As we all know, the sliding doors and the swing doors for the kitchen are the two most common types.

Meanwhile, the kitchen is where we cook daily. Therefore, we spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Moreover, cooking generates a lot of oil fume. Besides, there will be a lot of water in the kitchen. Therefore, the kitchen is always damp.

Then, when choosing a kitchen door, people always count the factors above

Next, let’s see how to choose the right door for the kitchen.

choose a right door for kitchen

Choosing the right impact swing door for kitchen

The swing door is a very common type of door currently in the market. They refer to doors with hinges mounted on the side of the door. So, people can open them inward or outward.

The swing door is a very common door type. Its hinges are on the side of the door. And, people can open it inward or outward. Moreover, it has a long history.

How to choose the right impact door

The material of the swing doors for kitchen is very important

As we all know, there is a lot of oily smoke in the kitchen, and the kitchen is very humid. Besides, the kitchen often makes a lot of noise when cooking. And this disturbs people outside the kitchen. Therefore, when people choose kitchen doors, they usually consider their material issues.

Generally, people will choose kitchen doors made from glass or aluminium. You must want to know the reasons. Well, aluminium doors have good moisture-proof, sound-proof and waterproof effects.

The metal hardware is the key of swing doors for kitchen

Furthermore, when choosing a kitchen door, people pay special attention to the quality of the hardware.

Because of the oily smoke and humidity problems in the kitchen, the hardware of the kitchen door is prone to damage.

If the quality of the hardware is not good, they are prone to rust or deform. This not only affects the cleanliness and appearance of the home, but also the deformed or rusty hardware will affect the function and life of the door.

Some people may say that just replace the hardware. Unfortunately, the replacement of hardware is a hassle.

On the other hand, good hardware has a film on them to prevent rust. And it usually has an acceptable good hardness. So they are not easily deformed.

The tightness of swing doors for kitchen

When choosing a kitchen door, people not only need to consider the problem of clean kitchen grease. Also, if the kitchen fumes spread to the living room or balcony, the living room and balcony will become very dirty. Therefore, the tightness of the kitchen door is very important.

Moreover, the door types are huge related to the tightness, as well as the door material.

The size of the kitchen

As there are many types of doors in the market, people usually choose door styles based on the size of their door holes.

For example, if the kitchen is relatively large, space is not a problem when people open or close the swing door. However, if the kitchen is relatively small, it is not convenient for people to open and close the swing door.

In addition, some kitchen doors have a relatively small door hole. And the sliding door can only open one door. So, in this case, it will be very inconvenient for people to get in and out of the kitchen.


Since the kitchen is usually on the side of the living room, it is important to match the style of the living room. Therefore, when choosing a kitchen door, you must not neglect the appearance and pattern of the kitchen door. If the home decoration style matches, both life and the impression of others coming to the home will become more comfortable.

Moreover, some people have higher requirements for home decoration style. Then, they can choose some doors with various styles and patterns. For example, the long history of swing doors allows it to satisfy both modern style and Chinese style home decoration.

So, should we choose a swing door as the kitchen door? Or should we choose sliding doors as kitchen doors?

Next, let’s compare them together.

Swing doors for kitchen

Swing doors VS sliding doors

The opening ways of sliding doors and swing doors are different. But we can often see them in kitchens.

As to how to choose, let’s compare them first.

What are the advantages of swing doors?

First, let’s understand the advantages of swing doors.

  1. The commonly used materials for swing door are wood and aluminium, and many are also glass doors. Moreover, the mechanism of a swing door is very simple. Therefore, it is not easy to break. So, it can serve for a long time.
  2. Moreover, even if the hardware of the swing door is faulty, people can buy a new one at the retail store and replace it. And this does not have to need a professional person to do it.
  3. Besides, the installation of the swing door is easy. People can install a swing door by preparing tools following the instructions. So, If you don’t want to find a decoration company to install the door, it is a good choice.
  4. Because the opening mechanism of a swing door is very simple, people don’t need to use too much force when opening the door. Therefore, if the door is very heavy, children can use it easily.
  5. Because of the good performance of swing doors, they are very suitable for the humid environment of the kitchen.
  6. Moreover, the sealing and sound insulation of swing doors are also very good. Therefore, it can block the noisy cooking noise in the kitchen and the strong smell of food in the kitchen.
  7. The swing door has a long history. So it has many styles and various patterns. People can choose the right swing door according to their home decoration style.
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Cons of swing doors:

  1. First of all, the swing door needs some space when it is opened. If the kitchen is small, it will be very inconvenient. Moreover, if people do not install the swing door in a proper place. When opening the door, you may encounter some furniture or walls.
  2. Secondly, the installation of the swing door must be together with the installation of the door frame. This makes a swing. The cost of door installation has become more expensive. Moreover, because the door frame is installed, the kitchenentrance space becomes
  3. Third, sometimes it’s inappropriate for people to install the swing door. During use, itis easy to rub the floor. This may cause damage to the floor surface.

So far, we have understood the advantages and disadvantages of the swing door. Then, what are the characteristics of sliding doors?

What are the advantages of sliding doors now?

The original sliding doors were only used for sliding doors in bedroom or dressing room wardrobes.

However, with the development of technology and the diversification of decoration methods, the functions and scope of use of sliding doors are constantly expanding.

Now, people also install sliding doors in the door holes of the kitchen.

  1. First, since the sliding door opens to both sides, it saves space and is especially suitable for the kitchen of a small apartment house.
  2. Second, the sliding door is a new trend. So it has many designs. Moreover, most of its styles are relatively modern. So it is unique and fashionable.
  3. Third, sliding doors have sliding rails. So things like fingers caught in the door rarely happen. This is very safe, especially for families with children.
  4. Fourth, it does not open inward or outward. Therefore, During use, it will not hit the wall or rub the floor. This avoids the loss of a lot of home decoration.
  5. Fifth, install the slides without installing the door frame.
  6. Sixth, the transparency of the sliding door is relatively strong. Therefore, it is conducive to lighting.

However, it also has its own disadvantages.

Disadvantages of sliding doors:

  1. Sliding doors are easy to loosen. So its tightness is weak.
  2. If the door is heavy, it may be difficult for children to push it.
  3. Compared with swing doors, sliding doors have lower durability.
  4. Sliding door installation is complicated. If installed improperly, the door will make noise when opening and closing.
  5. The sliding rail of the sliding door is easier to accumulate dust. Therefore, cleaning the sliding door is troublesome.
Sliding door for kitchen

Why you should install swing doors in your home kitchen

  1. They are easy to install
  2. You can choose a variety of different styles to add your own style to the room. Moreover,you can choose an old-fashioned wooden style or a modern style suitable for other parts of your house. No matter what you are looking for, you can find the style that suits you.
  3. The sliding door has good tightness. So, this is very suitable for the kitchen environment with damp and oily smoke.
  4. The kitchen environment is more prone to corrosion of metals. However, even if the hardware of the door is broken, the homeowner can easily replace it.
repare the material for cooking


In summary, the common kitchen doors are sliding doors and swing doors.

According to the damp and smokey kitchen environment, the tightness of the swing door is more suitable for the kitchen door.

In addition, the kitchen environment is prone to corrosion of metal hardware. And it is relatively simple to replace the hardware of the swing door.

As for sliding door, its sliding rail is easier to accumulate dust. And the dirt in the kitchen is more difficult to clean. Moreover, the insulation of the sliding door is not enough to block the cooking noise and oil fume. Therefore, in general, sliding doors are more suitable for kitchen doors.

Of course, you can also choose according to the size of your kitchen door hole.

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