With the improvement of living quality, the requirements for living configuration are also higher. Therefore, wooden doors are more and more popular. The material of the wooden door is wood, as the season’s change, the maintenance for wooden doors is also different. So, how should we do wooden doors maintenance in summer?

Good maintenance can not only extend the life of the wooden door but also keep it new. Before learning to maintain wooden doors, you also need to understand the types of wooden doors.

Types of wooden doors

As the quality of life is getting higher and higher, the subdivision of commodities is an inevitable trend, such as the doors.  According to different their materials, we can divide them into the iron door, copper door, plastic door, etc.

As for wooden doors, we can divide them into three types, according to different types of their material.

Solid wooden door

the solid wooden door is all made of wood, and the door core is made of natural logs from the forest. Most of the solid wood doors are cherry wood, walnut wood, teak and other precious woods.

Features of solid wood doors:

The solid wooden door has natural wood grain texture and colour. that no other wooden door can replace, So, it is suitable for a natural style of home decoration. It is not only gorgeous in exquisitely carved appearance but also diverse in style.

The moisture content of solid wooden doors is generally less than 12%. Compared with other wooden products of the same standard, its processing is more refined. In addition, the solid wooden door has high hardness, no deformation and anti-aging. So, it is a high-end luxury product.

The solid wooden door also has good sound, heat insulation effect, and durability.

Besides,the solid wood door is non-toxic, odourless, free of formaldehyde, and no radiation. And it is an excellent environmentally friendly product.

a textured wooden door

Composite wooden door

A composite wooden door is a door made of two or more than two woods as its main materials.

Its door core is mostly made of pine, fir or other imported filler materials.

As for the surface of the composite wood door, it is a solid wood veneer.

The advantages of the composite door:

There is no need to paint. It can save a lot of painting work. In this way, there is no paint pollution and it is prone to deformation.

In addition, the composite wooden door has many patterns. It has smooth lines and bright colours. The surface of composite wooden door adopts the colour process. That is suitable for all types of living room styles.

Compared with traditional solid wood doors, it has many advantages. Such as moisture-proof, insect-proof, no deformation, and no cracking.

The installation of composite wooden doors is also very convenient. And its personalized design can meet the requirements of different customers.

Disadvantages of composite wooden doors:

The door is relatively heavy, and There are high requirements on the quality of door cover and the hinges.

The price of composite wooden door is relatively high. For example, the price of popular black walnut is twice as expensive as other normal types of doors. Even common composite wooden doors are 50% more expensive than other types of doors.

composite wooden doors maintenance

Moulded door

The moulded wooden door is made of two pieces of moulded door panels. The panels are with shapes and wooden grains. Because of the hollow door core, The door has relatively poor sound insulation and waterproof performance.

The veneer surface of the moulded wooden door maintains the decorative effect of the natural texture of the wood. And can also be panel mosaic. That makes the moulded door more beautiful.

The moulded door also has the characteristics of moisture resistance and resistance to deformation. After for a long time, there will be no surface cracks and oxidative discolouration.

Moulded wooden doors are more economically friendly than expensive solid wooden doors,  because of their relatively low production costs, and are more popular with middle-income families.

So, they are very popular wooden door products in the low-end construction market.

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Molded Wooden Door

Step on clean wooden doors

Presumably, wooden doors are the most common wooden furniture in many families. But, how to properly clean the wooden door is not necessarily known to everyone. Many people may never clean the wooden doors or just clean it briefly. But this is wrong.

So, how to clean the wooden door?

Now,  I will give you a detailed introduction about cleaning methods of wooden doors.


  1. Use a vacuum cleaner or a hair dryer to clean the dust off the corners of the wooden door. It is not easy to clean them with a small soft cloth.
  2. If you need to cleanthe glue stains on the wooden door, use a hairdryer with a hot air blower to blow the stains for a while. And then wipe them clean with a cloth.
  3. Clean the entire surface of the wooden door with a soft cloth
  4. Use a soft cloth dipped in detergent to clean the dirty stains of the wooden door
  5. Wipe the entire surface of the wooden door with a clean damp soft cloth.
  6. Dry the wooden door with a clean dry soft cloth

Five recommendations for cleaning wooden doors

  1. For stains easy to clean on the surface of the wooden door, you can try to wipe it with a soft cloth. It is economical, convenient and practical.
  2. Some stains on the wooden door are too stubborn, and They are difficult to wipe off with a soft cloth. In this case, you can use a neutral cleaner, toothpaste, or a special cleaner to deal with them.
  3. And wiped the door clean with a clean soft cloth to avoid re-contamination. It is better to use a dry cloth to wipe the water droplets than a wet cloth.
  4. Do not leave the rag soaked in neutral reagent or water on the surface of the wooden door for a long time. Otherwise, it will infiltrate the surface and discolour or peel off the surface finish material.
  5. For the dust on the wooden door, especially on some dead corners of the wooden door, use a vacuum cleaner to clean it thoroughly. And if you don’t have a vacuum cleaner, you can try a hairdryer. But remember, do not use the hot wind to blow against the wooden door at a close distance for a long time. This may cause the blow part of the wooden door off and may crack the paint. In addition,  the hairdryer can clean the places that small, soft cloth can not.
  6. How to clean the double-sided tape on the wooden door: First, tear off the foam part.  Then, wipe it with alcohol or toilet detergent. And leave it on the surface for about 10 minutes. Next, cleaning with an eraser. You can also dip a soft cloth in boiling water and apply it on the stains.  After a while,   you can rip the double-sided tape off easily.

The following homemade cleaners can also effectively clean wooden doors:

  • Rice-washing water

Wiping the wooden door with thick rice-washing water will make the wooden door clean and bright.

  • Tea

Make a pot of strong tea, and remove the residue after cooling. You can scrub the paint surface of the wooden door multiple times with a soft cloth dipped in tea. Obviously, it can restore the lustre of the faded wooden door. Also, if there is oil on the surface of the wooden door, you can remove it with hot tea.

  • Saltwater

The wooden door gets dirty over time. By this token, you can wipe it with salt water to restore the original colour.

  • Camphor oil

Take a small amount of sewing machine oil on a soft cloth. And wipe it repeatedly on the wooden door. Next, wipe it dry with a clean soft cloth, and the paint surface is bright and smooth.

clean wooden doors

Step on wooden doors maintenance

The wooden door is made of precious tree species. Coupled with exquisite craftsmanship and durability, it’s worth good maintenance. Otherwise, it will have a bad influence on the appearance of the wooden door and reduce service life.

Let’s take a look at the wooden doors maintenance methods and precautions for daily use.

Surface cleaning and maintenance

Surface cleaning

You can gently wipe off the floating dust on the surface with a soft cloth.  And then dry it with a clean dry soft cloth. Certainly, you can also use a vacuum cleaner to clean up the dust.

For stains on the surface of wooden doors, such as handprints, use breathing to wet the stains, and then wipe them off with a soft cloth.

For the more stubborn stains,  you can use a neutral cleaning agent, toothpaste or special cleaning agent to clean up. After decontamination, wipe it off immediately in summer.

In order to maintain the lustre and ensure the service life of the wooden door, you should clean them regularly. And use curing liquid special for wooden decoration products to maintain the wooden door once half a year.

Cleaning taboo for wooden doors

  1. Do not use water to rinse the wooden door.
  2. Do not allow the rag with water or clean detergent to stay on the surface of the wooden door for a long time. Or it may cause deformation of the wooden door.
  3. Avoid scratching wooden doors with a knife or sharp objects. The paint on the wooden door and its surface are easily scratched.  It ‘s not easy to repair.
  4. Avoid rubbing the surface of the wooden door with a hard cloth or a pot-washing ball.

Daily wooden doors maintenance

  1. Remember not to hang heavy objects on the door, or let children hang on the door to play. It may causeloose hinges, the door leaf sag and shorten the service life.
  2. Do not use excessive force to open or close the door. the opening angle should be not too Or, it will not only damage the log door but also may hurt the person horribly.
  3. Be careful not to rub the corners of the wooden doortoo much, otherwise, it will cause the paint on the corners to fall off.
  4. Do not often open the wooden door with water stains or other solutions on your hand. It can to discolouration of the door lock.
  5. For wooden doors maintenance in summer, the wooden door should not be exposed to strong sunlight for a long time.This will cause the paint to discolour, age or peel off.
  6. It often rains in summer. So, ensure enough indoor ventilation and suitable humidity all the time for good wooden doors maintenance. As a result, It will prevent the wooden door from being deformed cracking, rusting of metal fittings, edge banding, and shedding of wooden door finishes.
wooden doors maintenance


The wooden door has many advantages, meanwhile, it also needs good wooden doors maintenance to give you excellent user experience.

There are three types of wooden doors. They are solid wooden door, composite wooden door, and moulded door. All of them need regular cleaning and wooden doors maintenance.

In summer, In order to avoid deformation and other issues of the wooden door, due to excessive temperature and the rainy weather. Just keep your house ventilated.

Finally, if you the news above help you with how to do the wooden doors maintenance in summer, please share it with who needs it, and follow our blog.