glass as possible-usually every surface outside the frame of the room structure. The solarium usually has a stylish and modern design and may have rounded corners.

Although solariums are the most immersive type of solarium, they are usually the most expensive-not only in terms of construction costs, but also in the use of rooms. Since the walls and roof are almost entirely made of glass, they may be more difficult to cool than other types of solariums. Many solarium owners choose to reduce heat by installing ceiling shades. This can also limit glare in the brightest part of the day.

 4. Greenhouse

The greenhouse is designed for plants that require higher humidity or protection from elements. Although it was rarely used for non-commercial use, the new material makes the greenhouse easier for homeowners to use. As a result, the greenhouse in the backyard has become increasingly popular.

A greenhouse can extend the growing season and protect it from pests, birds and small animals that may devour or damage your plants. However, they need to be maintained and monitored like other solariums.

Depending on your intended use, there are many types of greenhouses to choose from. When choosing the size of a greenhouse, homeowners usually choose from the following two categories:

Simple greenhouses: They are named because they are used to “start” sowing seeds and small plants, and these seeds and small plants are more vulnerable when exposed to these elements. They are small to medium-sized, allowing babies to plant a lot of light.

Planting greenhouse: The purpose of planting greenhouse is to make plants grow fully (to adulthood). Typically, the planting greenhouse is large and has a lot of space for plant maturity.

The main cost factors for building sunrooms are:

  1. Size and type
  2. Three-season room and four-season room
  3. Prefabrication and customization
  4. Material quality
  5. Organizing options and additional components
  6. Current status of the foundation
  7. On-site construction and installation
  8. Location

Sunrooms cost per square foot

The average sunrooms' materials and installation costs range from $100 to $350 per square foot, depending on quality, surface treatment, and foundation. The cost of constructing a three-season room is US$80 to US$230 per square foot, while the cost of a customized four-season sun room is US$200 to US$400 per square foot.

Pros and cons of sunrooms

The many benefits of sunrooms often outweigh the disadvantages.

Benefits of sunrooms

  1. Add extra living space to relax, entertain or exercise
  2. Provide natural sunlight and an open view all year round.
  3. The cost is lower than the traditional house addition, and the construction speed is faster.
  4. Improve the appraisal value of your house and get an investment return rate of over 50%.
  5. Improve the containment appeal of your house to sell it faster.
  6. Bring natural light and free heating into your house.
  7. Able to grow plants as an indoor garden.

Disadvantages of sunrooms

  1. Due to the increase in square feet, property taxes have been increased.
  2. The housing insurance rate may increase.
  3. Increased energy costs for heating and cooling of the rooms in all seasons.
  4. Due to the surrounding glass wall, privacy is less.
  5. The unsealed three-season house is difficult to heat and becomes unusable in winter.
  6. Inexpensive and improperly constructed solariums without solid insulation will cause problems over time, such as leaks, wood frame decay, and pest and termite infestation.


For some different reasons, sunrooms for homes is your best choice. Sunrooms for homes is the perfect balance between indoor and outdoor, where you can sit and enjoy the world around you comfortably.

It is important to find a way to make the room livable. If summer is too hot and winter is too cold, it will be bad for you.

The four seasons of sunrooms will add a touch to your residence, and you will not regret it. It not only adds space to your house, but also provides space for you throughout the year. No matter what you hope to get from the four seasons of sunrooms, it can meet any of your needs. We can help you turn your dreams of sunrooms in four seasons into reality.

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