Today, more and more people choose awning windows for their homes. Why? Take a look at the awning windows pros and cons. You will find the answers down here.

Awning windows pros and cons: The FAQs

Are awning windows safe?

Today, awning windows are popular for home design.

This kind of window has a lot of benefits. It is suitable for both modern and traditional building.

EEHE awning windows use aluminium, the popular material. In this way, the awning windows have different kinds of design and functions.

Where to use awning windows?

You can use awning windows if you want to open windows in some areas. You can put awning windows higher on walls.

But you cannot put most openable windows higher on walls.

Also, you can put awning windows on furniture or benches and keep the window opening.

These make the awning windows suitable and useful for bedrooms and kitchens. Besides, the awning windows can keep privacy for a family.

So, the awning windows are perfect for bedrooms and bathrooms.

The awning window is good for ventilating and protecting from the rain. You can hinge them on the top and open towards outside from the bottom.

Most homeowners place the awning windows higher on walls for privacy. Or some homeowners will combine awning windows and large stationary windows. In this way, they can have a better view.

Are awning windows energy efficient?

The awning windows act much like casement windows. The reason is they have only one pane and open towards outside.

And they close and lock tight so they are energy efficient. They can also help to reduce air leaks by tightening the seal.

When it comes to energy efficiency, the glass of windows also matters.

And the energy-efficient solution of the glass of the windows is all the rage today. Typically, double glazed glass and triple glazed glass.

By installing double glazed windows, people can save up to 115-120 Euros every year in England, Scotland, and Wales according to a study. And the amount can reach 145 Euros in Northern Ireland.

Find more about double/triple glazed glass.

Differences between awning windows and casement windows

Most people may think awning windows and casement windows as crank windows. This is because these windows use a cranking mechanism for opening. The two types of window are easy to slide open or shut through a handle. The handle is easy to reach and fold down.

Although awning windows and casement windows have lots of commons in style, they still have obvious differences.

Normally, casement windows are at the side of the wall. They open towards outside. You can slide them to the left or right. They can have one, two, three, four or five-lite configurations.

The height of casement windows is greater than the width for opening. But awning windows are at the to on the wall. They only have one, two or three-lite configurations. The width of the awning windows is greater than the height for opening.

Awning and casement windows can open towards outside fully.

So, they can give ventilation and natural light as much as possible. They can work well in a bathroom or kitchen. These places need ventilation.

Also, they can work well in a sitting room. So, homeowners can have a good view of their house.

Remember, keep trees, shrubs and other obstructions away from the outside of the window. The reason is they need space to open wide.

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Awning windows pros and cons: benefits and downsides

Replace and choose new windows for your house is difficult for decisions. You need to think about the beauty of window materials, styles and upgrades. It a process that takes time and effort.

You need to choose the right style. And you need to think about the direction of the windows facing and opening, and the central function of the window.

The above conditions influence the natural light, ventilation and comfort in your house.

The advantages of awning windows pros and cons


The ventilation of awning windows is good. You can open awning windows even on rainy days. They can let the cooler air inside the room and keep the rain out. The ventilation of awning windows is good. But they are easy to grab debris. The two window styles can make the ventilation better by opening higher up on the walls.

Energy efficiency

The awning windows and awning windows have only one pane, and they open towards outside. So, they often play as casement windows. They save energy much because they close and can lock tight.


You need space to open these windows. It is not a big project, but you need some space.

So, you have to think about the installation of these windows along walkways or outdoor patios. These windows cannot cut off the path or influence outdoor furniture.

Cleaning and maintenance

These window styles are easy to become dirty.

Maybe the awning windows are the easiest to clean. Because of the awning windows open towards inside. You can clean surfaces and inside of the windows easily. Only if you put the windows not too high on the wall. Like, you may not be able to clean the awning windows from both outside and inside.


In most cases, the awning windows have a little more security.

They are not so easy to break into. In the same way, people are difficult to escape through awning windows in an emergency. You need to consider relevant things before you install these windows in a bedroom or other living space.

Wide applications

The styles of these windows are suitable for almost any room in the house. Many homeowners choose to put them in basements. Because they can be so high on the wall. These windows can give bathrooms light and ventilation, also privacy.

The downsides awning windows pros and cons

Not perfect for some places

They may not be so suitable for places with decks, walkways or terraces because their sash may push outwards.

Also, awning windows can provide your home with energy efficiency, sound insulation and design versatility.

You can design the configurations of these windows.

It’s because awning windows are great window styles if the opening space is wider than its tall.

Difficult to access

With awning windows, you may be hard to get out of the house in an emergency. Or you may be difficult to get in the house if you lock yourself out of the house.

In case of fire, if you can only climb out of the house from the windows, you will be difficult to climb from an awning window. The awning windows are not good to escape.

In another way, people are difficult to break into and break out of the house from the awning windows.

Awning windows pros and cons: comparison with the others

Sliding windows vs awning windows

Sliding windows

In modern homes, sliding glass windows are one of the most popular, practical and long-lasting styles of windows.

Slider windows are different from the sliding glass doors. The slider windows are glass panel(s) moving horizontally across a track.

Slider windows have single-slider and double-slider options. Most of the basement spaces or rooms with shorter walls use horizontal design.

The single-hung or double-hung window styles move vertically to open or close. Compared to them, the sliding windows are easy to use. The reason is the sliding windows do not need cranks, handles or physical force to move.

The sliding windows with a simple design can outlast awning windows. And you are free from maintaining or repair additional hardware.

The sliding windows can give benefits of a good view, natural sunlight and air ventilation. But the sliding windows also have some problems to worry.

The sliding glass windows are glass panels on a track. So, they are weaker to weatherproof.

To increase energy-efficiency, homeowners are better to put the airtight seals to sliding windows.

Awning windows

Awning windows move by a crank to open towards outside to a 45-degree angle.

Most awning windows are in higher areas such as kitchens or bathrooms. People are not easy to reach the awning windows.

Operated by a crank, awning windows open outwards to a 45-degree angle and are typically positioned in higher, tougher-to-reach areas (such as kitchens or bathrooms).

The open position of these windows is like an awning. So, you can enjoy fresh air and ventilation even on rainy days.

On the other hand, awning windows can also help to reduce energy expenses with increased energy-efficiency. This is because awning windows have hinges at the top. It can create an airtight seal in close position.

Like sliding windows, awning style windows have a single sash without dividers.

So, you can have a full view and the best sunlight all year round.

However, if the awning windows are not high enough on the wall, they may interfere with high-traffic areas. Such as patios, porches, terraces or decks. This is because the awning windows are open outward.

You can ask the window replacement professionals to choose the most practical window options for your house.

The comparison lists

Awning Windows·Good for higher areas, not easy to reach

·Wonderful ventilation (even in rainy days)

·Good for insulation & energy-efficiency

·Full natural sunlight & good view

·Provide more safety & privacy

·Protect from the wind and rain

·May interfere high traffic areas

·High maintenance (for cranking design)

·Need more cleaning than traditional windows

·May not easy to escape from during an emergency


Sliding windows·Easy to outlast other window styles

·Suitable in standard sizes

·Unobstructed view

·Not difficult to operate & maintain

·Excellent sunlight & ventilation

·Best for basements or spaces with shorter walls

·Harder to prevent wind and rain

·Less energy-efficiency

·Airtight seal may not so good

·Windows might make noise from wind or storms

·Need cleaning to keep the tracks from dirt and dust

Why you need EEHE awning windows

Now that we’ve learned the awning windows pros and cons, you might want to find a reliable supplier for your purchase.

We will recommend EEHE for you ^ ^ Not just because we are the third-largest in China.

But also, you can choose the following upgrade options for EEHE’s awning windows:

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  • Interior insect screens, security screens
  • Choose decorative window bars
  • Customized awning window configurations
  • Match hardware colour

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So, we’ve learned the following things about the awning windows pros and cons in this article:

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  • and why you need to buy EEHE awning windows

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